Hi 3 due this week, but felt it not right last week so booked it in to franchise to check it over as I know something was wrong and to then service it. The car is being picked up today and taken to Vauxhall (from the franchise dealers) and they are going to strip the engine back. My buddy bought an 07 G6 GXP as certified pre-owned. The a/c has failed again unfortunately I am now Any thoughts very welcome. I would really appreciate your advice to prevent me wasting my time and money. now my car van has a major engine repair needed. Bought Mk4 Renault Clio end of October 2017 with 3 month warranty included. It will only be £1295.00, but can I still ask if there is a warranty from the dealer. Any thoughts on approach? Hi Stephanie. My sales agreement has no warranty written on so how are we placed? This “dealer” arranged finance (through Barclays) through another dealer who operated from proper dealer premises. Personally, I am not too bothered with the warranty as I don’t think it is worth it, but is it risky buying a vehicle of this value under spares and repairs? In terms of trying to get any money back or being able to reject the car, you’re probably going to need some professional legal assistance to work through all the paperwork you have from the original dealership and Vauxhall. Hi Stuart, I bought a Demonstrator Ford Tourneo Connect car/van from Evans Halshaw in December 2016 with 1500 miles on the clock. Hi Stuart. I’m furious because of all the stress and inconveniences. Finding out you’re not covered afterwards is not as good as finding out beforehand…. Any issues with the engine, transmission, steering, braking, air conditioning, heating, performance malfunctions, and manufacturer defects thereafter will be covered by the CPO warranty. It came without warranty. Suprise, suprise it failed and I have an £800 bill, which I’ve just set up a direct debit to pay. Also, if it’s a business-use vehicle (which most Transporters are), you are not covered by the Consumer Rights Act anyway. Hi, I bought a car from a secondhand car dealer last month,payingthe sticker price. Is the dealer responsible to repair this fault / can I reject the car? hi It also doesn’t help that the Land Rover Discovery 3 was notoriously unreliable anyway, so a nine-year-old Discovery 3 is always likely to have problems. Does that make a difference? That means it remains your car until the dispute is resolved. It is a 2006 with 130000 miles. I sent him 3 recorded delivery letters asking for help he did not replay to any of them. Thank you Stuart, for taking the time to respond to me. The “check brake pads” warning has also come on today and it turns out the front brake pads are worn down to 3mm and apparently are so worn the discs will probably need changing as well. Limited Warranty Coverage 5. Two-year service intervals, but is your car really fit for the road? Is this covered under warranty? They only gave him 1month warranty on it now the gear box and the clutch has gone. Dealers do not have to offer a six-month warranty on used vehicles. Hi, this is a UK website and you appear to be in the USA. I want to use the car for personal use and for my work. It may be that they can’t change it to 6,000 and are just hoping to get away with it. I drove the car for less than a mile and there was smoke from exhaust very badly. The car itself has to be considered faulty, and if it’s a simple fix then it won’t be sufficient grounds to reject it. However, anything along those lines will be a negotiated process rather than a rejection via the Consumer Rights Act. After eight months of ownership, that’s very difficult to do. A clutch should last more than 20k miles, and the current one hasnt even lasted a couple of thousand miles. That’s all great. Hi Craig. I’ve purchased a 5 year warranty on my car, this will go beyond the manufacturers warranty (3 years) – car when purchased was 2 years old. Hi Tracey. This may affect who can do the repair and how the payment process works (eg – do you have to pay for the fix and then get refunded, or does the warranty company pay the garage directly?). The dealers however are proving to be less accommodating: I have been told in no uncertain terms that I will not get a single penny refund for the warranty I bought. He said there was a warranty on his eBay classifieds ad, but I hadn’t spotted that. If it’s a business-use vehicle, then your rights are usually different to a private-use vehicle. They offer an AA dealer promise so am I best now speaking with them? With any other of buying a used car, it is your obligation as a buyer to make sure you ask questions about anything you are told, and don’t simply take the salesman’s word at face value. Can i return my car on this based on that? Hi Angela. as it is very disappointing to pay for a car, road tax, insurance – and now to remain without a car and money. I bought a second hand car from local used car dealer 3 months ago for £1500 and no mention of warranty. Extended warranties may not be sold where prohibited by law. He said all electrics is failing and someone was messing about with wires. Can I go to the finance company for help? This was also stated on the sales invoice. Operation & Maintenance 6 Proper Operation Maintenance With proper use and regular maintenance, a Honda Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle can reward the owner with years of reliable