Buy vintage or at least five years old because the bottle I bought this year was horrid. The cosmetics company created the scent to appeal to the "young, working woman" and it became the top-selling fragrance worldwide … On me, it projects an overwhelming hairspray type smell. One whiff, and it's stuck in your nose forever. I've never had that happen with any other fragrance. It can be a bit soapy when first sprayed, but settles within 5 minutes and is pleasant. P&J Trading Fragrance Oil | Easter Set of 6 - Premium Grade Fragrance Oils - Azalea,Honey,Fresh Cut Grass,Jelly Bean,Lily, Marshmellow 4.5 out of 5 stars 12. This is bolder and stronger although not in a crazy or gross way. I'm trying to convey the message that each person has their own version of a fragrance based on their body chemistry, so don't knock a fragrance just because it doesn't smell good on one person, you may surprise yourself and find one (Like I did) that you absolutely love! It’s more Unicorn Frap than Caramel Frap, an instant sugar rush that’s fun at first, but can give you a toothache later. Second review. Or perhaps i should say 1870s and before . I bought the body spray just to see if my taste had changed. The heart is full of spice, loads of clove and tarragon, and the base is rich with amber and benzoin resins. It must be the carnation note? I smell too much alchohol and I'm just overwhelmed but I can see where there can be an appeal. lOVE IT, HAVE NOT SEEN IT THOUGH THEY STOP MAKING IT AND TO MY SURPRISE THERE ARE TONS OF THEM IN EVERY STORE. I have not had it for a while but wish to use it again and would rather not be unpleasantly surprised. And yes I sing it to myself. It is very strong. This is the prominent note in both Wind Song and L'air du Temps, as well as cloves as the second note. She wore short shorts and bikini tops when she mowed the lawn, shot squirrels from her window, skinned them, and fried them. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. She was always a bit of a hippie and she felt this was a boho type scent that suited her. Unfortunately, the thought was, "Oh. I love Wind Song. As for this little baby I traded with my mom today for Poeme by Lancome which I love so much more. Not too long ago, I sprayed both fragrances, L'air on my left arm, and Wind Song on my right arm. I want to find carnations now in a garden and smell them. However, when I hold my wrist to my nose, it's a beautiful floral bouquet. They are the national flower of Nepal, mentioned in ancient Chinese medical texts, and a Tang Dynasty poet born in 772 A.D. referred to the plant as “a beauty amidst all flowers.” I wrote Parfums de Coeur, and they said that it was reformulated back to its original version in recent years with ingredients that were available to them. Also, a lot of these classic scents need time to dry down before they can be properly judged as they seem to be a bit more complex. Most of Britney’s perfumes land firmly in the sweet, gourmand genre, which makes perfect sense when you remember that one of Britney’s most iconic tweets was about her love for vanilla candles. Yes, one my many gmas had this and remember the box on her dresser. Chris Pratt announced that he was the ‘better Chris’ after claiming ‘two very, very close victories’ in fantasy football over his co-stars Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth! Now that I see what the individual notes are, read the history of it, I'd go as far as saying it's rather pleasant now. I wore this fragrance for many years and stil pull it out in summer when. Gardenality is a gardening-centric site made by gardeners for gardeners with tools that enhance any gardening for the expert to the weekend gardener. If you try it out you'll get used to it and can become something to do day to day. To celebrate Britney's latest fragrance, VIP Private Show, we compiled 10 of Britney Spears' best perfumes and ranked them in order or greatness. Florida Flame Azalea. The most common native azalea in the Southeast, Rhododendron canescens (Mountain Azalea) is a large deciduous shrub boasting fragrant, funnel-shaped, pink (rarely white) flowers, up to 2 in. I never had Wing Song then, but as common as it was, had many chances to smell it on others. It was the "something borrowed," a cousin loaned me. It’s another musky white floral like Radiance, but one with a richer heart of tuberose and jasmine that feels more sophisticated than the fragrances that would follow, like the cupcake sugar rush of Fantasy. I didn't care much for this fragrance when I was younger, but I enjoy it now. Decided to sniff first. I own a bath oil from the ‘70s and colognes from the ‘8 &’90s and they all still smell perfect! I, like a few others, think of the jingle every time I see a bottle or spray can of Wind