Answer: Yes, you need to clean your sprayer thoroughly after spraying primer. B-I-N dries in just 45 minutes, completely seals porous surfaces, You also need to clean the filter and spray tip. Which primer would you recommend for this, the zinc shellac or sherwin Williams pro block? You can return unopened primer if it's untinted. using a China bristle is recommended but i would go with a good purdy nylon polyester leaves fewer brush Cover Stain works as a stain blocker and a bond coat. But if you’re looking for a super smooth professional finish, you can give your last coat of BIN Shellac Primer a … What I do is I spray one coat of BIN first, so I can see the remaining cracks easier, then I fill those cracks with grain filler, sand, and I spray a 2nd coat of primer. It's thin and will spray nice through an HVLP without having to thin it. Great for use on all interior surfaces & spot priming on exterior surfaces. Question: I have bought a new unfinished cabinet to added to the kitchen. I use a cheap, throw away brush for this step, because primer is oil-based. Answer: There are pros and cons to both products. This is what I used on the oak sections of my kitchen cabinets. Should I sand it down and apply again? “This resin-based primer is a sealer as well, so nothing bleeds through. You still need to mask everything in the kitchen very carefully before spraying, regardless of the sprayer being used. Painting Oak Cabinets – To Spray, or Not to Spray? Zinsser® B-I-N® Shellac-Base Primer is a primer-sealer, stain and odor blocker for almost all interior surfaces as well as spot priming for exterior use. Question: What primer can be used on veneer, and is there anything that can be used on laminate? Your Info on primers and top coats is very solid, ther is another primer easy to sand and its oil, SW ez sand try it. It dries fast, 1 hour being the longest, which allows light sanding and second coating on the same day. I know I need to sand and fill the wood grain but what would be the order of all that? Ammonia is cheaper. Spraying the oak cabinet doors on a flat surface, using a 310, or a 312 tip, you can build up the primer pretty good to fill a good amount of the grain holes, but some deeper cracks will remain. I soak them in ammonia water overnight and they're clean in the morning. Matt G. (author) from United States on September 25, 2019: The problem is more than likely that a bonding primer wasn't used over the oil paint and that's why the latex paint is peeling. Just make sure you cover the floor carefully because it sprinkles like crazy brushing and rolling it. The biggest goal is a smooth finish at the end. If you don't follow Maks comment about glue, the hagster can point you to the right link regarding how to use exterior brown carpenter's glue to kill knot bleed through. If you meant Pro Block latex primer, don't use it. I'm glad you found the article helpful. Some paint sores rent Graco sprayers. 2. Answer: Let the primer dry overnight before sanding and painting. Now it’s time to paint! The cracks in the wood pores though will be gone doing it this way. Order online at Answer: If the cabinets are new and already painted, latex primer is probably fine. Question: I'm preparing to paint my kitchen cabinets. If it is tannin, should I stop now and purchase Zinsser shellac? For me, there’s nothing better than BIN, Zinsser’s shellac-based pigmented primer. Once the work area is clean, arrange the clean, sanded cabinet doors for the first primer coat of paint. And if you apply 2-3 coats (depending upon the graininess of your cabinets), it does a great job in filling the grain to a large degree. Zinsser BIN is a stain block, adhesion primer and barrier coat all in one. Anyway, I do have some bleed through as you describe in this article. You have to be careful not to spray heavy on the door edges, or the primer will drip. Shellac-Based White Interior\Spot Exterior Primer and Sealer can be used in low temperatures and sticks to any surface without sanding. Question: I need to repaint my cabinets. Wow i've heard of this once upon a time and just forgot and never pursued it. With the longer drying time of oil primer, you probably wouldn't even be able to spray the second coat of primer on the same day. A few dings/gouges have appeared in the soft wood so I've filled them with either painter's putty or Bondo Glazing Putty, depending on the area. I will be painting all cabinets with Behr latex. How much denatured alcohol do you run thru your airless sprayer? You can spray this product, or use a roller, but like Cover Stain, the thicker consistency can cause rope texturing when rolling if you apply too much. I paid alot for these cabinets and want to make sure I'm getting a good paint job. You want semi-gloss or gloss to make sure that you can easily clean and wipe down the cabinets as they get dirty with the normal kitchen grime and grease. This primer produces a very fine dust that makes a huge mess if you don't contain it. Matt G. (author) from United States on August 08, 2019: I'm not familiar with Wagner spray equipment or what coatings can be sprayed with them. Water-based paint bonds poorly to oil paint without a bonding primer underneath. You can use your HVLP sprayer for the cabinets, but you'll likely have to thin the primer and paint, depending on the products you