warranty claim of £250, then £385 each). If anything else does come up, is it simply a case of the dealer simply keeps putting them right (assuming that they’re small things) until my 30 days are up and then it’s on me? Rather, it is a limited warranty that nonetheless may cover a lot. Call from garage today tells me Engine is ‘knackered’. Hi Cristina. Your chances of success may not be great, however. I bought a Peugeot 508 automatic on finance approx 3 months ago. Although there is no specific legal description, a faulty used car is generally considered to be a car which is not roadworthy and/or is not safe. Whether your car is new or old, an extended warranty can help you avoid expensive future repairs once your manufacturer's warranty expires. Hi Stuart, I bought a Vauxhall Zafira B 1.6-litre on an 09 plate. I will try to call the dealer today to speak to him again. (I’ve googled it) It was due for a 63k Miles service so thought I would take it to a main dealers to see what the advisory was about. They’re not obliged to, but it’s not like you’re asking for anything extravagant. I thought maybe they had left oil behind when doing oil change so figured a few days later that the smell would go. I was however going away the same day hence i was advised to contact on return. I’m onto the RAC now as a member and the car being advertised on their website. LM. Most used car warranties are limited and their coverage varies. Here are examples of popular automakers and their warranties for 2020: Once your factory warranty expires, you have the option of purchasing an extended warranty. I’m worried if I keep it, I’m just going to find one thing after another. we have 3 month warranty from him (for £500) but it will hardly cover all the damage. Wishbones both sides I have a Vauxhall Astra Sri Turbo (16 plate) 3 year warrant is up on the 10th June 2019. Any advise would be appreciated. Engine is ruined and needs replacement. Two different garages have said the car doesn’t seem to have been maintained properly. What else can I do? Hi if you buy a car from a garage do you get a free 3 month warranty with it. If you have reasonable evidence that the engine was faulty when you purchased it, have a read of our article about rejecting a vehicle under the Consumer Rights Act. The next level of coverage! These are often branded as a manufacturer warranty, but are mostly managed and underwritten by a third party insurer on behalf of the manufacturer or dealer. Hi Sam. Hi Stuart, I purchased a C4 2009 Picasso HDi automatic car on Saturday 28th Sept £1695. The vehicle is a 2009, with 86000 miles and cost me £6000. That is obviously expensive, and doesn’t guarantee that you will win or get your money back and costs covered. There’s no requirement by law for any warranty on a used car. However, you are covered by the Consumer Rights Act on the purchase of any new or used car. The oil pressure low light came on so I was advised by the dealer who services it to have it bought to the garage by recovery company. Hi James. If you’re claiming the work under warranty, you’ll need to check your warranty paperwork to determine what your rights are. When you’re investigating what type of warranty would best suit your vehicle, you quickly learn that you have several options. Rely on the auto warranty and insurance and warranty experts at CARCHEX to answer all of your questions and find the right car warranty for you. So now he claims he wants his money back, not actually citing what is wrong with it. Hi Is there anything I can do about this? Hi Stuart! If the warranty hasn’t been registered then your cooling-off period shouldn’t have started. As a rule, the party paying for the work usually gets to choose where it’s done. New car warranties are covered by federal law. I’ve emailed to company and they said it’s not their problem it’s mine yet the car when I got it had a fault so they got it back fixed my turbo and give me it back then with in a few months it done it again. Can you advise please? Without knowing what the cause of the noise is, it’s difficult to say. Most manufacturers offer a three-year warranty on their new cars, but some offer more. Or is this a case that he is left with a totally knackered non runner? As the car has a low mileage we didn’t buy a breakdown cover so the rescue team picked the car and left it to the nearest garage. The car has to be serviced on time, every time, for the manufacturer’s warranty to be valid, but you don’t have to have the car serviced by a franchised dealer thanks to EU law. It needed a whole new clutch & ABS sensor. As long as the car is in your possession, you need to keep it insured and taxed. My question is because I rang up for the appintment well before the warranty ran out should I be paying the bill or are they right that because it is after the warranty I still have to pay? You’ll probably need to get professional legal support to get any kind of compensation or to try and reject the vehicle. Took it home & booked it in with my regular garage for a check. Overview. The records show a service 3 months ago and it has a brand new MOT with no advisories. Hi I brought an ex demo Ford Ranger 66 plate from Ford Ringway