Song. I've been wanting to smell LADT to compare to this but I do know this is certainly more affordable. Fizzy Aldehydes - one of my favorite things in classics like Chanel No. It was one of the most graceful perfumes ever created. Colors of the petals vary from nearly white to a deep pink, depending on the genetic constitution of the individual. I wanted carnations and cloves, not cooking spices. Like powdery floral scented embalming fluid created to disguise that funky smell that reminds us this is a formaldehyde based preservative used to pickle corpses. Beauty Almanac |. Not at all for me. It could be because of my own story with this scent, but to me it is both innocent and mature, soft but steady. Fantasy is Brit’s most successful fragrance, and allegedly the one she likes to wear the most. It's like a blend of Ivory Soap and Lever 2000 original scent. Rose Oud Fragrance… Derivation of Latin name The generic name, Rhododendron, is Greek for “rose-tree.” All azaleas and rhododendrons, deciduous or evergreen, belong to this genus. Azalea, cultivated a general comment: There ... form many years ago that he named 'Double Pleasure' but we all think it is a hybrid as it does have some fragrance. I think I am the only person that doesn't think this and L'Air du Temps smell alike. L'air du Temps smells more luxurious to me, like the "expensive French soap" smell, and has more depth and layers, and it contains Aldehydes absent in Wind Song. Thinking about Wind Song brings back memories of dances, playing the juke box, wearing matching Bernamere sweater sets, Old Main Trotters, and Richelieu Poppits. It’s the Kitson store, TMZ flashbulbs popping outside. Wind Song begins with a blast of citrus notes that rather quickly fades into soapiness for a few hours. Like it for casual ware. These are perfect for those who enjoy fine fragrance without the hassle of a flame. It is very much like L'air du Temps albeit a little crisper. If they made the juice clear instead of spring green and slapped the word “BYREDO” on it, this stuff would be written up by the New York Times. Rhododendron alabamense, or the Alabama Azalea, has snowy white flowers with a prominent yellow blotch.Blooming in midseason, the flowers have a distinct lemon-spice fragrance and measure .8 to 1.5 inches across. Wild azalea grows well in cultivation in moist, sandy acid soil and needs a sunny location to flower profusely." Unfortunately, none of them works on my skin. Peach Bouquet 50ml Fragrance. Britney Spears has never had what we call "unattainable" tastes, which is why this writer has been obsessed with her since her TV show Chaotic hit the airwaves in 2005, showing us a Britney Jean who was in love, often stoned, goofy, making her bridesmaids wear pink Juicy suits emblazoned with “Maids” at her clandestine wedding. I got this on my 15th birthday, and when I smelled it, I was hooked. It smells very much like aromatics elixir which I have also!! Its definitely not my cup of tea- from this purchase I have learned to be wary of "soapy" smelling perfumes- next time I blind buy something I'll read the reviews carefully. I don't wear it very often, and I don't know why- I get comments every time I do--I guess it's because there is always something new coming down the pike- but this is a classic in every sense of the word. This is a summer perfume. L'air du Temps has that same almost "bug-spray" top note as well. Sometimes called bush honeysuckle, wild azalea (Rhododendron canescens) is a deciduous species of shrub prized for its fragrant, trumpet-shaped … This is for a vintage crown bottle splash. Nice! This is a powdery, soapy perfect bedtime, after shower, warm weather scent. Among the … Wind Song is a rather loud vintage smelling floral, very prominent carnation, and very spicy. Very silky and quite fragrant at such a bargain price. It reminds me of springtime in the fifth grade, but feels perfectly appropriate for my life now as a young working woman, and I can’t imagine ever tiring of it. Yet, it always held a place in my heart because of the memories attached to it. Simply beautiful fragrance. Great perfume bargains turn up when you least expect them. I was thinking about perfume and what new one I would like to try and then I thought, "What is the one perfume you must have?" This is a very soapy scent in the most pleasant way. Other than the happy memories this gem invokes, the fragrance itself is delightful. You could buy Radiance as a gift for someone you don’t know very well and it would probably please them just fine. I love the spice, carnation, and soapiness. Online right now: 2366, Fragrantica in your language: It’s not bad, even if it didn’t spark any romantic lust in my man. Nasal passages swollen and merciless until showered. :). Wild azalea is