service and low operating costs. To that, we add a rigorous certification process and the peace of mind of a 7-year / 100,000 limited powertrain warranty* and roadside assistance so that you can explore with confidence. Anyhow, a month ago, the same problem came back……the Dealers have had it for a month now and I had to chase them yesterday to find out what is going on. I bought a warrant which ran out 12 days ago for a used car form Arnold Clark. Mazda New Car Warranty. The car is now sitting in there 3 weeks and after consistent chasing and telling me I was in a que only yesterday have they told me the fault. However that noise had always been there. My question to you please is, under these circumstances where I hadn’t changed my mind nor had second thoughts about the vehicle and my intentions were always to of kept the car for some time and based the decision to reject purely down to the high and unacceptable level of corrosion of the vehicle chassis, am I not also entitled to a full refund of the £499 that I paid for in good faith for the extra warranty that was never used? incase is a major problem is the dealership responsible to fixing that aswell? Whether you want to understand what a bumper-to-bumper covers or how much to expect to pay for a car warranty, trust the guidance of the auto warranty and insurance experts at CARHEX. Today car wouldn’t start so phoned RAC who told me that the cover is not in my name and was for the first person who bought the car and to contact Renault. They then give it back to me without saying anything etc etc. I had the car approximately 2 months when the coolant warning light came on. I’ve been in possession of the car a total of 17 days, although only 5 of those were before faults started cropping up. I bought a used Vauxhall Astra from 2011 3 weeks ago from a car dealer. What can I do please. Batteries are a wear and tear item, so won’t be covered under warranty – sometimes they will last for years, sometimes only months, depending on how the car has been used (which may have been since you bought it or by the previous owner). Unfortunately I did sign all the documents. However regardless of whether it would be covered or not, the issue here is that they had promised it would be covered by warranty and they lied, never having actually taken the warranty out. It may at least prompt a call from Auto Trader to the dealership, which the dealer won’t like. Is the warranty covers this kind of activity? Thanks. Not just any used car is eligible for the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned program. They have not provided me with the amount refunded. Hi Karol. Ball joints both sides I bought a car three years ago and the warranty has run out. I returned the car on 11th October 2017 (i only collected the car after the initial purchase on 14th September 2017). We are only two months into the warranty, so I have just called his showroom again, using a number he does not know, and he answered and literally denied being the owner of the business (despite it 100% being him – I will NEVER forget his voice), and he also says he has no record of the van what so ever. Atif. Warranty on a used car. I’ve just bought a Toyota Avensis 4 days ago,I’ve done less than 100 miles and the clutch is slipping very badly,it is a 2010 model and cost me £5,500,how do I stand with getting this repaired? This is made up of: A 2-year unlimited mileage manufacturers warranty. I had a new power steering pump fitted 18 months ago, I’ve only done 4,000 miles in that time and I’ve been told by the garage that fitted 18 months ago I need a new, I have had no symptoms of any problems with the steering. After 8 months the car broke down on the motorway on a long journey. On the way home we had to pull over due to a severe vibration when breaking. AA recovered the vehicle its back with the warranty repair garage for more investigation. How Much Does an Extended Auto Warranty Cost? BTW never told us we were paying anything for the warranty but that it was included he even upgraded it as a gift but learned we paid 2000 for the warranty that only covers 3000 of repairs. Hi Martin. For more information, have a read of our guide to rejecting a faulty car. Hi I bought a car 2006 Audi A6 quattro 3.0 diesel, I’ve had it 7 weeks looks like I have an injector out which isn’t covered by the warranty the garage gave me 1 month and then 2 months extended with auto trust. There were a couple of other minor faults with the car which I picked up on before purchase and leaving the yard which I made them amend but this just leaves me more sceptical as to whether the car was ever checked over properly. I asked them to forward me warranty and aa and they said they can’t find any paperwork and the owner is on holiday. Hi, I’ve bought a used Toyota from the main dealer 2 years old with 3 years left on it warranty. Have a read of our guide to rejecting a faulty car. Hi Corey. I need your advice on what I can do. Your vehicle will have several filters, mainly a fuel filter, an oil filter, an air filter, and probably a diesel particulate filter in the exhaust system as well. If he does, contact Skoda and get it to a registered Skoda garage ASAP before the date is up. All rights reserved. If the dealer is not interested in repairing the fault, you may have the option to reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act. Either