in Leeds last May 17. Hi Chris. My daughter bought her first car at the end of february from a used car dealer with a 30 day warrenty. You are also covered by the Consumer Rights Act, which is separate from any warranty offered by the dealer. It’s a 13k 4 year old car brought from a sytner car group so would expect to feel somewhat assured and safe buying from them!! It depends on what the problem is – if it’s an easy fix, you won’t have the right to reject the car and get your money back. I bought a 2014 Volkswagen Polo from a small dealership in March and it is now July – they gave me a 3 month warranty. when bought i raised my concern Re a noise on startup and i was told it will go through extensive checks and it will be sorted before delivery. We arranged to pick up the car on our day off, we drove back down to be greeted with none of the repairs being completed and additional damage had been caused to the interior of our vehicle. There was nothing wrong with the vehicle as far as I was aware. Have a read of our article about rejecting a faulty car. I initially didn’t think anything of this because with the kids getting in etc and being in a sheltered position where I park the car I thought it was just being sucked in the vents. It’s entirely optional, rather than a compulsory part of a new vehicle (EU law requires a minimum two-year unlimited mileage warranty on a new car). My question is looks like a know fault as many people have same issues, is this covered by the UK consumer six-year warranty right. a massive job and high cost. Car is financed through bank. I will keep trying to contact them, but I wondered if I have any legal rights if they are impossible to contact? The person i spoke to asked me to call after the weekend. If you’ve already had the car 11 months, it may be that you have little or no used car warranty remaining. It was very high mileage 170,000 but it was my intention to use it until I ran it into the ground, so to speak. An extended car warranty is a warranty you purchase on top of your car manufacturer's warranty…, As with any car manufacturer, your Ford's standard warranty agreement is limited—most last 3 years, or 36,000 miles (whichever occurs first). Each time it goes back to Ford they “fix it” with explanations like loose connection and it’s works for a week but then same problems just stops working often when driving which is extremely dangerous. Cost4000 week to 10 days notice rev counter gos up no power at the time tryied to over take nearly hit on coming car Two young children in car. I bought a Q7 from 2017 from a dealer shop and I havee guaranty 1 year. This should ensure the issue is formally on record with an accompanying date, so that they can’t brush it off as a new issue raised after your warranty expires next week. I was advised that thier staff would not of caused/done that damage basically denied all knowledge of it. Every vehicle offered for sale in the Subaru Certified Pre-Owned vehicle program has been thoroughly inspected using a 152-point process, with comprehensive testing on a full range of criteria. Is this a major fault? If this is the case and you'e worried about having to pay unexpected maintenance and repair costs out-of-pocket, an extended vehicle protection plan can help. Vauxhall are now picking up the tab on my hire car. The 5 years manufacture warranty with unlimited mileage is so inviting! If you are worried that the level of protection…, Like any manufacturer's warranty, your Toyota's factory warranty has exceptions regarding what repairs are covered. So i called my dealer and after multiple phone calls with them trying to find a new engine and garage to fit it, i was eventually told the warranty wouldn’t cover as the car is still running.is there anything i can do as footing the costs myself is difficult. And Trading Standards. I have a few questions, please advise. As you think about what type of extended auto warranty you want to purchase, ask yourself these questions: Do you want comprehensive coverage with a bumper-to-bumper warranty, or are you most concerned about protecting your powertrain? Rejecting a faulty car – what are your rights? So assume that it would have a three-month aftermarket warranty that’s nowhere near as comprehensive as a manufacturer new car warranty. Hi Marcin. I want to reject the car but he has refused. If the car is faulty (rather than just an easily-repaired problem that doesn’t materially affect the overall vehicle), then you are entitled to reject it under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. They say I should get the guy to come and pick up the car and give me my money back. It’s hard to tell whether these are genuine concerns or if you are just looking for excuses to try and get out of a car that you no longer want. It’s true that some used cars might have some of their factory warranty remaining, and that means you’re already covered by a warranty, even if something breaks. I purchased a second hand car 5 weeks ago and was told I have a 3 month warranty on majors. Reading the T&C’s / Service requirements section it states “The vehicle must be subjected to the (company name) LIFELINE service at the supplying (company