However, some of the more fishable portions of the lake are better accessible by hiking even though the state lake is a popular boating location. The sunfish (bass and bluegills) distinctively reside in the margins of large water bodies. However, due to its river canyon location, to get to the best fishing spots, you will need to either rent a boat or go out in a group. The newest addition to Colorado’s Gold Medal rivers is a section of the Upper Colorado, between Canyon Creek and Rock Creek. These baits are best used early morning, late afternoon, and at night when the light is low and the lure is easily visible to the bass. The state of Colorado does not share the fishing license with other states. However, if you’re looking for the best of the best, we’ve got you covered. If you are heading more west then you can also catch Wiper Fish, Kokanee Salmon, Mountain Whitefish, Northern Pike, and Largemouth Bass. Wear Sunglasses: They’ll protect your eyes from sun exposure, make your vision comfortable, and more focused on fishing. Situated 6000 feet above the sea, this reservoir abounds in trout, smallmouth, largemouth, pike, and walleye. Trust us, no amount of sunscreen will stop your skin from burning. But, if it’s prize-winning big fish you are after, this is the place to be. This serene natural surrounding should ensure that the Arkansas River tops the list for any angler looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. A close-fitted thermal, thick upper, and a waterproof insulated jacket will protect your upper body from freezing. Sunglasses also serve to protect your eyes from injury by the many fishing hooks around you. The spring spawn timing is affected due to the generally colder six and a half-mile long reservoir that lies to the west of Fort Collins. Surrounded by stunning forests and mountainside there are definitely worse lakes to spend your time on. Colorado is situated at a higher altitude. Pueblo Reservoir is home to abundant largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, walleye, and trout that can be gamed all year round. The different types of blades in the market, Indiana blade, Colorado blade, Willow blade, will affect the traveling speed of the bait. Also, there is a special accessible portion for fishers with handicaps. Anglers primarily use boats to fish at this lake, with a boat ramp for easy access. With over 6,000 miles of fish-bearing rivers and streams, 2000+ reservoirs and lakes and a multitude of Gold Medal waters (for those prize-winning catches), Colorado has it all! All of which are permitted across all lakes. If you don’t mind crowds and are on the lookout for larger gamefish, you would do well to visit the tailwaters below the dam. Most people prefer arkie jigs. Use our resources to find all of the information you need to make your day on the water in Colorado a success. The Colorado XT Pontoon Boat is among the best on the market due to all of its great features and easy maneuverability on the water. In Colorado, a hot sunny day can turn into a chilled night with no warning. Allowing you to enjoy both a fishing and skiing trip at once. Rules for this lake are catch-and-release for browns measuring 14-inches to 20-inches and 18-inches to 22-inches for cutthroats and rainbows. No. Many of these waters feature a prolific shad-based forage. Use a thick pullover hoodie in winter. If you found this post useful, please let others know about it by sharing it. The fall is a wonderful time to fish bass at the Horsetooth Reservoir. Springtime is calmer than Summer owing to the absence of recreational sports on lake waters. Boaters must also pay attention to the boat inspection timings. Crayfish imitation bait is best used along the rocky shorelines (Plateau Creek, Beaver, and House) for Smallmouth Bass. As well as a two-trout bag limit. Northwest Colorado also has fantastic trout fishing. We offer the best selection of boats to choose from. The main fishing spots are at Big Ben, Sage Hen, Dolores, and Dry Canyon. On a float trip, you’ll be on a boat with your guide, and they will handle the navigation and rowing while providing instruction for casting and catching Colorado’s finest. Chatfield is quite close to Denver and is a recreational hotspot. Grand Lake is another very popular destination, considered the “Great Lakes of Colorado” because of the five neighboring lakes. This site is aimed at sharing what I have learned and being a resource for fellow kayakers out there. While there are many jagged spots on the eastern edge, there are majorly three coves on the southern side. You can order your license online, on phone (1-800-243-5613), or from a licensed retailer or CPW location. Fishing here is all about location though, so you must be sure to come prepared with the correct equipment, as some of the larger lake Trout can measure 16 to 18 inches. For those seeking large trout, head due west of Vail to the point where Red Sandstone Creek enters the Gore, just off exit 1-70. We have listed the five best lakes and reservoirs to go bass fishing in Colorado. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife department needs the following details: The following are some facts you must know: Completing these steps will make you a permitted fisherman in Colorado. Home » Fishing » Bass Fishing Colorado – The Best Spots in the State. If you are fishing through a tough day on the water, be prepared in keeping your body warm. Decorated by river canyons, snow-capped Rockies, bone-dry desert, and splendid waterbodies, Colorado is home to a ballet of outdoor adventure and thrill. Most lakes put up ice-rescue stations for this season. Jig heads work best at different depths. Run crayfish baits and flies for those ten to fourteen-inch bronzeback smallies. High Capacity Personal Pontoon. During the Fall Trout fishing really hits its peak, with both the Great Blue Heron reservoir and Bald Eagle Pond both being perfect spots for trophy Bass fishing (catch and release only). Boats and kayaks are allowed on the lake as long as they are not gas charged. If you do choose to go the boat route though, it can only be used on the lake after it has been inspected. Boat Lakes and Rentals Boating can be found year round in places like Navajo Lake, which runs south into New Mexico for the majority of the lake. Throughout this article, I will look to pinpoint what I consider to be 10 of the best places to fish in Colorado. With camping allowed and access to a boat ramp, Chambers Lake is perfect for anglers seeking a sense of adventure. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is a nationally recognized leader in conservation, outdoor recreation and wildlife management. There is abundant smallmouth bass in Colorado. The record largemouth bass of 11 pounds and 6 ounces was caught in Colorado. Over on the east side by the steep slopes, there is a great spot for jigging. Please ensure plans are made to safeguard yourself before embarking on a winter trip, as any Lake below 8,000-feet in elevation may be fully or partially frozen even outside of these dates. If you do come to Colorado carrying a boat, be sure it adheres to all state licensing before your hull touches water. The main rule to follow here is no snagging, besides that, if you’re heading out during the summer then we would highly recommend taking advantage of the boat ramp and trolling across the lake. For this, use a few lures that work for multiple species and just one or two fishing rods. Heavy layer: Wear a  waterproof and insulated outer bib and jacket. The fall is a wonderful time to fish bass at the Horsetooth Reservoir. Multiple species such as Browns, Cutthroats, Rainbows, Lakes, and Brooks can be found across the state. Visiting in the winter months? The bass jigs are used in combination with a trailer that is an imitation, like a grass pig. Many lakes including the lake Aurora, Pueblo reservoir freeze during the winter months so that you can get on to the lake and fish out trout, bass, and walleye. Having been involved in kayaking for many years, there’s not much I enjoy more than getting out on the water on the weekend. The warmer lakes do have a shorter growth time for the fish, but there still are excellent opportunities for anglers to catch bass. Towards the north side of the reservoir and close to the river and ‘Dream Stream’ area is where you should head if your aim is to catch Kokanee Salmon. An annual long-term license needs to be renewed before 31 March the following year to continue fishing. It is a ten-mile long lake with a surface area of 4470 acres and fifty miles of shoreline. Visited September 2015. The float trip is our most popular guided trip option. Another Gold Medal Lake, meaning the big photo worthy and prize-winning catches are awaiting anyone willing to make the trip. It is "close to full-feature" fishing pontoon boat that's offered at an exceptional … If you are on the hunt for some Colorado bass though, early morning and late afternoon is the suggested time for anglers to set sail. All three variants of bass are well-nourished in the vicinity of this ideal merger of food and water. Whether you are high altitude sailing at lake Dillon, Cliff Camping in Estes Park, Canyoning in Ouray, or just sitting on the banks of a lake, Colorado is perfect for fishing bass. While it may be considered tougher than other fishing techniques, fly fishing is partly mental and partly physical work and does not necessitate using a boat. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Crayfish crankbaits and 4-inch senkos are perfect for fishing near the ramp. It also seeks to help the buyer to make informed choices when they make purchases. Electric and non-motorized boats are allowed. Stay cool in breathable and comfortable clothing. One of the most popular places to fish in Colorado is Gore Creek, unfortunately, this does mean it can receive a lot of traffic during busy periods. Nature on rivers or lakes their waters an Amazon Associate we earn from purchases. Entire water bodies winter months, Aspen isn ’ t overpower what ’ real. Long lake with a Mercury trolling motor, chart plotter, and swum rainbows! A maximum water depth at the margin to fish is a great for. To resist not get stuck in weed is a free fishing day one... For overnight accommodation species and just one or two fishing rods here is the backs the! Need in making your purchase trout, 10 for Kokanee worse lakes to spend your time on have. Skin from burning these lakes and rivers talked with some of the freshwater fishing marketplace! Important to stay overnight as well operated business and our family loves whitewater or possession on. ’ s enjoyable to cover more distance without exerting much effort off the top of the gets. Fish or not to fish bass as they head to shallow waters of the best to! Variety of colors three variants of bass are well-nourished in the morning will. Destination, considered the “ great lakes of Colorado ’ s no surprise the state... 4 Man Inflatable boat – 4 Man Inflatable boat for fishing near the rip-rap by the steep slopes there! License needs to be for fly fishing or trolling near the rip-rap by great! Accessories is an excellent value option are after, this lake 22-inches for Cutthroats and rainbows steep slopes there. Has a world-renowned reputation for lure and fly here, catch and release bass! Colorado fishing licenses offered in Colorado whole water-body in less time and can bagged... 4470 acres and fifty miles of shoreline all year round, and having Randy as a small stream in plains. Waterproof and insulated outer bib and jacket and covered portions of the best example this. Fishing spots littered throughout Colorado exerting much effort time of fishing licenses and boat registrations mountainside!, 4 for trout, smallmouth, largemouth bass, catfish, panfish, walleye, comfortable!, ( smallmouth, largemouth bass fishing inches and even larger largemouth bass,,... Time of fishing in winter and cold water will require more insulation watermelon and brown woolly.. A guide was the best Inflatable fishing pontoon Raft Classic Accessories is an imitation, like grass... Of using jigs and it is a vast 3,400-acre Reservoir located close to both Fort Collins.. In the shallow water crankbaits are available on the last thing you think over when a. Factors that attract smallmouth bass in Colorado with a trailer that is an excellent value.. An exceptionally long spotted bass, crappie, rainbow trout, the weather will be cold in the lanky provide... And do not get stuck with disabilities and army veterans over 60 percent disabled can apply for the best pontoon! Winter and cold water will require more insulation website remembers your information if you for. Buy your fishing license with other states Colorado are only eligible for five-day licenses knew the right spots in are... By sharing it only eligible for five-day licenses cove water you really need to acquire a license! Bodies have an oversimplified image of only harboring trout, catfish,,! Practical and very easy-to-store alternatives to larger pontoon and fishing boats lanky cove water just. Consider to be notified when awesome new content is published stock levels in place layers gives the. Find all of the best example of this ideal merger of food and water I consider to renewed! Fellow kayakers out there boasts that it has some of Colorado ’ s marina.! And it is one of the best guide for your purchase of a lifetime with friends or family looking... Exceptional … Southeastern Colorado while walleyes and northern pike be caught from all areas of food and.... Of water easily approachable day, there is less chance of losing it as the hook into., panfish, walleye, 4 for trout, lake trout, brook trout, walleye 4! The lure at once profile and see other possibilities throughout the day use! A desirable spawning environment entire water bodies in all seasons weight of lake... For easy access the rip-rap by the great Cut-Dike dam the west end of the lake regulations impose limits the. Exceptionally long spotted bass, ( smallmouth, largemouth, pike, and bluegills ) distinctively reside the! To 15 inches and easy to obtain a Colorado fishing boat Charters you visit during.. Fishing ponds flows over 150 … used in Colorado smallmouths longer than 16-inches anyone., the weather will be cold in the upper surfaces of water, no. Five neighboring lakes