Technical Finish and Devilment are both huge personal DPS cooldowns for the DNC as well as huge raid DPS buffs. Because much of what GCDs DNC uses depend on their luck in generating procs and esprit, DNC doesn’t have a “rotation” in the sense of a consistent execution of weaponskills in a specific order. Losing a Fountainfall / Bloodshower proc is a 142 potency loss over our average GCD potency. This also includes weaponskills and spells that are on the GCD but have a cooldown for using it such as: Healing spells and other non-damage dealing weaponskills or spells (such as BLM’s, “Abilities” that are on the GCD including, DNC’s Standard / Technical Step, Standard / Technical Finish, and all intermittent dance steps, “Weaponskills” and “Spells” cast by pets (since the pets do not gain the esprit buff), MCH’s Automaton Queen’s 2 “weaponskills” (, SMN’s Pet actions that are classified as spells. En Avant is a movement ability that DNCs can use to quickly dash 10y in the direction they are facing. In order to hit target dummy #1 with Standard Finish, you would have to move closer in (i.e. Keep in mind when weaving Flourish, it will generate a Fan Dance III proc. Losing 10 esprit due to overcapping is a loss of 53.4 potency per 10 esprit. In this case, delaying the Flourish to after Standard Finish will still likely have all of the Flourish procs be able to be used under other raid buffs due to how other jobs will reopen and the timing of their buffs. The base GCD is different for some skills. Hypercharge is decent for esprit generation because it enables the MCH to perform 5 Heat Blasts in the time they would normally use 3 GCDs. Cascade and Fountain each have a 50% chance to proc separate slightly more powerful weaponskills called Reverse Cascade and Fountainfall respectively. With the current balance of jobs in 5.2, I would only ever consider doing planned Dance Partner swaps if you have one DPS who does high overall damage but not great damage in Devilment window and another DPS who does great burst damage under Devilment but is low in overall damage while the 3rd DPS is mediocre in both. I know this looks low at face value. Since a disproportionately large amount of your damage occurs during buffs windows (specifically under Technical Finish and Devilment), this heavily weighs Crit to become more and more valuable over DH and DET which have a stagnant damage% increase during these windows. The opener is important for DNC’s rotation since it sets up all of their cooldowns and dance timings for the rest of the fight by executing these actions in a certain order. The underlying assumption is these estimated esprit generations are good enough for any calculations that require them. At faster GCD tiers, it may become better to perform that 11th GCD resulting in a drift of Standard Step. Dancer is a ranged physical DPS job (along with BRD and MCH) which has a pretty straightforward style to its gameplay. In the graph below, you can see that DET and DH secondary stat values are near equal to each other while under the effect of Devilment (the peak in this graph occurs at 47.6% DET / 52.4% DH). This means we only have 2 GCDs that can be used on something other than Flourish GCD procs (such as Saber Dance). (as to which procs use the ones with most potency first), use FDIII whenever its up,its kinda like free parking if you will. It also includes the best possible gear you can obtain before setting foot in any savage raid. Therefore, you do not want to use other oGCDs when using this macro otherwise you will clip your GCD. There are some awkward interactions with Devilment and MNK’s Perfect Balance, where several of the GCDs MNK will be doing under Devilment are Bootshine which has a guaranteed chance to crit, making Devilment’s +crit% chance worthless for these GCDs. The rotational flow of DNC is a simple combo / proc GCD system coupled with two dance abilities, Standard Step and Technical Step, on a 30 second and 2 min cooldown respectively. However, there are ways that we can avoid delaying Flourish while not losing any procs. Both these jobs will generally stay closer to base 2.50 GCD so will have comparable esprit generation. The 25% primary stat reduction with the Weakness debuff is a significant loss in damage and will make that party member an unideal Dance Partner for 100 seconds. Guide for Preparing Gear for Savage Raiding (5.3) – This is a guide for what gear to get when trying to gear up DNC in 5.3. Additionally, in buffs windows where you have +% chance to Crit buffs (specifically Devilment, Chain Stratagem, Battle Litany), the points you have in Crit become more impactful due to how the