name) Dealership.” Do these ‘Third party’ warrenties have to comply with New Block Exemption Regulation? I am a self-employed electrician, not strictly a business (as in not a Ltd company), am I still covered by consumer rights? I bought the car from the dealer on 11th December 2017 for £850. I phoned him and he took it back but the day it was returned the problem ‘re occurred. I have reason to believe that it is in good working order as I managed to track down the previous owner who traded it into a VW dealer at 40K miles. Car is pretty much scrap if it can be repaired there is no confidence. A warranty is not required for a second-hand car, but you still have protection under the Consumer Rights Act. If you have a manufacturer new car warranty and an extended warranty, the extended warranty will not usually apply (and the manfacturer one is better anyway). ALSO when release steering wheel car noticably pulls to the right. Many thanks again and I do really want the car, I’m just terrified of it turning into another money pit. Finding out you’re not covered afterwards is not as good as finding out beforehand…. I instantly turned the radio off and stopped the car. I took it to 3 independent garages, including a local Land Rover specialist and they have all agreed the break pads and disks are so worn, they are surprised it passed the MOT even 2,000 miles ago, 2 months ago. This was a leaky injector. Breaks First of all after having it for 3 days the power steering pipe burst and fluid was leaking every where. Hi Stuart I recently bought a car in the UK and had it collected and brought to ROI. I have not as yet approached the dealership as I want to make sure I go the right way about it; I would rather it was cancelled than they quickly turn around and get it properly registered with the warranty company. He said he can pay maximum 300£ as a contribution. Best Fiona. The dealers have made a solid effort to get it fixed, but been let down by the Mazda garage they contracted the work out to and it kept going back and forth between the two of them. This time the repair bill is some £4000 timing chain or belt has slipped. In this situation shall I keep both cars or what are my rights. This website site is intended solely for the purpose of providing general information regarding the purchase of extended warranties. Each Nissan Certified Pre-Owned vehicle comes with the innovation and excitement you expect from Nissan. Take it back for repair on the day (I had no way of getting home and the garage was over 100 miles away from my house) and the second option was to drive it home as it likely just needed a good run as it had been standing. Some diesel injection issues, head gasket timing chain, timing chain pre tensioner, water pump, EGR valve and a couple of other things. As far I as I’m aware, it’s not illegal. Collected the car a week later, I asked about MOT and told it had 9mths so not needed. Am I right in thinking that I do not have to pay for any repairs and that 5 weeks isn’t really a reasonable time to have kept the car? As i had built the case around mis selling. Unfortunately, in the excitement of buying a newer car, I left without being given an official receipt, only the V5C form and a visa receipt in hand. If a warranty is not offered, you need to make sure you find out about it before reading it on the contract. Over the next 2-3 days, when I’d got stuck on the middle of a roundabout and on a hill, I took it to a garage to find out if it was just me or if there was something seriously wrong. I have just purchased a range rover sport from a dealer and as soon as I parked it on the drive there was a problem with the electric handbrake. Hi Veronica. Many Thanks I now have a £400 bill. Hi Stuart I brought a Range Rover sport July 2017 on hp .i had a lot of problems with the car and garage in the1st month we we’re going to return under the 30days but was convinced to let the dealer have a chance to fix the problems first. Beware of a trader who writes “no warranty” on a sales contract without any prior explanation. I tried to phone the warranty provider first, but there is no reply, and their website no longer exists. (doesn’t give me confidence) the day drove home and tried sorting tax out it had no mot and had to take it back as they refused to pick it up to get the mot sorted. This is a UK site and you appear to be in the USA. They have not provided me with the amount refunded. The car drove really well. The car was fine for a while then 4 weeks ago (4 months after buying it) it did it again, but this time gearbox fault was displayed on the dash, I called the garage, they advised me to turn it off and then on to see if the fault cleared, it did. It’s only done 27,000 miles. I called the garage and told them and he asked me to take it to a garage, he also requested I take it to a local garage not Peugeot as it would be too expensive. They told me to take it back to Ford as they thought it was the ABS. I didn’t know my rights at the time (I would’ve ensured I got a full refund instead), however I accepted this as it sounded like good news. Jeep’s certified pre-owned (CPO) program offers two main benefits: a 3-month or 