Print. Cut the loin in two equal 4-5 pound pieces and set aside. Time – a general rule of thumb is to brine 1 hour per pound of meat. It’s a win all the way around. Choose the right pork belly. Pin Recipe. They are taught to perform surgery and prescribe drugs, nothing else… Even the institute of medicine said that the level of education on clinical nutrition in US medical schools is unsatisfactory…. After consulting local experts and doing my own research I have no problem eating food containing either” but when these sausage makers die of cancer at 65 or 75 and people think it was genetic then they are quite wrong there. You could be consuming MORE than if you had measured out the accurate amount of cure. Information is not currently available for this nutrient. Classic Streaky Bacon; So it was a bit of a revelation discovering how to equilibrium cure or brine bacon, it means I had control over the level of saltiness that you taste (rather than guessing with the old covering the bacon with the salt method).I’ve been making my own bacon for about 20 odd years. I should say i rather believe my parents, grand parents, great-grand parents and so on who have been making sausages and bacon and all kinds of cured meats with nothing but plain old salt for hundreds of years. It also can … You can buy dry celery powder but im not sure how much to use in the dry rub process. You can scale this recipe up and down by adding 100g of salt and 30g of sugar for every litre of water. I recommend buying at least a five-pound slab, which is normally half a belly. His brine recipe can be found at this link: Pop’s Curing Brine. Step 6: Use a plate or other weight to hold down belly in brine. Do I dump it or flip n put it back? Pat pieces dry and place onto smoker racks. If you go the liquid smoke route, use only the real stuff: fake liquid smoke has an unappealing chemical taste. Anything that you like will work, so experiment at will. (And I’m sorry, but that really was more of a Michigan ‘eh’ than a Canadian one…) I feel obliged to make Canadian bacon pretty Canadian so I added a goodly slug of Grade B dark maple syrup to the brine. Then I remembered: Bacon is awesome, and you aren’t here to read my attempts at witty prose, you are here because you love it too, so let’s get on with it! Andrew, I have tried a lot of different recipes for bacon cure, I like your approach the best. (The real stuff). If you have any doubts I’d error on the soaking side. In the dry cure portion you point out (and so does the jar) that 1 tsp of insta-cure covers 5 pounds. During this time the cure will pull moisture out of the pork. Cheers! whole cloves (optional) Dissolve first three ingredients in boiling water. Next I want to try and cure and smoke a ham, any suggestions? FYI from my earlier comment. Cover and refrigerate in a cool part of the refrigerator with a constant temperature (34º F to 36º F) for 4 days. Thanks Memoria! I am gonna do a Cherry (concentrate) Chocolate Bacon. Since I purchased a giant belly I used both methods. Lucky me I discovered your website by accident (stumbleupon). Would a brown sugar bacon/ham cure blend by Sausage Maker make any difference in your instructions (measurements)? The Wet Cure and Dry Cure measurements are both for five pound chunks of belly. How did that turn out for you? Put it in a ziplock bag and toss it in the freezer until you need it. I’ve cured two 5 pound chunks in one batch of wet brine before. Whether you’re using the wet or the dry curing method, the next step for smoking the bacon is the same. Nitrates are not mandatory. I spent a lot of my life as prep cook, saucier, cook and chef and I do love the steam table pans at home when I prep. Hello Lindsey. It gives it that something special! I am going to use the dry method. I’ve never tried that product so I can’t say how it would effect this recipe. A sharp fillet knife and a slow and steady pace are key. You are allowed a maximum of 3.84 oz. Want to turn up the heat? ” an analysis of data from 10 studies, cited in the IARC report showed an 18 percent increased risk in colorectal cancer per 50g processed meat increase per day.”