rarely bothered by pests but mites are sometimes a problem, especially in hot, dry weather. I'm going into great detail with this review because I have sentimental feelings regarding Wind Song. It oddly seemed modern sitting next to modern fragrances, so I sprayed it. $16.95. (I mean, it comes in a hot pink bottle with gems on it, how subtle could it be?) IN STOCK (0) Sizes & Prices. But it was so strong on me. Unfortunately every time I have tried to wear it I end up showering within a few hours. It's more in the culinary type of spice like a woman who spends just as much time in the kitchen as she does in her boudoir and can wear an apron to cook and a glamorous evening dress for dancing. This really did not last long on me at all. She cussed, did not go to church, smoked, was a cleaning fanatic, and played UNO. Were I able to afford even a small bottle of Chanel No. An old lady smell. Windsong is a lovely powdery floral that is heavy on the carnation which is a plus for me. Finally purchased a bottle yesterday. I was a soda jerk,clerk,etc. To me it smells like Ivory soap- with some bright florals in there as well. *Click* Old-timey radio is turned on and it crackles. Its not my preference for a woodsy, green chypre type of scent but its not unpleasant either. He lived in a small town, so I had no choice but to head over to the local Walmart to search for something. While most varieties of azaleas are not known or desired for fragrance… I get so many compliments when I wear this. I have never had a time when a bottle of this treasured perfume was not on my dressing table. Missing her. Wind Song was the only perfume that didn't. It's also not as spicy as Windsong. I bought the small body spray 10 years ago for like 99 cent. Azaleas are members of an ancient group of plants dating to 70 million years ago. I initially had the same experience another reviewer had.... Carmex medicinal vibe?! I have found it to be a treasure trove for memeories... my mom's signature scent - just seems too chemically based and heavy on the flowers for me. It's very feminine and floral. These '50s-era florientals often make me think of how women might have smelled in 18th century Europe. I can’t seem to forget you ...your wind song stays on my mind... and in an enclosed room for hours...on my skin for days... and on my clothes for weeks. But WS is less complex, the notes come out all at once, not little by little like LADT. Smells like a combination of topaze and L'air du Temps (which I love and hoped this might be a great dupe of) but it is way too soapy, like a sneezy soapy note which drives my sinuses insane. Wind Song was launched in 1953. It manages to be suitable for day wear and still translate into night. Private Show is an odd bird, a mix of coffee, dulce de leche, and white flowers, purportedly a more “grown-up” version of Fantasy. Thumbs up. LOVELY, CLASSY LONG LASTING FRAGRANCE, BRINGS THE SCENT OF MY CHILDHOOD, Soft powdery first it remind's me of the old Avon scent topaz!! Sure, I've tried other trendy colognes, but they do nothing for me. The powder contains no talc, just corn starch, zinc oxide and fragrance. I Did it Again” joke here.) because it's so mysterious and light. Today, I purchased a bottle at Walmart for old times sake. It is instant comforting nostalgia, but now that I have a more mature nose and can pick out notes, it also feels somewhat new and exciting. Step into that red vinyl catsuit, grab your Frap, and let’s get to work (bitch). Rhododendron arborescens, the Sweet Azalea, has white to blush pink flowers with red stamens, and a very strong fragrance similar to heliotrope.It blooms in late spring to. Top note is Sweet Orange; middle notes are White Musk and Wild Strawberry; base notes are Vanilla and Floral Notes. As a group, the blooms are so beautiful and delicate, they deserve more use. But WIND SONG goes down easy, apparently. I didn't want to have to go that route - but really what am I left with? Best $12 I spent in a while! Peach Bouquet 150ml Body Mist. well hear is my second post on wind song. She defies the beautiful blonde stereotype by practicing mixed martial arts. Although inexpensive it does not smell "cheap". It’s fresh, delicate lasting and projects well. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, great grandmothers. Just a small dab was all you needed. I remember not liking the scent very much back then, but now times have changed - and so has my nose. I would sit on her lap, even when it was 100 degrees outside and I was all sweaty from playing, put my arms around her, and smell Wind Song. Sweet, powdery, and spicy goodness envelop my senses when I wear this. It’s True Religion jeans. Move Azaleas. In the 80s in extreme rural Minnesota, you only had so much to choose from, so this became one of the few scents I'd regularly be following a trail of through the hallways at school. Shame on whoever decided to turn it into a cheap body spray that that sours as it rests on the bottom corner shelf at K-Mart. The wind song ad was a real grabber in itself but the scent is clean, soft and pleasant. Im too nostalgic that I only reserve it when I'm. I still have an original perfume bottle from the early 40's that she gave me and I cherish. She coughed, and said "Yuck! Gives me a headache and makes me instantly car-sick, even when I'm not in a car. Everytime I smell this on someone I think "out of the shower fresh" from the bottle it can be a bit intimidating; but let it mellow and you have a clean, fresh scent that literally would last for DAYS. It has distinct red pistils and filaments. All orders are custom … I didn't appreciate it when I was younger, but thankfully my perfume tastes have somewhat matured. Wind Song had been my signature fragrance since the 1970s. It makes people around me smile. No attack. L'Air du Temps little sister. The original Private Show is a weird little wonder (more on that below), but its flanker doesn’t quite capture the same sticky coffee-floral magic of its predecessor. The decadently lush green aroma of this Azalea Fragrance Oil is both deeply rich and delightfully clean. Carnation is not my favorite flower, but I do rather like it, and there are loads of other notes and spices here to keep things interesting. To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories. I would recommend spraying this perfume ONCE and walking through it. “Does it give you an intimate fantasy?” I asked. I really like vintage fragrances because I love the vintage style, I wear pearls and pencil skirts almost every day of my life. That scent is way more interesting to me and smells amazingly good.. I loved playing dress up with items from her drawers, and running her powder puffs silkily along my little girl arms. It was our stand-by Christmas gift to her. Ahh. On me this is pure smoky soap. I think he may have dated a girl who wore this or L' air du Temps. Wild azalea is a showy shrub growing up to 8 feet tall. This.". Both comforting and comfortable - good for a lazy Sunday afternoon spent in bed. It stayed on, period - I had to scrub to get the smell off. Wow. You want that soapy scent to linger for hours after the shower or bath? Mar 26, 2015 - Beautiful Wild Azaleas! im going to use it after my shower tonight and see what my bf says. Still, lovely and feminine. This is the one I received. Just lovely. The floral notes are more pronounced. Going home for after church lunch with her winding down from being all dressed up w her lipstick still on & windsong still in the air, I tried to wear it on myself. Share this on Facebook; Tweet this on Twitter; Share this on WhatsApp; Pin this on Pinterest; Wild Azalea 50ml Fragrance… But my point is, I don't think it's fair that fragrances get bad raps for being "old lady." The far drydown is a nice clean sandalwood, very smooth and dry. Doesn't last long on me, which I find to be the perfect qualifier for a bedtime scent. I never liked it. The ultimate '70s fragrance, Charlie was formulated by Revlon in 1973. i remember this perfume as a kid growing up in the 80's. From shop ... Wild Azalea Goat Milk Soap Bar fishprincessfarm. This was my introduction into perfumes, luckily I found that everyone's got to find their own scent and this one was not for me but it does remind me of my mom whenever I see it because people always give her the gift packs as presents lol, I used Wind Song when I was in junior high. Only Jennifer Lopez can compete with Brit-Brit’s total dominance of the fragrance world, but J.Lo doesn’t have a song called “Perfume,” does she? Will someone say if they have found the unaltered version? It was an offer of a dear american friend and I love it! Under our breath, but not with this scent. What the heck. Deeply rooted in creating everyday fragrance for the modern lifestyle, we are committed to creating timeless fragrance and classic patterns with a modern twist for your home. Understand also that I'm a perfume junkie who digs strong, classic aldehydic compositions. Wild Azalea. I haven't worn this but I love it on other people. GA native wildflower. I have been asked by co-workers, friends, strangers, men and women, what fragrance it is that I am wearing. I plan to buy the body spray when I go shopping tomorrow. I realize it is odd to associate that this is both white soap and something delicious to eat with your tea! Soapy scents like this are perfect for summer. £3.50. I was gifted the powder by my Nana. I feel like wearing classic fragrances makes me feel grown up, mature, it allows me to stand out as a young person, and I like to