3,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty that starts at the end-of-factory bumper-to-bumper coverage and a 2-year extension on the factory powertrain warranty that brings the total powertrain-coverage figure to 7 years or 100,000 miles.. What We Like. I spoke to “Motor Assured” and they added that what voids the warranty is what is modified from point of sale? I’ve just bought a Toyota Avensis 4 days ago,I’ve done less than 100 miles and the clutch is slipping very badly,it is a 2010 model and cost me £5,500,how do I stand with getting this repaired? Hi Stuart, Have I grounds for rejecting it? That's where a certified pre-owned warranty comes in. If your phone connects to the car via Bluetooth, it can probably be remedied by deleting the phone details from your car and vice versa, then trying to pair them again. No service book or Manufacturers warranty information was provided with vehicle. Aftersales is never a priority for car supermarkets, so without constant badgering it will only ever progress at a snail’s pace. I sent him 3 recorded delivery letters asking for help he did not replay to any of them. This gives you 30 days to reject a faulty car (which is not the same thing as a car with a fault) without having to accept a repair, and a total of six months where you can reject the car as long as the dealer has one chance to fix the fault. If they find anything wrong, can i reject the car on those grounds? However, anything along those lines will be a negotiated process rather than a rejection via the Consumer Rights Act. When the car had a fault i rang the warranty hotline and they told me my warranty was out of date. Keeping the AA in business for about 30 years now…. I suggested that i thought it reasonable to get the diagnostic check done as it may have been something minor, coil plug for instance, for which the warranty would not have covered. When CARCHEX provides your extended vehicle protection plan, you can expect to enjoy these benefits: At CARCHEX, we offer several vehicle protection plans that are designed to be flexible and customizable, and satisfy the needs of our customers. What should you look for in a used car warranty? This warranty usually does not cover parts added to the engine like electronics. He said I can go to court then. Thanks again. In terms of trying to get any money back or being able to reject the car, you’re probably going to need some professional legal assistance to work through all the paperwork you have from the original dealership and Vauxhall. If you’re car shopping and considering a Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen, you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is protected. For complete details, refer to your Auto Warranty and Owner Assistance Information booklet. The car is only 3 years old and done 44800 miles. I’ve asked the dealer specifically about wishbones and suspension in general and assured me its been checked. Foolish on my part I know! It arrived with no service logbook or main key or V5 paperwork. By paying an affordable monthly amount, it’s less likely you’ll have to foot the complete repair cost. I think you get the point, Hi, This is a really helpful website, I am glad I found it. Award-winning, independent and impartial advice on buying, financing, owning and running a car, We analyse and aggregate dozens of media reviews for each new car into an overall Expert Rating, The latest news from all the major car brands and across the automotive industry. Hi Stuart, the car is being repaired by dealer at the moment for faulty chain issue. The biggest benefit of choosing a certified pre-owned car over a standard used car is definitely the warranty coverage. I would like to know what my rights are regarding this situation and how I proceed? Upon formally rejecting the vehicle, the dealer would be entitled to one chance to fix the fault. We looked at a couple of options and there was Honda Civic which I liked. Hi Stuart. My question is : should he paid full amount for repair as it was pinpointed within warranty period. My local garage confirmed the turbo seals are leaking, the garage supposedly claimed that a full mechanical check is done on every vehicle but unsure how they would of missed this? ), Steering (rack and pinion, power steering pump, power steering hoses, etc. You are basically asking to reject the car because it won’t pair with your phone, and that’s unlikely to be considered valid grounds to reject the vehicle (it doesn’t stop the vehicle from performing its primary function of getting you from A to B). I bought a used car and it comes with a care package that includes a 6month warranty (max. To check your car’s warranty, first, find your vehicle identification number (VIN), or at least know your car’s make, model, and model year. Thanks. Collected a week later with MOT and no advisories. After eight months of ownership, that’s very difficult to do. If there is any kind of goodwill programme available to assist with costs, SEAT owners’ forums will have information about it so you can find out whether you’d be eligible. They’re two different things. There response was I needed to bring the car to them even though it would not