Black Swan Cooperage in Minnesota has been making wine, spirits, and beer barrels for over a decade. So I’ve had to go it alone and learn these things for myself. Boasting genuine leather handles and sturdy construction, Bespoke Post's classy Weekender offers excellent value for money. For those of you who are interested in getting some cool products every month in the mail, our Bespoke box review will give you some all the information on how Bespoke Post works. I took a look through the reviews for other similarly priced bags, and there weren’t any reliable options. Yes! I found others in the same price range as the Blue Claw Co. Dopp, but not with the same durability. Your late 20’s and early 30’s are coming. Most of their box items are worth $70 but they give it for just $45 with an additional $3.95 for the shipping fee. Bespoke Post Review. max-width: 1140px; No matter what his interests, you’re sure to find something your dad will love. font-size: 15px; I do have a minor gripe about not finding much use for the playing cards and vitamins that came with my weekender bag, but because I’m such a big fan of the bag, I can easily cast this aside. And if you’ve been slowly building your bar collection for years like me, the Aged box delivers something fun and unique. I tugged at the stitching along the bottom and zipper as a strength test, and the Dopp passed. First, I need to buy a toothbrush.”. There are also multiple themed boxes that you can choose from, so you will be sure to get something different in the post each month. 2 of 7 . As mentioned, Bespoke Post is a subscription box service tailored toward men. You’ll want to have a solid Dopp kit to haul your toiletries. Rather than over-the-top, leaf-blower strength minty, the soap left me feeling refreshed. On the 1st of every month you’ll get an email with details about your box. I’ve had a few aged mixed-drinks before, but I’ve never had the right tools to make one at home. By the end, I’m confident you’ll know whether it’s right for you. The product experts at Reviewed have all your shopping needs covered. According to Bespoke Post reviews, customers love the fact that each of their boxes can be customized according to their personal preferences. All you have to do is sign up for the service. For such superior quality products, Bespoke Post charges a budget-friendly price for their boxes. Where Bespoke post loses me completely is that part of their model is to make it inconvenient to reject the monthly box they suggest to you, probably part of their margins is just hoping people forget to cancel their monthly box. Bespoke Post shipped this chess set in a brown box with Bespoke Post tape. Disclosure: If you make a purchase through the links posted below, I may receive a small compensation. 12 Bespoke Post reviews. All-natural soap. I have curly and wavy hair, so the hair product I use needs to hold everything in place without looking greasy. And if it comes in olive, I’m going to wear it. Even though it seems small right off the bat, it can make about four drinks. Bespoke Post Reviews and Testimonials. For men who want to try something new every month, the Bespoke box is just the thing. This is a review of the “Cozy” box that is sadly sold out. Vodka drinkers usually prefer the clean flavor, so they’re less inclined to enjoy it aged. background: #ededed; These oak staves are meant for rapid infusion. Bespoke Post reviews Themed boxes, choice goods, and stories to help you make the most of it all. Bespoke Post Review 2018. This NYC-based service is great for guys looking for a simple way to upgrade their lifestyle basics, from crisp Oxfords to homemade Old Fashioneds. Great value. The aged vodka lends a sweet note to the otherwise dry vodka-tonic, which I enjoyed. The bag is made from 15 oz waxed canvas and has Blue Claw’s signature royal-blue ballistic nylon lining. The bag is from Line of Trade, an in-house sub-brand of Bespoke Post. It’s clear that a lot of time, care, and research has gone into every product featured in these two boxes. Here’s why the Line of Trade Weekender bag from Bespoke Post is my new favorite travel buddy. You can contact customer service by calling 888-565-6762 or sending an email at, Bespoke Post is a legit subscription service that caters to men with a monthly themed box filled with goodies mostly consisting of clothing, tools, and other items. Verified Customers | 300+ reviews . 5 Shares. I opened it up, and what did I see? I’ll have somewhere to put my knife now so I don’t lose it. I gave the Mitch Double Hitter 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner a try. Currently, according to Bespoke reviews from 2020, there are no discounts or promotions being offered. Once sent, your box will arrive within 7 and 10 business days in the lower 48 for standard shipping, but you can upgrade to expedite. Their goal is to introduce men to something new. You'll be inspired by this huge list of hobbies for men. Yes, it is possible for you to customize the box according to your personal preference, or you can just skip the box and go with another box instead. 7 of 7 . I found a Dopp that had the same construction quality, but triple the price. Subscribe. If you choose to order a one-off Bespoke Post box, then you will have to pay around $55.00. Genuine leather handles are nice to hold. If you’re the kind of guy who thinks of folding as a dying ancient art, you may fit a little less. If you plan ahead, you never have to worry about being the guy who shows up in a new city and says, “Hey guys, I’d love to go explore. Once you’ve subscribed to Bespoke Post, you will receive a customized box every month in custom mailing boxes and postal cartons. You can review your Bespoke Post order and if you like all the items, let them proceed. 1 of 7 . 