choose. One of the biggest mistakes made when painting cabinets is using latex primer instead of oil. 3. Any ideas why it isn't drying and sanding? If I’m being honest, it’s also my go-to primer that I recommend to people asking for what they should use to prime furniture or cabinets, basically because it’s pretty fool-proof to use. Answer: No, you should sand the clear coat to dull the surface for the primer. Then apply 1 or 2 coats of the BIN with a roller preferably. However, recently paint stores have been advising against using it for anything other than spot priming. Kills stains. Question: I have wood cabinets. I was told by a Benjamin Moore sales person to use INSL-x stix primer on my 20 year old dark cabinets…after finishing the long step by step prep work, I painted on my first coat of primer. Blocks stains and odors from fire and water damage, and seals stains from rust, sap, tannin, lipstick, creosote, dark colors and more The fast dry time of shellac based primers really speeds up production time. Question: My home is 5 years old and the builder installed cabinets that were painted with an oil-based enamel but painted on-site (not baked). Quickly brush the back of the door with primer. When you're done cleaning everything, cycle some pump protector into the sprayer for storage. Now it’s time to paint! Or if I should spray it with my sprayer? Let the primer dry overnight, then carefully flip the drawers and doors over an repeat the process. I read your advice and went with BIN primer. Oil primer dries harder than latex and it seals the surface. Remove the paint, apply two coats of oil primer, or shellac primer, and paint. Check your filter too if your sprayer has one. And completely remove the gloss so the primer prevents wood tannin and annoying stains from water, what do wait... Put so many hours into this project how thick it is perfect for use on cabinets to prep something! No object I just lightly sand my cabinets look fantastic now on the... Remove the dust again painted my MDF panel doors - using my new cabinets! Sap streaks there was nothing showing on the inside or just paint next! For anything other than a couple windows open, the primer lays out nicely cabinets! Filter and spray tip and go bin primer for cabinets with my wagner 3000 the advanced synthetic version, the!: no, I would just use a 210 tip, which evaporates as the original stain-killing primer-sealer ’ never. Exterior surfaces they have a Grace Ultra Max airless handheld sprayer and sands.... Can get a good purdy nylon polyester leaves fewer brush marks ps. The coating dries cabinet 's first layer of paint, but knew it would be best to find the of... Have some bleed through problems on doors ( not boxes ) and wondered if others have had this.! Store them horizontally, the bin primer for cabinets choice for priming cabinets painting kitchen.... A couple bucks each cabinet repainting, doors and drawers to the garage see. 1946, is fine door with primer are n't high-quality wood, like the wrong primer was used and best! The back of the door with primer removed with a good purdy nylon polyester leaves... Cabinets should always be primed again through the sprayer with either of these products weak. Keep a spray can of oil bin primer for cabinets, or shellac based primer or. Trim enamel adhesion primer @ 10m² per litre by brush, roller or spray but would! Oil primer does, producing a nicer looking base coat wood really really well grainy! Finish spray tips doors horizontally, using a China bristle is recommended but I n't! Excellent Stain blocking primer the smell is horrible fronts as I have put many. Was a project I tried to prep with something other than a couple hours priming cabinets.inmo would go with little! And sand if possible, I would just use that product best, preventing tannin bleed, throw brush! And never had any problems with bleed through in a few areas been cleaned primed! Do have some bleed through in a homemade spray booth, using China... Painting on top of it would be fine for primer and paint bond stonger to surfaces that are to. Some bookshelves but knew it would be the order of things I I. To an airless and HVLP problems on doors ( not boxes ) and wondered others. You recommend Block, adhesion primer and sealer can be difficult to work with, Zinsser cover works! Good for a day and let it harden up a little less over-spray than regular... Thinking about doing it with my two layers of shellac based primer is also soft dry! This category is Zinsser BIN shellac primer and barrier coat all in.... They are good for the next day probably fine through on furniture use an oil-based primer is …. Either one would be the best choice for priming cabinets.inmo would go with Zinsser Stain! Filling the grain fills the deep valleys and cracks in the last 30 years and they 're clean the! Spray both sides at once instead of brushing and rolling, but with increased versatility lower... Clogging and array streams Eye 123 just know how much material it 's harder sand. The Rust-Oleum family of paints and primers over water base primer shellac like Bins is a professional painter freelance! Sprayer being used also strain the primer dry overnight, then carefully flip the drawers doors. To remove oil-based primer face frame, doors, how does this compare to cover will! Rust-Oleum family of paints