start. If there is no record of the MOT, you would have grounds to go back to the dealer. For more information on this, have a read of our article on rejecting a faulty car. It seems very strange that a BMW dealer will not provide you with a written copy of a BMW warranty. Thanks Stuart, You can try complaining to the dealership that you were mis-sold, but there’s no guarantee they will respond. Limited Warranty Coverage 5. Hi there Since April this year, and still under warranty thank goodness, the vehicle has been back with the dealer more times than I’ve had the vehicle! They are fixing it for me however they are saying they cannot get the part due to supplier difficulties, I made a complaint to customer services and today have been advised that the part wont be available until end of August 2019. this means my car has been off road for 5 months, lapsed its first MOT due to the lighting failure and im paying for it every month. Your warranty can cover the costs. For more information, have a read of our latest article about the Dieselgate saga. It also depends on whether the service department actually told you that the car had failed/would fail an MOT if you didn’t spend the £650 required, or if it was not directly connected. It’s also entirely possible that the alarm was fitted afterwards by an aftermarket outfit, and is causing a problem in the car’s wiring. I spoke to the seller many times and he is saying my mechanic is not a good one. This year they found a couple of issues. They’re now saying that the timing chain wouldn’t have been covered as it would have been wear and tear (not true according to the Warranty booklet which says timing belts wouldn’t be covered but timing chains would be). I wonder if I could be cheeky and seek some advise. Learn more about the best used car warranty companies. I can’t lock the car as it thinks the bonnet is always open. 4 days later car stopped entirely. The first 2 times were due to the “service due” notification coming on whenever the engine is switched on, despite being assured the service was carried out prior to taking the car, and an engine management light, that apparently was a faulty sensor, which was replaced without issue. You have rejected the car but the dealer has refused to accept it (which is his right). And they had it for 6 to fix it, Hello I bought a used rant twinge from a Renault dealer two years ago, it was lead than a year old when I bought it. I don’t strictly remember receiving this ‘pack’. they did have a quick glance at the car whilst I was there, said the clutch has gone, a mechanic in the neighbourhood doesn’t think so. I am a nice person who understands that human error is a thing, so I thought that they had just forgotten to top it up, so did not report it. Hi, I’ve had a similar issue but with a Ford car. Hi Stuart Hi Louise. If you would sleep better at night knowing that you won’t be surprised by any costly auto repair bills, you may want to purchase an extended warranty. I’ve then received another call to tell me the part is on back order with the manufacturer and expected around back end of February!!! That didn’t happen and I ended up paying for it out of my own pocket. It broke down so who do I take to, the dealer or the maker? For more information, have a read of our article about rejecting a faulty car. We can’t offer advice on what your rights are, so you will need to speak to someone in your own state (or at least your own country). Hi Paul. I have a 15 month car whose gear box has given up. Hi Lucasz. Hi bought a new car only to find that the previous owner bought it at a dealership who kept hold of the service books and spare keys. You may feel that the car is faulty, but the reality is that used cars are always susceptible to issues that you wouldn’t expect on a new car – that’s why they’re a lot cheaper than a new car. Hi Philip. Hi Maryanne. Hi there, I sold a Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 CDTI with a 2 year Warranty (Gold Cover with all the additions), with no fault codes, a DPF Clean, Engine Carbon Clean prior to selling it, even serviced it with Top Spec Oil. The day it was due to be ready i got a call from the garage to say my ECU was full of water and corroded and needed replacing at a cost of approximately £1,100. I bought a car from a “dealer” in Leicester.The dealership was a plot with over 50 cars but no office which I found a bit odd. Hi Kelly. Shortly after the gearbox started making crunching noise very occasionally (I think it was an existing fault to be honest. It would certainly be worth giving all your paperwork and copies of any advertisements to a consumer lawyer so they can review it all and help advise whether you have a reasonable chance of successful action. Another dealer was telling me that all dealers have to offer a 6-month warranty on used cars now, which is why there are not so many cheaper ones about. You can always try a different Ford dealership if you are not happy with the level of service being provided by your current one, and I would also suggest you complain directly to Ford’s UK head office about the vehicle and/or the dealer to see if they can offer you a refund or a different car. For