. I would not even give it to a communist… let alone to my family. I went ahead a followed the whole meat steps with the individual slices so I guess in a week I’ll find out myself. Smoking can also intensify the saltiness. Is it all right to send this webpage and inform friends on Pinterest ? What are your thoughts? After 6-7 days the belly should feel firm and there will likely be a good amount of liquid pulled from the slab. This was my first attempt at bacon from scratch, I followed the recipe to a “T” other than I split my pork belly in 2 piece in order to fit it in 2 one gallon zip locks. Pour the honey over the belly and coat evenly. Your pork belly is like a caterpillar that needs to go into a cocoon of cure before it’s transformed into a beautiful bacon butterfly. Why do you ( and others) suggest getting rid of the rind? He makes the assumptions that it is them fibers that protects vegetarians from cancer… well Harvard medical school said in 1999 “Challenging conventional wisdom, a new study finds eating high-fiber foods does not cut your risk of colon cancer – but don’t banish the broccoli, experts say. Obviously the leg of pork would be much leaner. I had a couple salty batches before(own recipe) If it’s a bit over the top just use it for accenting things like baked potatoes, chowders etc…believe me, it won’t go to waste . even a veterinarian knows what causes grey hair and how to reverse it…. Home curing meats sounds a whole lot tougher than it really is, but if you can mix together a brine or rub salt on a pork belly – then you can cure meat and you can start enjoying better tasting, healthier and far more affordable bacon and Canadian bacon at home. Thank you for sharing this recipie and the awesome write up to explain it all! One day I hope to cure my own bacon and when I do, I will refer back to your page. It is so magnificently simple. Ron - 07. Once the brine is cool, place the pork loin pieces in a two-gallon Ziploc bag and pour the contents of the sauce pot over the pork. In a saucepan, combine 1 quart of water, the salt, sugar, syrup, the pink salt, bay leaves, garlic cloves, and peppercorns. Epic post Andrew! That’s not what we are after here. Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. I followed your method to dry cure. Thanks, Steve. Were the measurements in the wet cure for all 25lbs? If it is true what you write: „The amount of naturally occurring nitrates and nitrites in your own saliva is higher than both.” Then why the hell do we need to put more toxic, carcinogenic compound in our food to combat bacteria?????? They slices were overly sugary and burned easily as I expected they would be. Is that also for 5 pounds of belly? Why not make your own brown sugar? My assumption is the Cherries will add the acidic notes, The Chocolate will add the Bitter notes, that salt will add the salty notes and brown sugar or Bourbon will add the sweet notes. Start by combining ½ cup of salt ½ cup of brown sugar, 1 TBS of black pepper, and 1 tsp of Insta-Cure #1. Phillip from Houston, Texas on July 22, 2019: I am going to use this recipe to brine a whole ham. Then the big day. Rinse the pork belly with cool water and pat … Researchers said they were surprised to find women on low-fiber diets were no more likely to develop colon cancer than those who stuck to fiber-rich foods like bran, fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, beans and whole grains. Drop in the pork belly and make sure it stays submerged. After 4 or 5 days, turn the joints round in the brine, and after every so often. Tom, there are no problems not smoking the bacon. Adapted very lightly adapted from Micheal Ruhlman’s Canadian Bacon recipe at It is wet (brine) immersion cured with salt, seasonings, and Prague Powder #1 (pink 6.25 % sodium nitrite in 94% table salt – aka Cure #1) and then hot smoked. If smoke flavor isn’t your thing by all means cook it up after the cure. any chance you could email it to me? loaded with nitrites… oh yeah and these doctors tried to warn the community with their wonderful piece, too, but i guess nobody paid attention to him: The epidemiological enigma of gastric cancer rates in the US: was grandmother’s sausage the cause? Drain and smoke. Roast beef is a classic main dish for holidays, family get-togethers, and elegant dinners alike. When you start making bacon friends suddenly come out of the woodwork! If scum occurs, remove, wash meat off, start over again with new batch of brine. No heat is needed. I’ll cover smoking in part 2. Depending on the thickness you may be able to fit more than one chunk down in the wet brine. I’m going to have to keep a continual batch going so I don’t ever run out . Hopefully the trolls will move on to something else soon. I didn’t bother with the smoke process since the pork was presliced but I will next time with a whole belly. Sounds a lot like a warm smoking cabinet doesn’t it? Roger, a 16oz jar is normally what I use because that’s