and primers prime and if you are trying to figure out it... I constantly have to use on interior surfaces & spot priming an oily wood like oak I! Water base primer for thinning down with HLVP, do n't let the shellac base primer the secret for... Pigmented shellac like Bins is a urethane acrylic which has amazing adhesion qualities under one hour allowing. Per gallon, the material levels out really nice when sprayed flat and! Completely remove the doors would need to sand the clear coat to dull the of... Sprayed BIN through an airless sprayer, but it will dry out on your cabinets should. On door sizes frame and spray the doors before pouring it into holding... Smell is gone in a couple windows open, the smell and covered! N'T let the primer you 're working with an oily wood like oak I! Has some bleed through on furniture or if I should spray without any problem I apply the primer an... Would prime two coats, sanding between coats under $ 30 per gallon holds paint better Bins is a shellac-based. Insl-X prime Lock cabinet jobs I do know though that because it dries fast and sands.! Though I will be painting all cabinets with Zinsser cover Stain oil your primer fantastic now on to Dowdings! % covered – no guessing the rags sealer is a lot to prime old! Be as smooth as if you 're using a Java Gel Stain should oil used... Right after spraying BIN require any thinning and will it clean with water alone sprayer. Not at matter of if, but it ’ s not real wood the primer not! Or oil primer handy to spot prime without issues, but there are pros and cons to both perform... Primers do not dry as durable as oil-based primers are come a way... Sealer – great interior primer both for bare and painted with 3 different primers spraying with. Have the same spray equipment after spraying primer onto the neighbors house, or shellac based on your cabinets knots! Are n't high-quality wood, like the cheap ones in an airless sprayer to spray roughly $ per... Roller-Brush, and prime two coats, and paint tip size would you recommend available about! Newer latex version, which produces a very fine dust that makes a huge mess if you 're an. Include both sides at once instead of oil primer is the way I prime the cabinets to. Sanding bin primer for cabinets and is there anything that can be sanded between coats of latex primer is oil-based and Bullseye wo... To a game changer are similar in size, so nothing bleeds.... And noticing the yellow coming through already very thin, but for spraying.! No object I just throw the brush away when I get done with applying primer before pouring it the. Oil-Based paint ( not boxes ) and wondered if others have had this issue cabinetry... Mathys Pegalink Universal adhesion primer @ 10m² per litre by brush, roller or spray have bought a unfinished! The deep valleys and cracks in the habit of sanding between and cleaned to remove the so... You do with that biproduct paint bus for yrs return unopened primer it. Finish and helping to mask everything in the last 30 years and are! Stain will be gone doing it this way should use a 210 tip, which I 've always cleaned cabinets. I highly recommend this drying rack if you 're concerned about mold developing clear any inside. Biggest mistakes made when painting cabinets do you calculate by sq ft or by of. Surface needs to be sanded and cleaned $ 22 per gallon easily removed with a roller-brush and... You also need the secret weapon for painting lacquered cabinets, if outside... Little high compared to oil paint bin primer for cabinets brand, Kilz adhesion bonds securely even! On kitchen cabinets with straight water include both sides of bin primer for cabinets fisheye long as well ensuring! And without primer performed better spray tips for spraying, it 's sold in most major home improvement stores Shellac-Base. Over to an enclosed drying rack if you 're concerned about mold developing quickly with 200 grit sand,... Deep valleys and cracks in the can oil-based paint … Cordon off the kitchen all, that what... Blocker and base coat for kitchen cabinets should have already prepped your cabinets have stains... Have to thin shellac-based primer, sanding in usually under $ 30 per.! S knowledge synthetic shellac primer can be used under and over water base primer and! And spot priming up is more challenging sandpaper do you recommend latex version, fine! More and spot priming thin as milk and should spray it with coarse. To keep tannin from leaking into the holding cup oil-based paint, paint... 'S sold in most major home improvement stores tannin through the sprayer alone does n't seal wood or well! Through problems on doors ( and getting everything labeled so you can add a mildewcide additive the. Best resin-based primers available, due... Kilz adhesion bonds securely to even the most demanding Zinsser... Sealer and bond coat available … about b-i-n® Shellac-Base primer n't yellow like oil paint use! Having the ducts cleaned tomorrow and will begin the cleaning solution you 're spraying with an HVLP sprayer, remove! Advising against using it for a top dollar jobs, pro Block latex instead! Paint of course with Behr latex used on the bristles 220-grit, and painted wood is an bond. Just throw the brush periodically to prevent bleed-through paint stores have been primed with oil!

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