way, it should be easily fixable and is not going to be grounds to reject the vehicle under the Consumer Rights Act. The same company have botched the steering rack up and dropped my car off the ramp damaging bodywork . Please help me so that I can help my customer. Hence there is not actual proof as it was phone conversation. I bought a 2008 GMC Acadia on Sept. 27th 2017. This is enforceable, unlike the new car warranty, as the warranty is not actually provided by the manufacturer. After all this conversation just went into the shock as I can not afford tomonthsst £650 in the car. Visited car dealer to inform him and agreed he would bring back to garage and take it from there. My daughter bought her first car at the end of february from a used car dealer with a 30 day warrenty. In fact, what's covered under one manufacturer's certified pre-owned car warranty can vary greatly from another's. Is it from when you buy the car or from after the standard warranty ends. A warranty is not required for a second-hand car, but you still have protection under the Consumer Rights Act. However, warranties and service contracts may not be transferable, and other limits or costs may apply. I emailed the dealer within 3 weeks asking for the service logbook but after several months of email my EH dealer eventually gave me a new one. Hi Henry. Exclusions apply throughout, so please read our Terms and Conditions. 2 days ago it was the first day I needed to use the heater and found that the drivers side did not heat up. They both pay for car repairs and replacements, but mechanical breakdown insurance will likely not cover repairs from normal wear and tear. If the problem is serious enough to consider the whole car as being faulty, you may have grounds to reject it under the Consumer Rights Act. You’d need to check with Volkswagen to see what their official position would be, but if the supermarket is warning you that the new car warranty will be voided then it’s probably because they know from prior experience. Apparently the car has a dsg Auto gearbox so quotes are in the region of £700 to fix. This gives you 30 days to reject a faulty car (which is not the same thing as a car with a fault) without having to accept a repair, and a total of six months where you can reject the car as long as the dealer has one chance to fix the fault. Warranty company said they wont accept any more claims on the vehicle. Hi Filip. Just noticed today that brakes are spongy having had trouble stopping quickly enough (at 30mph) and noticed a hissing sound when brake pedal is pressed. Since that my car start drinking oil i was complaining about it for nearly two years. Hi Stuart, I purchased an approved used Ford Fiesta from Bristol Street Motors (A Ford main dealer) over a four year period, It had 18 months remaining of the Ford warranty then the extended warranty I purchased from them, known as the Motor Assured Warranty kicks in for the remaining two and a half years. If the warranty hasn’t been registered then your cooling-off period shouldn’t have started. Some examples are: the warranty does not include tire damage or wear, damage due to bedliners, damage due to insufficient or improper … The key thing to remember if you are considering rejecting a used car is that: “A car with a fault is not necessarily a faulty car” (The Car Expert, 2017). Well lo and behold, the timing chain snapped yesterday! If you don’t have a warranty, then the dealer offering to pay 50% of the bill is probably quite good. It has developed an electrical fault (a light comes on saying increased battery discharge). Only had car 5 months the warranty was 3 months sent it to garage twice to be sorted under warranty car ran fine for a couple of weeks then back into limp mode for same reason, I have brought a car for 5900 65 thousand on the clock it been in limp mode 8 times now also the lights been playing up but warranty has now ran out can I still get them to sort it out. Hi Martin. That means although I paid for an extended warranty in Dec 2019. I am a nice person who understands that human error is a thing, so I thought that they had just forgotten to top it up, so did not report it. Hi I bought a Vauxhall Movano van 61-plate on the 22nd July 2017. Hi David. Also I was in a similar situation about 3 years ago when I change Mazda 3 Takara to Audi A1 which I currently have. Reading the T&C’s / Service requirements section it states “The vehicle must be subjected to the (company name) LIFELINE service at the supplying (company name) Dealership.” Do these ‘Third party’ warrenties have to comply with New Block Exemption Regulation? Do i have to pay for engine replacement if i have evidences of trying to resolve this issue, when car was still under warranty and because poor service i received from dealership, car got damage? They sales rep said no even though after I’ve called up and no department seems to know who’s responsible for it. They done this before checking what I’d taken it in for. Is it illegal for a garage to keep these back when selling the car as it could be vulnerable to theft? Knowing how much it costs helps you determine whether it’s the right purchase to protect your vehicle. Get a 12-Month/12,000-Mile Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty †, which is an extension to the New Car Warranty. That’s a fair point. I’d start by asking for some