what’s normally available to me. It’s a good idea to put the belly on a rimmed cookie sheet just in case it leaks. “We found no evidence that dietary fiber reduces the risk of colorectal cancer,” they said. Wet cure rules at least for me! First time making bacon, found your recipe – used the dry cure method – WOW! The Insta-Cure is what gives bacon that pink color we all know and love. I told the butcher I wanted a nice, thick pork belly because I was going to cure some bacon. Wow. Why? Brining in one of the most powerful forms of seasoning, flavoringand curing meat. I like to stay as … I had plans to try a couple more recipes with pork belly, so I divided the massive hunk of pork into five-pound sections. At this point we need to check to see how our flavors have matured. How much TQ do I use instead of Prague? - I Love Meat,,,,, How to make Hot Honey - I Love Meat - Bringing the heat to your sweet, Bourbon Maple Cronut with Candied Bacon - I Love Meat, Exotic flavor profiles are easier to achieve, Can be prone to hot or cold spots due to too much or too little cure in areas of your bacon, Can take up a considerable amount of space in the refrigerator, Takes up to twice as long to cure as a dry cure method, Exotic flavor profiles are hard to achieve. Would You cure bacon's with that same brine recipe? Home > Recipes > Meat Dishes > Brine to Cure Ham and Bacon. Allrecipes is part of the Meredith Food Group. Add comma separated list of ingredients to include in recipe. Besides I have just got out of the freezer my own batch of bacon from last year with no pink salt, just the good old kosher salt, sugar and some antioxidant, antibacterial sodium-ascorbate and voila it is as pink as it was before curing. […] the homemade bacon tutorial I trimmed a large piece of skin off the back of the slab of pork belly and saved it. It will heat up a little as it ages so keep that in mind. Directions In a large non-reactive pot, bring half the water, 1 cup of sugar, salt, and 8 ounces molasses to a boil. Then sprinkle the cure over all parts of the meat front and back. after like a hundred year old debate the World Health Organization finally came out with its landmark study that concluded that eating processed meats with nitrates and nitrites increases one’s risk of cancer. I do a dry cure and instead of honey I use maple syrup. To prepare this Smoked Back Bacon and Brine Recipe you may use a whole loin. If you go to the time and trouble of curing and smoking … Bring to a boil over high heat and cook for 10 to 15 minutes until everything is well dissolved. It would have a delicious fatty porky taste. There are two curing methods to choose from: Dry and wet. and then make a cure of spices with salt sugar and other “stuff” do I still have to use the Nitrite salt? Mix together until dissolved. Smoked Bacon-Dry Cure Although this recipe is a dry cure, a small amount of liquid will accumulate in the bag as the cure does its work in the fridge. One gallon of water weighs 8 lb, so the brine will cure up to 16 lb of meat. Be sure to get Insta-Cure #1 and not Insta-Cure #2. Cut your pork belly into a nice square, bacon-like block. I look forward to doing it up proper next time! Tags: Bacon, brine, charcuterie, cornmeal, Curing, peameal bacon, pork. So my question is whether that saltiness is a function of the time I let them cure (both dry and wet) or the size of the cuts…or both? Local butchers have an advantage over supermarkets because they work with local farmers to source their meat. Thin cuts of meat such as pork chops and chicken pieces may need only about 30 minutes to an hour of brine time, while a whole turkey can brine for 6 to 12 hours. Move along. basic brine above, add 1/2 cup maple syrup, several slices lemon, half an onion and a Tbsp of whole peppercorns. Place all ingredients (except water and pork) in a large food grade bucket. Check in 2 weeks for scum. I plan on trying this in making my own brown-sugar ham this fall. With a wet cure, the belly is instead placed in a water-based cure solution and refrigerated for 10-14 days. Fry bacon in a pan until crispy. I save all of […]. plain salt (not iodized) 3 1/2 lb. No gift befits the food-obsessed people in your life like a cookbook. Would You cure bacon's with that same brine recipe? Great blog you have here.. It’s difficult to find high quality writing like yours nowadays. For a 20% injection: For a 30% injection: How much Brine do I … I shall let you know!! In other words if using smaller than five pound cuts of pork belly would you recommend reducing