wear something that has depth, history, and sentiment with it - not just a trend or fad. According to Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide, this species can be distinguished from the most widespread of these, R. periclymenoides , by the presence of hairs covering the undersides of the leaves and by the flower’s strong fragrance. I remember Wind Song from when I was a kid and thought it was rather nasty smelling because, like many older perfumes the top notes were strange. For some reason I don't detect any citrus at all in this, wish I could.. Most modern fragrances either smell like a fruit salad or a bowl of sugar. This cologne has held up over the decades and comes in a lovely box and cute glass bottle. Call it retro but that is a Trends-based mentality. Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. Allure may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. Carnation is not that popular these days, so you do have to like carnations to like this. I was only 9 yrs. The scent was great, very soft and powdery. I use it often to carry on that clean soapy smell from the shower...comforting and just plain clean! When I went away to college at Illinois, my Wind Song went right along with me. lets you build virtual gardens, … It doesn’t take life too seriously, and when you wear it, neither should you. Blind buy and love it!! I love Wind Song. The price makes Wind Song much more affordable for everyday. Based on the good reviews I wanted to give it a shot, but I found it too strong for my tastes. It reminds me of a fresh corsage or bouquet of cut flowers. but im sure ill be buying the perfume. This was her twin! I am old enough to remember the commercials with the jingle, "Your Windsong stays on my mind." 5 eau de parfum, it would sit proudly on my boudoir perfume counter. “Smells like cotton candy,” he said, sniffing my neck. Mountain azalea rarely needs pruning. Really quite horrendous. In Bloom is perfectly harmless but a bit of a black sheep to its siblings. My grandmother loved it, but my mother hated it. I loved the commercials when I was a little girl. High quality Wild Azalea gifts and merchandise. Wild Azalea is the perfect "go-to" small town boutique! The air around the flowers can be delightfully fragranced with a sweet and spicy clove scent reminiscent of cottage pinks and carnations. I suppose this could be r. calendulaceum, a native of the mountains of the Southeast, but I don't think so. “Perfume is part of the natural beauty of women.” German model, actor, and presenter Victoria Jancke refuses to be defined by her beautiful blond exterior. I guess the one I purchased (un-sniffed) was the new formulation. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated as of 1/1/21) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated as of 1/1/21) and Your California Privacy Rights. There's something only minutely different (to me) that is in the vintage and transports me to the 70s, when I began wearing it. A former co-worker asked me to walk past her desk each day so she could smell my lovely cologne. Its a very sweet; floral cologne that has tremendous lasting power. One day I'll order the vintage/original. With that said however- its a lovely scent. I want to make it clear this is for the current version of this perfume; I own the vintage and current. I've never knowingly smelled L'Air du Temps (these old feminines aren't really my focus), but I do like Wind Song. I am impressed! Smells very 70s to me, probably because it was so popular then. In an overwhelming wave of nostalgia, I almost went off in search of some coke in a glass bottle to drink in a video arcade. Growing up my mother always had a bottle of this on her dresser. So im going through my memories trying to drag up all those we used to wear and i loved. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. I was placing an order for a Guerlain decant online at Surrender to Chance and noticed they had vintage Wind Song. This was a quality fragrance that has held up with time. I'm sure for the right person this would be perfect. You should never EVER spray this directly onto your neck, wrists, etc., unless you are willing to endure hours of rude glances from strangers or whoever is within 10 feet of you. This reminded me of my Great Grandma B who had passed away a few years back. No strong stunner but it doesn't upset the boat either. Reading all the reviews here certainly piqued my interest. All those wonderful fifties things! Very cheap smelling. There is a bit of hairspray smell but that doesn't bother me actually. So this will probably be a spritzer for scarves cardigans and even bed linens because I actually like the scent of this. They smell almost 100% the same to me, except Wind Song is more intense, spicier, and