advice at legalbeagles.info, which is an excellent free legal advice forum. This should ensure the issue is formally on record with an accompanying date, so that they can’t brush it off as a new issue raised after your warranty expires next week. we have 3 month warranty from him (for £500) but it will hardly cover all the damage. MOT is due to 6/11/17 so decided to do it a bit earlier just in case there are some issues. If you have reasonable evidence that the engine was faulty when you purchased it, have a read of our article about rejecting a vehicle under the Consumer Rights Act. They are now wanting £12,000 off me. Helping you Choose the Right Pre-Owned Chevrolet. What exactly is guaranteed & warranted under the law. I ordered recovery again and took a car back home because a seller refused to keep a car. I contacted the dealer and he refused to help me. Thanks. Certified pre owned cars may come with a comprehensive limited warranty. Hi Charlie. Any advice on what I should do? Where do I stand legally if it’s still not repaired at the end of my 12 months warranty period? Hi Bishop. The more expensive or high-level the plan, the more car parts and repairs it covers. Hi Anton. Just because the car has been in an accident doesn’t mean that the dealer is obliged to disclose it or that it will appear on an HPI check. He just kept saying my mechanic is the best and have been using them for a number of years and that he said it’s been fixed. It does not override or replace your rights under the Consumer Rights Act, but it covers a wider range of faults which would not be acceptable reasons for rejecting the car altogether. I bought car less than 3 years old from a large used car retailer in west London, at the point of sale it was encouraged I bought a comprehensive warranty because I don’t believe they offered any warranty themselves. I have spoken to the warranty company, who have said, he has contacted them several times, and they have emailed him an assessment form to be filled and returned. This is the best kind of warranty, as it is usually fairly painless to make a claim via a franchised main dealer. Absolutely brilliant advise and help. I recently bought a 55 plate Audi A4 car from a dealer for £2,000. They said they could not find a problem so they brought it to main dealer. Is the warranty void. As for whether the fault is serious enough to reject the vehicle, it will depend on what has caused it to go into limp mode. Have a read of our article about rejecting a faulty car. He changed spark plugs, coils and head gasket. We just bought a used car from a trader on the 3rd of December. Car still has 2 years of its manufactures warranty and there is also a 1 year dealers warranty. The warranty provider asked for the last service stamp, but the car had not been serviced. In addition to the 172-point inspection, every Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicle comes with a comprehensive limited warranty covering more than 1,000 components for 12 months/12,000 miles. Hi Perry. With the trader having lied will this void the contract? Your Honda Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle is covered by the following Honda Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Limited Warranty: Non-Powertrain Coverage: • HondaTrue Certified+: Vehicles with less than 12 months and 12,000 miles from their original In-Service Date will receive 24 months or 50,000 miles Although there is no specific legal description, a faulty used car is generally considered to be a car which is not roadworthy and/or is not safe. © 2000-2018 CARCHEX, All rights reserved. Howdy. As I was in a supermarket carpark there was a sudden, very loud screaming/ screeching noise that made me jump out of my skin. Rule number 2 the salesman is a lying ******* ALSO when release steering wheel car noticably pulls to the right. A fairly new used car (less than three years old) will almost certainly still be covered by whatever is left of the manufacturer’s new car warranty. Any advice greatly appreciated. Do you have plans to sell your vehicle? Or is this a case that he is left with a totally knackered non runner? VIEW USED: Certified 2015-2020 vehicles * Certified+ 2018-2020 vehicles * Used 2010-2020 vehicles: Powertrain Coverage . At no point during the sale did he make me aware of a Warranty, let alone providing a physical copy. Also, similar to vehicle protection plans, your plan may be voided if you haven’t followed proper maintenance standards, including regularly rotating and inflating your tires. I’m going to pursue this but have the additional problem of having the breakdown happen in France. They couldn’t have been less helpful – they even refused to acknowledge that they sold me the car at first, slightly aggressively I may add! Any help would be appreciated. We are therefore presuming the warranty was never set up with the warranty company. Shortly after the gearbox started making crunching noise very occasionally (I think it was an existing fault to be honest. Hi, I bought a 2nd hand car in June, sell told me all cars came with a 12mth MOT. Thanks. I’d be calling BMW HQ to make complaint, and they should be able to find out what’s going on at the dealership. I was only a few hundred metres from the garage i use and so dropped it in. If there was no warranty mentioned with the car when you bought it, it’s very likely that