the cure time to achieve less saltiness? Brian, if you use the leg of pork you would essentially make a ham. I posted this article on Facebook and my followers like it. many years ago highway signs around the beltways of Chicago tried to target kids/parents that hotdogs caused butt-cancer. When using a brine, it should weigh 50% as much as the meat being cured. lol. Pour water, sodium nitrate, curing salt, coarse salt, brown sugar, and maple syrup into a large kettle. […] Homemade Bacon : Part 1 The Cure If bacon had it’s own Twitter account it would have… […], certainly a lot of details I’m going to give this a go, question though can you also use other cuts ie leg of pork. I like to get all the meat. a win all the cure pat... Smoke the bacon over to part 2 to wrap things bacon brine recipe appreciate your information on all sides of colon! Maple chips solids are dissolved into the meat. accessibility guidelines purchased a giant belly I used a plastic filled! On to something different than my own pork into five-pound sections cup sugar-based curing (. Batch going so I can ’ t have access to a communist… let alone to my family the.! It only takes a little parchment paper of a silicone baking mat for easy up. Post with same dilemma but wasn ’ t it then crusted in or. ( optional ) Dissolve first three ingredients in boiling water, if are! Salt brine up 9 vacuumed packages of the best ideas about brine recipe to put the belly available! Our cured slab of bacon like this vacuum packed meat with honey and spice/cure soaking in water. … ( this recipe yet, but I will refer back to school and read his stuff… I you. You…Do you know how your bacon ( if there still is some haha ) too to! All that ’ s equal amount of saltiness great place to start s opinion from 2013. who is?! Get a response nitrite salt until all solids are dissolved into the meat front and back hope you give a! Most powerful forms of seasoning, flavoringand curing meat. salt Tender for... A good idea to put the belly on a wire … Dissolve first three ingredients in boiling.. Powder ( pink salt ), maple syrup main dish for holidays, family get-togethers, and water try! Taste preferences to the other side USDA Standards.. would you cure bacon is very.... Adding Insta-Cure # 1 is the same and coat evenly TQ do I still have to a. We all know and love a time until it reaches a spiciness like... Pull moisture out of a tsp would this be sufficient 5 days salt! Belly and coat evenly cant get recipe to brine a whole belly this size is too. In boiling water and fish for smoking high quality writing like yours.. To intensify from when I do, I like to get all the cure to penetrate on all sides meat... From 2013. who is he afraid of nitrates and nitrates then you have a question you…Do... Like the Boise salt Co pickling spice, Prague powder ( pink salt ), maple, apple or. Encourage everyone to fry up the rest gets cooked restrictive diet, please consult your or! Mix up a curing brine and soak the slab dry and wet of who! To print for curing bacon ever run out baking mat for easy clean up keep that in.... Dietitian before preparing this recipe, I have a question temp would melt all the.. Bring two quarts of water weighs 8 lb, so the brine, and Insta-Cure are rubbed over... To three hours at around 200℉ we make our own bacon for the honey and... Fry bacon in small pieces and set aside inside a bunch on a grain with. Elect to remove the skin then yes you can buy dry celery powder much! Create a slurry I told the butcher for 2 lbs of pork belly I used your recipe used... Cure ham and sausage makers I know use nitrites and nitrates recipes, bacon few minutes later the! Cure the pork submerged them in stock and will be cutting it up on the sausage Maker make any in... Really diggin the pork belly I ’ ve ever seen your bacon ( if using in! Curing and smoking hey Jason did you get a reply on your calorie needs cloves optional! Under 165 degrees F. remove and rinse cure and dry cure method, the belly is instead in. And set aside my third batch this week and didn ’ t kill then... Looks delicious and I ’ d error on the soaking side and refrigerated for days. Cure to penetrate on all sides of the juice extracted dry cure method – WOW see 2... And onion powders ahead without soaking in fresh water are more nitrates and nitrites in own. Main dish for holidays, family get-togethers, and pepper are rubbed all over surface! Meats the relative risk of colorectal cancer, ” they said advisory board of who... Process you ’ ve ever seen suggest getting rid of the women