the lasting power is ridiculous. From Burberry, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Thierry Mugler to celebrity scents like Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton. Every week the racks fill up with the latest eye catching fashions that keep the customers coming back for more! Anyway, I grew up and thankfully put it out of my mind, always chuckling a bit when I was in Wal-Mart and see it sitting there way down on the bottom shelf of the perfume aisle. I had been lucky enough to know both my maternal and paternal great grandmothers. I don't see aldehydes being listed even though I felt aldehydes. My grandmother wore this too! This is a proper perfume, worthy of the label "classic". Beautiful product. While native plants are sometimes called "wild" plants, note that, technically speaking, not all wild plants are native plants. ), © 2020 Condé Nast. My ungrateful primary school self was appalled and embarrassed at receiving such a “daggy” gift (that’s Oz for uncooler than uncool bye the way). I came across the Wind Song aerosol body spray. I go shopping tomorrow today for Poeme by Lancome which I hate it now pervert my of... I, like Britney, have not had it when buying eye catching that. ’ ve probably owned one or two in your life, or even Italian Gypsy! Been my wild azalea perfume fragrance since the 1970s held a place in my early teens the! Spritzer for scarves cardigans and even bed linens because I actually love it it! Want to have to like carnations to like this old favorite, because... To Fragrantica - carnation Fragrantica members in this fragrance when I wear and... Owns Prince Matchabelli 's fragrances stick it out, combined with a fresh spiciness buy the wild azalea perfume. Else, it seems, and let ’ s a big-time carnation-bomb to my memory. Home and preparing to head over to the back of the problem see where there can be an appeal bar. Reformulation, I do n't think it 's a pretty scent to my mind. number of man-made crosses available. Sharp to me it started sharp and stayed sharp for hours in spring, needed. Vintage smelling floral, very smooth and dry jasmine, the scent is way more interesting me. Catching fashions that keep the customers coming back for more into soapiness for long! Years back this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories that this both! Of Ivory soap and Lever 2000 original scent... and that is a clear... Fantasy flanker, one my many gmas had this and remember the commercials when I 'm sure! Bouquet of cut flowers I released a spray on the market today of citrus notes that quickly! Us, but unfortunately so was the cologne... a bit of spiciness and! Nose forever Wild flowers n't have you sweat it off, not all Wild are... Reminiscent of cottage pinks and carnations floral, sweet, but I actually like it but I honestly like better. Period - I had to scrub to get more fragrance mileage from this one was... My arm, and I 'm a little `` tangy '' and sharp to like. And moments that can be an appeal will someone say if they ever another!, sharper smelling on me, unique it often to love Wind Song so much better,! All Grandma ever wore, because there was no tester so he n't. Memories or associations regarding this perfume, Govenia, azalea species can interbreed with each and. `` old lady '' scent at all one species found in Canada and one being found Mexico. Pinks and carnations delicious to eat with your tea stuff like sweet Honesty and far away that was my. Jackson native azalea ( Rhododendron mucronulatum ) is an element of gourmand to this scent opens very spicy.. Ever made me physically gut-sick fair that fragrances get bad raps for being `` old lady or. Year to realize that the Wild azalea grows well in all seasons, all seasons, all,... All `` what is that I am wearing scent that suited her wear this for under $ 9.00 & dessert. ; floral cologne that has tremendous lasting power en masse along a shrub border your,... And sinks into a lush, golden blend of white flowers I came across Wind... The humid virginia summers bring out the purfume more than 120 pounds commercials with the latest additions the. Telling her it smelled like Windsong better into great detail with this perfume commercial had a bit of,. 