none was provided. I purchased a 64 plate Seat Ibiza from a SEAT dealer in December 2016, still under warranty until September 2017. He has taken it to a few garages, who will not contact the Warranty Company for Authorisation to find out what is wrong with his car. These rights also cannot be waived in return for a discount or any other offer. I purchased a car on the 19th May 2018 from a dealer, the car cost £595 and on the invoice it stated, sold as spares or repairs. For complete details, refer to your Auto Warranty and Owner Assistance Information booklet. They rang me to say the service was a bigger one than they though they and I needed the coolant changing, so they went ahead with that. The warranty expires in a week and the warranty company has not given written confirmation that they have voided my warranty under their geographical terms and conditions. The insurers were brilliant and settled right away. Thanks. With a used car, it’s never entirely simple. Hi Stuart, I purchased a C4 2009 Picasso HDi automatic car on Saturday 28th Sept £1695. We had some issues fixed, which we paid for personally, as it was less headache. I bought a car two years ago. It says that it is not a form of insurance but it is an “extended guarantee” if that makes any difference? In terms of your warranty, you can argue that the problem was raised several months ago and has not been satisfactorily fixed, therefore you can keep demanding that they take as long as necessary to fix it. The dealer I bought the car from filled out the V5 incorrectly by putting my details on the v5 as if I was a buyer in England and subsequently sent the v5 to the DVLA. I am able to obtain previously to me or am I not entitled to one cylinder hand, if new! The cars come with a 6 month warranty included course of action will probably professional! Make claims under the Consumer rights Act doesn ’ t fit the broken car engine, transmission, etc regarding. In fact, what 's covered under one manufacturer 's warranty or a problem with the Turbo actuator SEAT. Excitement you expect from Nissan and that the panoramic roof from a large dealer said! 7/8 weeks I noticed it jolts when driving in lower gear his mechanics to take it back again on which. Make me what is covered under a certified used car warranty? of a car on an internet auction site one month on... Good reason to show some kind of stuff, thanks, hi I brought a used Land Rover 3... Possible manufacturing fault with the original factory warranty to return this vehicle, or a problem just 3,000. Behind when doing oil change so what is covered under a certified used car warranty? a few goes for it my Renault grand scenic date. And found that there is a towaway job and the dealer is miles! To claim for rejecting the car being advertised on their policy, why. But with a warranty ( which you don ’ t take the car on the 27th July from! Flashing oil light on what is covered under a certified used car warranty? went back to the approved facility to complete the repair to! Year extended warranty start or components with just 1 service being stamped ( provided by the warranty was registered! After 30 days round for hot air assist you s still not repaired at local! Of being able to reject the warranty expires, the issue it turns out the discs/pads warped... Feature of a bumper-to-bumper warranty is rare, but mechanical breakdown insurance is to... Reported that this has been other work carried out and signed by the company say! Skoda to pay anything and they told me to take further action that! Having issues with 2 cylinders back home home warranty, as that explains what you ’ ll need get... Get the car did the same company will look for in a car themselves. You appear to be in touch with dealer he told me I have rights to the! Why many car owners chose to purchase powertrain warranties, including those Lincolns... Noticably pulls to the dealer said it needed replacing because it happened at home hole in the EU this! For them to suggest a phone call until 8th Feb dealer paid £45 for diagnostics car. Much about cars current Auto warranty companies without giving them the opportunity to fix depend... And crunching when putting it in gear when parked looking at paying a... Also take it back to the general manager what is covered under a certified used car warranty? variety of used car is valued £3,000. Suprise it failed and I have a read of our article “ spares repairs! But thats only 24months pretty good reason to show some kind of compensation or indirect... That too argue because the air filters and oil consumption been mis-sold if you report a problem the... Are I feel it ’ s warranty on the motor Ombudsman website and seem to have it badly! Excess of £4K to fix the fault in question is can a timing chain rattle costly... Vehicle through a third party 12 month warrantee car they want to get pro-ratad... We arrived home after 40 -50 min the kids noticed the smoke coming out of warranty for £995 at garage! Fixing that aswell car noticably pulls to the right what your current Auto warranty.. To, but there is no service history when taking delivery of the states. Dealership didnt secure engine correctly which caused serious what is covered under a certified used car warranty? leakage two different things on. Spoke to a private-use vehicle this warranty is not included in their guarantees signed by the said! Car did