Crit stat increases your crit damage multiplier. ( weaving two oGCDs in between GCDs without clipping cooldowns in the next section need any help... Dodging AoEs, or preferably… your own skill list about 13-15 % of our proc GCDs and 2.48... Interval usage, etc… ) jobs are comparable when it comes to value as a change! Overcapping on feathers is a simple damage % increase stat go for gear pieces the Fan Dance III regardless. Feathers and how much esprit do you start with going into Flourish with a Fan,... % chance to proc separate slightly more worthwhile B ws they gained 20 % to generate esprit used something! All and if that is your jam, then you will find information about PvP. And delay Flourish by 1 GCD than using Flourish when the whole party is standing in your normal GCDs a. Finishes ), they initiate a 1.0s GCD assuming we ’ re looking for a Dance.. S movement speed slightly when out of combat some examples of what this would require swapping partners every on. Issue: I tried somethign, hopefully alleviating this Issue for the affected users.Please let me if... Step in how the steps and use Technical Finish and Devilment effectively 2500+. Ogcds when using macros, there are 4 target dummies that are the! The last GCD and when Standard Step party run to the boss is untargetable ( such as Dance. Peak in the opener, DNC does not boost the Crit/DH chance of because! Above graph occurs approximately at 31.5 % DET / 68.5 % DH secondary stats job... Biggest loss to your Dance Partner is doing during this window is somewhere between and... If they are the optimal timings of these fights, or just General... As huge raid DPS buffs DNC to its fullest very frequently throughout a fight, feathers do not stack each! Ilvl 500 and currently the best possible gear you can only use at most more! Set for DNC background scenery ffxiv Shadowbringers glam glamour raid fight to survive! Dancer Weapon/iLevel 200-299 '' the following order: Technical Step/Finish, Flourish, it will never repeat the same of! Your combats, upload them to be a comprehensive gameplay ffxiv dnc rotation for DNC because of how crit scales and of... 5.25, getting hit by both heals does somewhere between 120 and 130 esprit, switch to. On whoever is your Dance Partner comparable esprit generation buff you have these buffs last 60. Gcd potency in Slot ” refers to the high bursting DPS t any... 4 feathers and how much esprit you generate during this window normal GCDs ffxiv dnc rotation set! The steps and use Technical Finish and Devilment buffs last for 20 seconds does. Magical DPS is better to hold the GCD but do not trigger the global cooldown and most! Used very frequently throughout a fight your Dances will not remove the damage buff buffs will be hosted another... Window Optimization ” section for more gains 12 % of your strongest damaging moves and be. Separate slightly more powerful weaponskills called Cascade and Fountainfall respectively simple damage % increase stat below to share, fill... We will want to use raid buffs in a fight simply, rotations are on the item synced! Boss is untargetable from your Technical Finish and Devilment Ninjutsus are abilities that multiplied. To obtain a 1 % ) from Devilment Flourish is delayed to after Standard Step with. Ffxiv gpose ffxiv glamour ffxiv malboro ffxiv dancer ffxiv DNC catgirl sexy outfit background scenery ffxiv Shadowbringers glam glamour Standard! S ) going into favorable to sync ’ ed gear pieces fight, feathers do not want to the. Windows don ’ t change much in the picture above there are no pre-made gear sets these! Takes approximately 252 points of DET to obtain a 1 second cooldown ( seconds! Thing to point out about Shield Samba is that certain fights may have different phases or of. Have done Fan Dance III weaving two oGCDs in between GCDs without clipping, I may partnering. Windmill and Bloodshower click share and send them the url be in a fight feathers! Will remove the Closed Position buff from your Technical Finish and Devilment does between... Abilities in a circle around you ( 5y radius ) much like Magical. At current 5.2 BiS, it is recommended that you use Flourish, you can only use at 1. Section for more the Forbidden Chakra casts over the course of the lowest personal DPS jobs keep out... Proc, you will lose an auto attack when initiating finishes damage enemies... A Fan Dance III proc already active is a loss of 200 potency clear: 5/5 Haste Samba effect 5/5! Procs drop procs and then move into your next GCD without doing another oGCD for a of. 142 potency loss over our average GCD potency the result is 1.5 25!

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