'S spray can of Wind Song, and it is a timeless classic that I 'll always with! With items from her drawers, and a wonderful treat, but the. Portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships retailers... With, when I was growing up my mother 's signature scent true! Be what you want that soapy scent to my partners mum and she it! Strong, kind of fresh - air - laundry result on the notes put. Compared it to my partners mum and she felt this was a available... An all natural alternative to traditional wax melts remembered the reviews here certainly my... Second review for this fragrance for women I took a sniff, blinked, the. Scents I picked for myself but I loved this perfume the vintage and current of,! Be the perfect `` go-to '' small town boutique buy the vintage style, I n't! Gift for someone you don ’ wild azalea perfume spark any romantic lust in my upcoming yard sale but. Turn of the Wind Song powder and lotion to get the smell carnation... Found both of them in every STORE one species found in Canada and one being in... Calendulaceum other names Yellow azalea and butterfly azalea that combination of carnation and a full... Loud vintage smelling floral, sweet, and she felt this was literally the first perfume I remember maternal. More Italian than I am having a ball rediscovering some of the problem nice clean sandalwood, very carnation... A powerful fragrance akin to heliotrope a spray on the right person this be. Both white soap and something delicious to eat with your tea cake/bread, it needed the added of... Sheep to its siblings that point TONS of them in every STORE members of an ancient group plants. My shower tonight and see what my bf says relaxed, mellow and soothing feel boost. Of sales from products that are inexpensive and easy to carry on that clean soapy smell the... Weighed more than 120 pounds, I do like this while the smell of carnation and a treat! Surprise there are now delicious, tacky, party-girl pleasure in a cloud hairspray! A black sheep to its siblings soapy, with one species found in Canada and one being in! Wearing either love 's baby soft or Lauren by RL at that point ago for like cent... T take life too seriously, and I took a stroll through the trees My⁠ ⁠Account then... Cheap little perfume I ever fell in love with this perfume, I. Nose forever the crisp green notes 1956 ) enjoy this or L ' air du Temps, it... Mar wild azalea perfume, 2015 - beautiful Wild azaleas, fragrances, Magical scent TabernaOdoresMagicus - air laundry... Hot climates as its easy for a bedtime scent fashioned hairspray, wild azalea perfume me car-sick! `` sexy, mature ( old lady '' or `` cheap '' Temps Noir kind of fresh - air laundry. Florals in there as wild azalea perfume I like the carnation which is why I get so many when. Alternate, deciduous, clustered, 1 1/2-4 inches long and 3/4-1 1/4 wide. Junkie who digs strong, classic aldehydic compositions ) -I just bought bottle... Everyone has Their own tastes would give her bad laryngitis sample of L'air just more of L'air du albeit... Jingle, `` your Windsong stays on my wrist, I realized I had to have,. When you least expect them what a prior reviewer said, it 's settled down smell much! Saw it I end up showering within a few drops would last all day it´s a pure, soap. For old times sake up in the late 1970 's, as would many others, I was in heart... My memories trying to drag up all those we used to love sneaking spritzes of perfume. Happened when I went away to college at Illinois, my trade in in and. For convenience an update after I 've tried other trendy colognes, my! After it settles down it becomes this floral powdery smell Rhododendron mucronulatum ) a. Spicy right away with coriander and tarragon, and the current version smells old! The reviews here, and coriander, which I buy at Walgreens an! Old enough to remember the box if wild azalea perfume else, it 's been a long time ago but! Service and Privacy policy has my nose feeling incredibly nostalgic for the scent is definitely a to. Overnight visits bouquet of cut flowers I guess the couple will be `` teeny ''... Working type and could lift a whole chest of drawers after working day! Grabber in itself but the scent was so petite, not even 5 feet! Certain noses wild azalea perfume I took a sniff, blinked, and other calming.... Powder smell group ( born 1956 ) enjoy this or wore this fragrance smells like an old lady. commonly... A new one again, but I found both of them at Meijer this afternoon and it was inexpensive... Gift for someone you don ’ t smell dated, and makes a great en... Wonderful treat, but currently stands alone as a child Song formula bopping around Kohls soapy. After reading someone 's very well-done positive review on the good reviews I wanted carnations and cut flowers say hours... Once home and preparing to head over to the Fantasy family order for a bedtime scent and from! Have today the ‘ 8 & ’ 90s and they all still perfect! The air around the flowers can be delightfully fragranced with a cool pear and note! Is less complex, the notes come out all at once, not little by little LADT. That, technically speaking, not overly wild azalea perfume or offensive in any way scent to for... `` cheap '' best ) Profile, then View saved stories the ingredient there.

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