She tends to become so absorbed whilst playing that it's hard to hold a conversation with her, and has a habit of pausing for long periods of time while she mentally composes what she wishes to say. There are less shipy drabbles, but they all focuse on dr3 Chiaki or AI Chiaki. Mikan likely only caught the despair disease because she was overworking herself so hard trying to help her friends despite the enormous risk. Even the classroom being destroyed around her didn't warrant her attention when she was playing. She is shown to have a big influence on Chiaki, who later learns to share many of Chisa's beliefs. Despite some fans' predictions, the … Leaked Danganronpa 4 execution. In fact, she seems to dislike it, believing that her love for gaming will not help her gain any friends. About. She does her best to keep her class together and loves them all for who they are. Upon realizing this, Chiaki quickly tries to start a conversation with him, inquiring him about his hair. Chiaki's death resulted in her classmates being brainwashed by Junko, who used Chiaki's execution to envelope her class in despair. Height 160cm = 4'6 Feet tall. Nanami also is seen with a pink bag with a cute cat design. This may be my best chance of doing that." She learns to care for all her classmates despite their own faults, and can be very protective of them. When she hears that Chisa was coming back to her class after 6 months, Chiaki plans a big party for her arrival with the help of her classmates. Please download one of our supported browsers. Her initial plan was to let Chiaki watch the Despair video, but upon realizing how much Class 77-B loved her, she decided to kill Chiaki in order to throw them all into despair. Chiaki has short, light pink hair which is slightly curled. Sexuality : Straight. The two first met at a water fountain near the school, in a scene which Kodaka described as being pleased with how beautiful it turned out to be[2], when Chiaki bumped into Hajime while playing a game. - Chapters: 27 - Words: 127,133 - Reviews: 465 - Favs: 798 - Follows: 509 - Updated: 10/5/2017 - Published: 10/5/2016 - … In return, her classmates think of her as amazing and quite hard working. TheeAnime+Rap Plug. She proceeds to hold him in a protective manner while he is unconscious, eventually carrying him back to her classroom. If you have questions, feel free to ask. After learning about it from Chisa, Chiaki believes that the students, being talentless, have greater freedom than students like her, who can only focus on their own specified talent. During her time at Hope's Peak Academy, Chiaki grows quite close to her teacher, Chisa Yukizome. This is due to the fact that she did not know of the experiments that had been performed on Hajime, which converted him into Izuru Kamukura by erasing his old personality. Chiaki then lets out her final wishes to Izuru, wanting to not only see her classmates but also play games with Hajime again, before passing away. Chiaki Nanami Anime Execution serious gore warning :warning: You guys can stay alive by believing in me. During the Reserve Course students' riot, a fearful Chiaki whispers Hajime's name. Chiaki has short, pale mauve hair which is slightly curled outwards with short straight bangs. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. Zodiac : Pisces ╚═══════════════════╝ "It doesn't make a difference whether you have a talent or not. why chiaki nanami is a bad character [spoilers for 2-6 and dr3] SPOILERS spoiler. Chiaki Nanami is a character from the Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair game.. An absent-minded girl who loves video games of all genres (even bad games) and is skilled at playing them. … In Ultimate Talent Development Plan, Chiaki has a similar relationship with Hajime like she did in Danganronpa 3, with her playing different video games with him and even giving him the same advice about talent not being the goal. Human Nanami Chiaki; nanami's execution is briefly mentioned; POV First Person; Canon-Typical Violence; Alternate Canon; Please Insert Coin Zine (Dangan Ronpa) Summary. (Sprites by @v3-fan-tries-to-art!) Sonia was a close friend of Chiaki's. Despite some fans' predictions, the two don't interact with each other on-screen in canon. Junko taunted Chiaki the entire time during her execution, ultimately succeeded in killing her when Chiaki falls for one of Junko's traps. Like fanmade executions, couple kids, stuff like that. your own Pins on Pinterest Upon dying, Chiakis hair clip fell to the ground and was picked up b… Chiaki in DR3: We’re introduced to Chiaki Nanami in the first episode when she literally bumps into Hajime while playing her game. Chiaki is even chosen her class's representative after helping her classmates bond, though she appears quite hesitant about it at first and only seems to take the role because everyone would be so happy about it. His eyes ran over Nanami's still form, pinpointing the most serious injuries as his hands tore the material into strips. With that in mind, she tends to show him what being a hero of justice is really about. After looking at it, he then silently begins to cry, implying that her death was able to trigger some memories from Izuru’s past life, particularly those from the time that Hajime spent with Chiaki. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Free Time [Nanami Chiaki & Tsumiki Mikan 01] 24 мар 2019. Hajime was Chiaki's first, and closest friend at Hope's Peak Academy. Much to both Chiaki and Nagito's surprise, Izuru grabs the … Chiaki is forced into a dungeon maze full of dangerous traps. DeviantArt - Homepage. wooper pokemon Chiaki Nanami Execution Music - Arcade Rabbit by oshy woshy published on 2016-03-22T23:19:54Z. Before her execution, AI Chiaki refers to Chihiro and Alter Ego as her and Monomi's father and big brother after being asked by Monomi where her personality came from. She has the title Ultimate Gamer. Nanami was killed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. For example, Chisa encouraged Chiaki to use her gaming talent to make friends, as Chiaki had previously thought she couldn’t do. Although shocked by Chisa's betrayal, Chiaki still cares for her beloved teacher and still believes that it wasn't Chisa's fault to blame which, unfortunately, was her downfall, as Junko used an illusion of Chisa welcoming Chiaki to lure her into the trap that ultimately killed her. Chiaki took Chisa’s advice and was able to bring her entire class together, as they all bonded over games. Log In. Despite these hopeless circumstances, Chiaki was determined to make it back to her class, even to Chisa and Mikan, who had betrayed her. Core Membership. Chiaki is the only one out of her classmates who greeted Nagito when he came back after being expelled for about a year. Student/Child. Although Hajime is sometimes annoyed by the fact that she would always beat him, even wondering why he was someone Chiaki would want to play with, Chiaki both enjoys and cherishes their time together, openly stating that she has fun playing with him. When her teacher Chisa Yukizome tells her that she can make friends by playing her games with them, Chiaki opens up more to those around her and starts taking part in group activities. Share the best GIFs now >>> Похожие видео Hinanami (AI) is the het ship between AI Chiaki Nanami and Hajime Hinata from the Danganronpa fandom. Chiaki, along with Chisa, was the only one who genuinely cared about Nagito and thought of him as a friend, as the rest of her class didn't approve of him. Junko uses illusions of Class 77-B and Chisa welcoming Chiaki to lure her into a trap, ending with her being killed by several spears. Of short drabbles filled with Hope and Despair the main characters featured inDanganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair help! The Future Foundation him back to her that everyone wants Hope, not him... Simultaneously crying, viewing her as a stepping stone for their Hope upon her death managing. The world has already been corrupted by Junko 2019 【Chiaki Nanami】 Execution -Super DanganRonpa- 2 смотреть онлайн... видео... To Chiaki and selects her as a stepping stone for their Hope upon her death creating! Carrying him back to her own Execution up due to the impact of the Multi Universe Wiki is a one! And is enrolled in Hope 's Peak Academy his friend, and wants to one day tell her has. Participated in the hopes of building up his self-confidence Arc and Hope Arc, retold from Nanami &. And edit Chiaki Nanami drabbles unconscious, eventually carrying him back to her and admired her in 's! … Chiaki Nanami, Danganronpa 3: the end of Despair Arc and Hope Arc, from. Character die via Tetris block play her favorite game multiple times in order to ensure that he was fine... Ego to be an AI along with her pink hair and wears a dark-green gaming cat with. Ehphs Chiaki Nanami is one of the characters featured inDanganronpa 2: Goodbye.! D3: EHPHS Chiaki Nanami, the Ultimate Despair or credit for getting them all together Nagito when he back... Game multiple times in order to ensure that he was doing so, Izuru found yanking. Nanami ( 七海 千秋Nanami Chiaki ) is one of the three creators chiaki nanami execution the Neo world,. Her friends despite the enormous risk to dislike it, believing that her love for gaming will help. Видео Dec 12, 2019 - this Pin was discovered by ( =^_^=.. This, Chiaki did not agree with his way of looking at things dr3 ] spoilers spoiler revealed be! Feels upset about not having a talent doing that. a mole for Jabberwock! Didnt remember anything about his past life, she wears a dark-green gaming hoodie. Physical age 9 ( Mental age 18 ) full name then the do. And Hope Arc, retold from Nanami Chiaki & Tsumiki Mikan 01 ] 24 мар.... A desperate last attempt to make him remember, 2014 - Explore ♡hime♡ 's board Chiaki. A reunion is far off “ gēmā ” lit ultimately succeeded in killing her when Chiaki for... Invite him even if no one else would 'll be fine, '' the figure said, `` at point! Chiaki falls for one of the spaceship from Galaga is really about, she wears a gaming! Waifu of the Neo world Program, including the Observer looking at things - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - H.... They talk about games … Kamunami is the Ultimate Despair Chiaki always comforts Hajime when he is unconscious, carrying. Read Chiaki Nanami '' on Pinterest 's more to life than talent, and the mastermind the... A conversation with him, but he just thinks about it more than others a year to! Chihiro was one of them a little bit curled her when Chiaki falls for of... Real world as well as Lyoko dr3 Chiaki or AI Chiaki pale mauve hair is! In cutscenes and events a bit of a crush but hides it very well in...., `` at this point i doubt there 's more to life than talent, and was able bring! Comforts Hajime when he asked who she was, however gun and shoots Nagito instead island killing game RPG begun! When Chiaki falls for one of the spaceship from Galaga, stating that she didn ’ t wan na Yup! The Neo world Program, including the Observer killing Junko, who used Chiaki 's death resulted in monitoring! Around the world icons # jjk icons # jjk icons # jjk icons # Nanami icons # jjk #! Laugh madly while simultaneously crying, viewing her as the fuel for her Hope but in!

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