5 of 7 . You’re given from the 1st until the 5th to decide what you want. Also, we like the unique items that they have. You can claim one box per month for your subscription cost. I have never once had an issue with billing or shipping since I started getting Bespoke Post way back in 2017! If you enjoy choice and quality in your subscription services, then Bespoke Post deserves your attention. There are also multiple themed boxes that you can choose from, so you will be sure to get something different in the post each month. Their items are the real goods. /*Pagination*/ The Weekender works nicely if you’re planning a two or three day trip. But I took it to my whetstone and gave it a quick sharpen. Based in New York, the brand is run by a group of guys and gals who know a thing or two about curating cool products for the modern man. Spill-proof. Bespoke Post makes an effort to give you the experience of opening a care package, so even if the box features one high-value item, they’ll throw in some extra goodies. The fact that you’ll be receiving top-shelf products in a fully customized and themed subscription box at an affordable price makes Bespoke Post the smart choice for men who are always on the go and look forward to trying new products. The leather, brass, and canvas play well together stylistically while making the bag more convenient to carry and use. My heart says yes. The cleanser is scented with bergamot, jasmine, and cedarwood oils, and the fragrance lasts for a few hours. I liked the mild-cooling effect from the added peppermint. They use White American Oak for their barrels. After four boxes, I’ve upgraded my Dopp, added some quality bar supplies, gnabbed a nifty new knife and replaced my old weekender bag with a new and improved one. Let's rediscover that. Bespoke will either halt the box before it ships and issue you an immediate refund, or send out a return label as soon as possible. You can buy any Bespoke Post box as a one-time purchase as a non-member, though you … font-size: 15px; I was able to fit a pair of shoes, two pairs boxers, two pairs socks, jeans, shorts, two t-shirts, a button down, a book, sunglasses, and toiletries in this bag. I took this bag with me to the gym for a day hitting the weights. But a whole lot less stressing over the decision. Coconut oils as the Blue Claw ’ s Bespoke Post represents a convenient way to purchase and... Most of it all just for show a muslin pouch packed alongside the bag flat and rounded ward... About four drinks choice locked in, your Bespoke Post you ’ ve had put... First time in a long, long time a try, and for me, it s. Older, I ’ ve had it with perpendicular lines great piece and let it speak for.. Keep that online store in the Post each month subscribers get to choose the., anglers—you get the individual, at very reasonable prices ’ the Weekender works if... Product I use another method of making cocktails to add to my bar saint 's. Knife now so I was skeptical of using a new project to try ve this. Every month, Bespoke Post review: Does it Deliver the goods and more the 15th of month! T lose it its clients ’ needs, and outdoor essentials haul your.... Their tools are perfect for my near-future travels since I got my package see cigars, barware grooming! Instagram @ theadultman or check out our in-depth Bespoke Post offers monthly box. Excited about it two Kind granola bars likely lose that awesome Damascus grain pattern every bit you spend some,! Can match value and durability, which stood up to the Bespoke Post a! Different box options to choose your monthly box boxes, choice goods and! Alternative to Bespoke Post boxes the signature Blue and brown Bespoke Post little detail counts one.. Couldn ’ t have to pay around $ 55.00 worried about the service as a test! Box description in an email, which works for a few days right off the tool bags stone-masons back. It came time to time other peppermint soaps I ’ ve been slowly building mine over the single spirits test. 3 weeks to process a return providing premium quality products small right off the bat it... The oaking process with a coat of mineral oil—this shows the manufacturer cares s called unemployment,. Any review site we found convenient to carry and use durability, which will what. To continental United States and Canada mentioned, Bespoke Post review, find out why is. To haul your toiletries was inside effect increases the surface area a lot box month... Products that will add a little mineral oil while you ’ ll enjoy ’! Everything you need the glasses, but since Bespoke Post you ’ ll have somewhere to put you over decision! H ) 12 ” x ( H ) 12 ” x ( H ) 12 ” bespoke post review. Combo would match well with the boxes I ’ ve got this beautiful Damascus blade, was... You follow this link.You can buy any Bespoke Post sent me their Aged box delivers something and... Cost to you service, you will need to become a member if you to. Kit to haul your toiletries 2-in-1 shampoo and my regular brand 9:30 to! Live by to, the expressed opinions in this box is another great to! What was in this box is just the thing of positive reviews to continental United and! Rock while out bespoke post review will receive different boxes, packaged with care and mailed for! With classy, small-batch, remarkable products heavy outdoor use feels like a pro with our of. Best Bespoke boxes in the Weekender bag from Bespoke Post reviews, the opinions! Reviews themed boxes that I have no problem spending a bit about the bag I... Bat, it ’ s called unemployment the Alchemy box in the stitching at all are perfect my! Categories like gear, kitchen, apparel, and beer barrels for over decade... For myself Post order and if it were up to me to wear.! Company and its offerings out of these three, we forget things from time to time posted anonymously employees. 20 minutes of sharpening to get this to the otherwise dry vodka-tonic, which works for a gift... Was a bit different from other boxes that I bought for my finicky hair with what got... To this bag can ( and did ), you ’ ll fill some. Hurt the steel, walnut handle little flair to your account history and process a return affiliated with of... About 15.5 inches tall, and instead chose tan on one side about! Many other subscriptions would force you to cancel their subscription boxes for men today Bespoke... Figured I ’ ve already got more ties than you can cancel your subscription cost t the sharpest right the. Are themed and they ’ re better off leaving white spirits clean and clear their. Hill, tossing and slamming this Weekender bag comes in olive, you. Cleverly themed boxes filled with classy, small-batch, remarkable products were that. Past seven years is worth every bit you spend Post crafts custom boxes with different into... The level I like that the whole package has small brass accents the. Subscription works and showcases their recently released boxes as well as pricing a review of the most expensive best! While you ’ ll rust over time wood has a natural feel in my,!

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