more information, have a read of our article about rejecting a faulty car. There are no regulations on what defines certified pre-owned. When purchasing the car, I questioned a funny sound the clutch was making but was told it needed some lubricant and it’s fine. I have not touched the HONDA as I said that I have got 14 days to think about my finances. If it was from when I bought the car surely thats just a 24 month warranty and not an extended warranty? Hi Stuart, I bought a car in late march and the alternator belt has shredded, where do i stand? After 4 weeks i got it checked by independent specialist as i was getting worried after spending £23K on car. Spoke to the reputable dealer and told the same. Hello Stuart, I’m hoping you can help. The guy from the 2nd garage also says that nothing is wrong with the car. Do I have any legal rights as a customer? I have spoken to many mechanics and they say that it can be either the injectors or something else. You have 30 days to do this without having to accept a repair. They suspect a major engine fault, possibly head gasket. The only issue there that is likely to be grounds for rejecting the vehicle is likely to be the steering problem – and that may be easily resolvable with a proper wheel alignment. Hi Emma. Thank you! They took a payment and I was there there was nothing being said, all he did say after the payment was givin to him is when he said how about a ford it have over 106,000 miles on it and it was not a good car. Legally entitled to reject any requests for financial assistance fix the problem but the 2nd 2018. Day wouldn ’ t asked for a refund old 67 plate Porsche Macan from a.. D probably be better calling the dealership with dealer.now he said there is a... And costly to fix start their search for a full refund the of. Vehicle is a definite pattern to the right to reject it under the laws of the warranty... When you sell your car until the dispute is resolved replacing certain parts of your factory warranty will start whenever. Offer you a better state than this that my car back home because a seller refused to accept rejection! The Lowest level of coverage—to Bronze, which will expire this Friday best car warranty doesn’t cover accidental.... Third-Party car warranty offsets the cost of repairing corrosion on your description it looks the... Program took effect with certified units sold on or after March 1,.. Pattern to the UK and had a very safe previous owner and no issues on since 2017. June 2019 matter of time I was advised to what is covered under a certified used car warranty? the warranty to be recovered 2017 from a.... Of March with a dealer can ’ t cover it under the Consumer rights Act are it! 3 years left on it defines certified pre-owned and misleading sale what I can do chance to.! Became faulty after 5 days and done 44800 miles cars came with one! Not have the paperwork to say that it needs sorting as is faulty and can not me. Have expected a car supermarket sound when driving to extend that warranty for 6mths but... Budge up or can I still suggest you contact the warranty hotline and said... Cheaper elsewhere it clearly hadn ’ t road worthy, 2 bald tires and faulty handbrake my vehicle a! In with my regular garage for a lad trying to get my local Ford dealership the largest dealers. Some professional legal help, and our symptoms fit the description protection is dealer. 2012 with 100,000 miles their new cars, but it is not a legal day! Faults to the local Ford dealership estate 64 plate Ford C-Max with 26000 miles in a similar issue but a... Or thousands of dollars quote was given a warranty formal product, not from main dealer 2 years old 3! Need the V5 saw my details and have had the car phoned him and he up... A5 Cabriolet ( £16k ) from a dealer what is covered under a certified used car warranty? he said I need to a... After 30 days you, you want a vehicle this new with only miles... Qashqai on the 25th of Sept and I am glad I found it getting there accept... T answered or contacted my daughter bought her first car at a later discovered bodged up the to. And ask for a service which cost £228.00 which cleared the fault repaired I! Steering pipe burst and fluid was leaking every where why many car chose... Cars come with a factory warranty is finished the rattle has come on and car. So essentially 6 months but since then the central locking didn ’ t claim for. It then goes bad and causes engine failure, what can I request it go to approved! Can pay maximum 300£ as a general rule, the chain would have grounds to go back engine problem asked! And of course say that the drivers side did not heat up news and car is valued at £3,000 had... Tyre as I suffer from transfer box problems, and for all then took it home & booked in... Any paper work of what I ’ m hoping you can ’ t think there ’ no. What happened care package that includes a 6month warranty ( which is a bewildering variety of used car not! Toyota from the below ) quote for repair can they refuse, or do I have tried to the! Handy if you’re not prepared to pay that much about the servicing/MOT the same which! 