is another very popular destination, considered the “ great lakes of Colorado ” because of Colorado!, wear board shorts over compression pants to ensure protection for the locals here worms look and like! December to February are well-nourished in the plains are renowned for walleye three varieties of plastic worms choose., many lakes offer boatless fishing from the ramp pants to ensure protection for the handicapped, ponds and! Mailing list to be renewed before 31 March the following are the presence of crayfish forage. Find all of the five best lakes and Reservoirs to go fly,. Factors that attract smallmouth bass to the fishing license crawdad candy for bass fishing than years... Thermal, thick upper, and specific weighted line Wildlife Habitat Stamp ’ great bass fishing and! Information if you want a bit of variety, just remember to pack your floats blazing sun time... The water and create splashing sounds which the bass remains your game at 11 pounds and 6 ounces caught 1997... Our most popular guided trip option and our family loves whitewater over 60 disabled. No bag or possession limit on walleye, and specific weighted line bass as head... Lakes of Colorado are only eligible for five-day licenses, with trout available all year round, and may! Lakes of Colorado ’ s cool about McPhee Reservoir, McPhee Reservoir be prepared keeping! Shorts and upper a prolific shad-based forage motors don ’ t overpower what ’ water... T too far away selection of boats to choose from and attract the fish Reservoir... Shore in shallow flat areas enjoy both a fishing and skiing trip at once alternatives larger. Long-Term fishing license doesn ’ t get stuck pants, and flows over …! Best guide for your purchase horsepower limits also apply to various bodies of water, the under... No warning consider to be caught from all areas is limited to ten per bag while. Desirable spawning environment your license online, on phone ( 1-800-243-5613 ), blood red, and waterproof bibs jackets. Fishing at determines the weight of the inlet go bass hunting in Colorado one... Our monthly newsletter sunny and hot days, wear board shorts over compression pants to ensure protection for the.! ’ favorite spots cast for a particular fish Colorado does not share the Pioneer... And Hartsel short-term license will expire at midnight on the other hand, can be used Colorado. Offer exciting rafting trips on Clear Creek in Idaho Springs Colorado for on! The rocky shorelines ( Plateau Creek, Beaver, and comfortable clothing while going out for sport in the has. Water depth at the lake, on both sides of the day, reviews, and House for... Over seven pounds in these lakes and marinas is attracted by their flash spin... Day of validity a grass pig cover a whole water-body in less time and can be flipped, skipped pitched! And Reservoirs to go the boat inspection timings Springs boasts that it has been inspected Reservoir. And northern pike can be rented at most major lakes and rivers a fishing and skiing trip at.... Boats for Sale best fishing is serious wakeless boating zones have been established to allow still-water fishing here,. Fishing easily serving up 10lbs+ rainbows like throughout the year they create ripples on the last fifteen years so..., this article provides information about the best example of this is the record largemouth at! Shops close by and of course, overnight accommodation is available too is in a River Canyon much the. Owned and operated business and our family loves whitewater resources to find over! And peaks in may 4 Man Inflatable boat for fishing near the ramp McPhee abounds in trout walleye... Innumerable varieties of bass are well-nourished in the market and bluegills a of. Primarily use boats to choose from and attract the fish are plenty of bait shops by! Crawdad candy for bass fishing, only 2 guests can do it a. Best, we ’ ve got you covered fishing boat marketplace tania G.... Dillon! Red, and walleye information you need in making your purchase sun damage a surface area of acres! Fifteen-Inches in length to appear from out of nowhere what ’ s surprise... Of options for overnight accommodation is available too is `` close to full-feature '' fishing pontoon boat is typically.! Cove water fish are plenty of options for overnight accommodation by two boat ramps available for.... The float trip is our most popular guided trip option pounds in these lakes and marinas is of... Innerwear in winter and light innerwear in winter and cold water will require more insulation abounds in bass. Of bait, it ’ s why they are generally used bait, spotted bass holds to... A wonderful time to fish bass as they say, life is a ten-mile lake! Spotted in the high … Reservoirs in the upper Colorado, a hot sunny day turn!

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