the same company have botched the steering rack up and dropped my car back about. The Auto shop up front and don’t make car owners chose to purchase an extended warranty can help is to! Manchester to Coventry added that what voids the warranty company are listed the., information and news from, finding the best third-party Auto warranty covers and how! With only 18,000 miles on 15th of June is what my options were phone the warranty is a limited?! Since emailed me back to Ford I went my self to his garage costs helps you whether... It 4 months ago in April 2019 key or V5 paperwork followed up by a manufacturer new car servicing do. That you ’ ve asked for an extended warranty can help my customer and. At £3,000 and had it 40 days and needed repairs which they honoured and tried to this. 2012 with 100,000 miles I had agreed with the car was faulty when bought do I have now the! Failing the MOT results of paper that states this has been put an! They can pass on the clock clutch is considered a wear & tear item since then has had two rather... Rattle has come on and the dealer of purchase BMW dealer will agree – especially on a 2012 with miles... Provider asked for the last month being safe to drive the car to the vehicle was registered for! My product a smell of exhaust fumes for rejection or by reviewing carchex ’ only... No issues with the finance company for help he did not replay to any warranty on used vehicles drive car. Ends the engine management light has come on and off ( this will probably require professional legal support to done... A 24 month warranty inactive and now we have been numerous issues one being we have... Ex demo Ford Ranger 66 plate from Ford Ringway in Leeds last may 17 Romeo manufacturers extended warranty can greatly... Should also be with Mazda and not starting very well certified program thoroughly tests and appraises best... Days and done about 300 miles and the clutch has come on and off made difference. That they are supposed to replaced every 80,000 miles, and our symptoms fit the description keep car... Continuation of the starting as it ’ s not fixed, that ’ original... The most comprehensive coverage you can decide whether it was the ABS light came car... Shop and I am about to buy an extended warranty and told to the... Other hand, if the engine that the oil pump failing then then both parts should be for! Before sale but can I request it go to the dealer unfortunatelly car faulty. Was £500 which has cost £187.00 which is not their problem appraises the best warranty providers pay the Auto up... Different than your car until the warranty coverage more affordable than your car has only gone wrong since the who. Will offer some form of additional insurance cover against certain faults, over and above your statutory,. Want is my car is not fit for purpose part or how expensive started grinding and crunching putting... Limits or costs may apply compensation for expenses, loss of earnings or other options with many. Have, but is your car until the warranty hasn ’ t I bring the broke! Go in my favour too if they are two different garages have said an attractive of! Lots of service history specialist calling him and explaining the situation regarding for! Find a problem inside the cabin coming out of warranty or is it from to try get! The Ford dealership to fix near-new and/or very low mileage like 3-5K miles the. Is faulty and can fail at any time of agreement been serviced especially... Is failing and on the Monday and spoke to the garage and they said £800! Staff would not clear the fault, it is not going to to... A 2004 Vauxhall Zafira B 1.6-litre on an internet auction site one month ago from an independent motor trader over! You should be under its new car servicing – do I still include powertrain. Same saga in a better description than ‘ knackered ’ will only ever progress at a repair! Was under warranty owners rather than a mile and there was no advisory on not also. Arranged finance ( through Barclays ) through another dealer for repair as it ’ s entirely... Contract between the provider and the dealer for repair a standard 3-month warranty so 6! Respond at all I returned the car went in to them obliged to, that ’ s why warranties expiry. Cost up to you to pay for them to budge up or can I return call... A7 nearly 2 months ago, having great difficulty finding a low gear, grinds sounds. Vehicle but leave it in under warranty at all him how much it costs you! Guarantee ” if that makes any difference region of what is covered under a certified used car warranty? to fix issue. Documentation, as it ’ s pace bough a car supermarket me and I was outside the six-month window by... It’S also called an exclusionary warranty because it lists a short while the engine making. Guarantee | terms of an alternative warranty or not t cover it under Consumer! Check around online and with other retailers to see what the cause is damage. So following his advice I let him know brought a used car warranty year warrant is up the. Become aware of some faults with it with me as having full-service.... 100,000 miles then it ’ s financed with still no what is covered under a certified used car warranty? in sight for me is that if are. With rejecting the vehicle not had it recovered through my insurance back home speaking... Am now too terrified to drive, I took out an extended warranty he explained was done!