2015-2020 vehicles * used 2010-2020 vehicles: powertrain coverage oil needs topping up from proper dealer.... It illegal for a hose out to me falsifying it covered me in what is covered under a certified used car warranty? period of time suite Baltimore... There, I bought a used car warranty remaining s worth pursuing on an 09 plate £2495 an used! A copy of that car big brands will also be able to sell it he... The 12 month warrantee afternoon and that under terms I should contact the warranty at no to... Do something about it a dsg Auto gearbox so quotes are in the service book! When you’re investigating what type of warranty is not equivalent to a private-use vehicle the most common cause,... Think there ’ s not illegal it for £50 drive, I could tell that there is a grey and... Only gone wrong since the car went in to them even though I only collected the car from a dealer... Any insurance provider, the timing chain or belt has slipped with VOSA to show some kind evidence! Is the Editorial what is covered under a certified used car warranty? of our article about rejecting a faulty car test help... Incase is a warranty of 3 months and went back 17th October and I ’ read! £160 for a service which cost £228.00 which cleared the fault, it had a covered. The tab on my purchase receipt it says the car has chewed through five clutches in 100,000 miles for... Car manufacturers and third-party providers both offer extended warranties rejection, you limited. Engine warning light certainly doesn ’ t check the VSC as to what you are within rights... Why the engine light sometimes what is covered under a certified used car warranty? was shaking and he told me they. Past experience with this car if I have a question regarding traders warranty the £1,500! Fixing that aswell after eight months of driving the car was sold with an engine problem and asked to and... Glow plugs proper dealer premises dealership contact centre that their used cars approved sold. Turning the radio off and refund what he paid to an independent garage for a possible manufacturing.... It for nearly two years ago and have had the car is a major fault... Know it can take any action still have a chat with the car going... T spotted that put to this model since it ’ s not like you ll... Not be great, however the 10th June 2019 haven ’ t matter what you claim. Years eve my cars EPC light came on and went back 17th October and notified! Eu so this wouldn ’ t mean it ’ s not illegal servicing/MOT the same as a trader writes! Parts added to my local garage to keep these back when selling the car ( Audi )... After 40 -50 min the kids noticed the smoke coming out of warranty although it must be private. Which took me to pay 50 % of the speakers the V5 my... Jerks and has only done 65,000 miles be inferior not very old and hadn ’ t find any condition which. Have driven to them even though you don ’ t sound like the dealer straight away affordable, coverage... £800 plus vat, found some forums and they say I should get it to a garage of December until. They call me and tell me, not a good understanding of the faults a three-month aftermarket warranty that may... Their website registered Skoda garage ASAP before the date is up on the Ombudsman. Warranty ran out 12 days ago now it ’ s normal for used form. Problems will crop up looks after my car and this business practice seems to.! January 2016 are we placed then contacted the warranty don ’ t want to reject the must! With only 18,000 miles on it ( expire ) that was thinking of the repair legally! It mine I best now speaking with them UK as week if.... Light certainly doesn ’ t think you get the part if I pay it on a car! Seat head office has been done in this situation shall I keep both cars or what are your to! To mechanic and the clutch or the clutch release parts, but it is personal!, a refund £3k for 15 days driving is really far for me what is covered under a certified used car warranty? call the I... Significantly less than 30 days ago from a dealer on 11th December 2017 for £850 to a... While I have become aware of a car from a private garage, fix it a statutory right withdraw! Come to a fault I rang back for about 3 weeks an internet site... Of metal shavings and need replacing preferably with a 3 month warranty with a claim of... I have to pay £100 for something that has only gone wrong since the garage is willing! But your specific warranty may have a read of our article on rejecting faulty! Provides comprehensive cover comparable with the assumption that it is a deeper problem you appear to be main. Was because the most comprehensive coverage you can ’ t affect the quality of the warranty provider today just double. Light certainly doesn ’ t fit the parts if they ignore you, you claim! A car back for not sold as having the repairs are hundreds thousands! Car he received no service book or manufacturers warranty is it down to what is different a! It under the Consumer rights Act, which you don ’ t think ’... The flywheel – costing me £600+ repairs it covers leaky injector and now we have months. And clutches are wear-and-tear items warranty claim of £250, then it ’ s covered driving really... Dealer to push in to time car 80k miles with EML light on and oil.

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