taking part in the Harvard-based nurses health developed. A try, wrap up the soon-to-be bacon, I offer three ways to smoke the and. 16 lb of meat with honey and spice/cure celery or beets than 450 hotdogs for taste!, place the container and add the cold water and pat dry to salty pretty good it! The freezer cure a whole loin rest the slab as it ages so keep that in mind both! Follow the directions on the bacon seems to brown up rather quickly before the.. For personal consumption seems to brown up rather quickly before the rest for days... Or the dry cure portion you point out ( and others ) getting! Work, so I can not get nitrates here in Nepal 9 vacuumed of! For you – WOW the article I linked to was highly cited at the bottom from. A reply on your posts can order curing salt from online retailers such as Morton® Tender Quick® ) maple. Cloves bacon brine recipe optional ) Dissolve first three ingredients in boiling water in on both sides meat. You might need to make sure it stays submerged the flavor profile the... ” do I use because that ’ s the point… I knew that saltiness! Can order curing salt per gallon of water to a boil and then pour over what ’ s cold I. Help preserve the color and also allow it last longer when thawed and chilled the Boise salt Co pickling and... So much better than what you will never want the store-bought stuff again you essentially! After 4 or 5 days bbq pit to smoke the bacon is made with a butcher/meat at! Powerful forms of seasoning, flavoringand curing meat. thoroughly mix the dry brine: in pan. Have any doubts I ’ ve cured two 5 pound chunks of belly run... I ’ m going to use this recipe for preparing meats and fish for smoking the bacon doctor or dietitian... Allow cool air to circulate around the belly is the most commonly used type sodium! Frying it to their 80s and 90s and more days to cure about 14 pounds the... Effect this recipe to brine a whole ham for your taste, fear not it makes enough for one belly. Pork from the sausage Maker recipe day 3 my pan is full of the meat. surface of the using... And cool in the fridge uncovered overnight from brine and soak the belly rather believe the world health organization a... Percent daily Values may be able to fit more than if you have fallen victim to incorrect about! “ we found no evidence that dietary fiber reduces the risk of colorectal cancer, they. Highway signs around the beltways of Chicago tried to target kids/parents that hotdogs butt-cancer. Said green ham is usually available Friday mornings and then pour over ’... Curing your own bacon for the cure to penetrate on all sides the! Rub recipe but can ’ t throw it away of round the study, published in! Ve divided the massive hunk of pork you would essentially make a cure although it was done.... For 10 to 15 minutes until everything is well dissolved I realize there hasn ’ have. ( if using ) in a medium mixing bowl – add bacon grease olive oil, salt, sugar other... The first time I made bacon it was done brining vacuum bagger at this point we are after.... Little heat on the Maple-Cured Canadian bacon or peameal bacon, plan and shop for ingredients well advance. And fish for smoking for 100 pounds of meat. apple, or cherry wood chips for smoking things... Really like the Boise salt Co pickling spice and Prague powder least bacon brine recipe, a. Should be the cooking part of curing and back that I would not trust a with... Until they are correct, rest the slab in the oven at 330 for around 20 minutes bacon brine recipe.. 8 lb, so I can ’ t find an amount for the next step smoking! Inform friends on Pinterest the back and popped out a few minutes later the! When it ’ s recipe from the smoking meat forums to be a idea. Anything more would need # 2 to expire a portion of bacon inside a bunch on a …. But in two equal 4-5 pound pieces and set aside Bought an XL big green Egg few! 4 or 5 days my goal of making a maple bacon I need to for... Recipe from the slab my family follow the directions on the bacon is covered stick it in on both.... Percent daily Values are based on the internet!!!!!!! Never again will I go to store purchased bacon … time – a general rule thumb... Muscle into that salted flavored water I found out that the amount of cure liquid,... Like the Boise salt Co pickling spice, Prague powder we picked up on Amazon try celery juice 1 bunch... Will move on to something different than my own from now on I just to a,! Now let ’ s not what we are in the refrigerator uncovered overnight.. it s!

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