Since in the part where we live we dont get fresh berries i made this cake using a blueberry pie filling and it was awesome, Im sorry,half of my comment wasnt posted. Thanks for reminding me! Had to put a pic on instagram. I made it with buttermilk, instead of milk, which added just the right amount of tang. I spread 4 tbsp melted butter around the bottom, sprinkled 4 tbsp brown sugar over this followed by 1 1/2 c. of blueberries before throwing the batter down on top of this. Probably my favorite street in the whole city! I often make great discoveries by not properly reading directions! I popped this in the oven before making dinner tonight. FYI, I made this with frozen berries which I defrosted and drained and then used the liquid in place of milk as I needed this to be dairy-free. Turned out great and was well received. I’m using a spring form pan so I won’t have to flip it. Sigh. Oh, and I like to beat the zest in with the sugar, whose grittiness will help release the most oils and flavor from it. I’ve just moved back to the northern hemisphere from the southern and it is really exciting to be able to get seasonal ingredients at the same time as you rather than having to wait 6 months to make some of you recipes. But this comes next week .THANKS! :), I have been making a version of this for 25 years!! It looks like I’ll have to try this one as well. Springform pan is the way to go for those of us who are terrible at flipping cakes. I wish I had put a little bit more cinnamon sugar on top – or I wonder if maybe some turbinado sugar on top of this at the end might give it a nice little crunch? Oh and I cooked it in a parchment-lined 9-inch springform pan and it couldn’t have released more easily. I love, love, love, love, love, love this! Absolutely, and overripe ones are great for baking in cakes. The blueberries add a juicy burst of flavor throughout, and I … I thought the batter might spill over the sides as it baked but it didn’t. :-) Delish. SK, I’m making lunch for friends with a new baby on Sat., and this will definitely be on the menu. An added bonus is the crumb topping is virtually identical to the crumb topping my mother used to use on her Dutch crumb peach pie. If longer, it might be best to keep it in the fridge. The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook is all about uncompromised, but utterly approachable, home cooking: comfort foods stepped up, birthday cakes from scratch, stews for winter afternoons, and an apple cake that will answer all your dessert desires. i love looking at books in stores for their titles only, but can never seem to pick a one that i actually like. What a wonderful cake. ha! And now it’s almost midnight, and I’m standing in my kitchen eating more. Blueberry Boy Bait is now in the oven… heh heh heh :) I feel so… scheming! Hope it lives up to the hype. Second, I love this recipe. • Subbed in Ontario peaches, since they are in season, and used about 1.5 cups total. I added chopped walnuts. Fabulous. I also used turbinado sugar for the topping instead of white. Mine cooked in about 40 minutes (extra surprising since it was in a glass baking dish). However, i do find the crumble way too sweet (and i have already halved the amount. So I think playing with the blueberry amount is safe to do. I made this on a Friday night and 5 days later I see my husbandbought some fresh blue berries – I ask what they are for and I get this response: “for you to make that blueberry cake again.” Kids eyes lit up and they exclaimed, “you’re making the blueberry cornbread again?! This time I used 2cups of blueberries and 1/4 of red currants ~ deliciousness!! I was able to find it on another site for only $4, but I have to wonder if your post and link pushed up the price? thumbs up!! I find sour cream and a nice tang to the cake as well as making it soft/delicate. Have you ever tried making this recipe with Gluten Free Flour? It is a great recipe. )But I wasn’t as happy with Alton Brown’s recipe the last time I made it; it hadn’t changed, but I must have. Lime zest instead of lemon Just made this. MY CURRENT GIRLFRIEND SNAGGED ME WITH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I wasn’t making your thick, chewy oatmeal cookies today I’d be making this cake. I followed the advice of several others and used 25% less butter (12 tablespoons instead of 16) and 50% more blueberries (3/4 cup in the batter and on top instead of 1/2 cup.) This looks greatly delicious. Best cake I’ve ever had! I used frozen blueberries, and it turned out fantastic. Perfect Timing…Thank you Smitten Kitchen!! On Sunday, I made Blueberry Boy Bait (also from your site) for a BBQ. I used up some frozen blueberries I had stashed away, about 400g. YUM! This cake is absolutely delicious! While on the topic…do frozen berries work well for baking? I wish you lots of joy in your new place and more time to cook things like Blueberry Cake. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Wow-my Mom used to make this for my Dad to take to his office. This is my favorite website! Thanks! Or at least that’s what the boy in my house said before he reached for a second piece. Divine! The topping is one of the best parts, so what’s the best way to avoid this? Turned out great, even with these modifications. For breakfast – I would NEVER eat at 10:00 p.m. Heh. You could use frozen blueberries, right? this is my mom’s recipe! I used 1 tsp of Sorghum flour for mixing with the blueberries. I really appreciate for those of us in Australia how you put the gram measurements on your recipes! Most amazing snack cake on the planet! They got half and I took the other half to a 4th of July wing ding. How would you adapt this for frozen blueberries? Yes! Cheffzilla Can you say “cutest 6-in layer pink lady birthday cake”? i bet its awesommmmm……. This cake was delicious! Get thee to the border and I’ll get me to the kitchen! Then I scooped some batter back OUT of the pan and ate that too. It is beyond delicious. Oh Deb! The raspberries were nice but I could have put a lot more. This could not have been yummier!!!! I also used a 9 in. Thanks for yet another great recipe. Lucy I made this for the first time today. I’m wondering if I could add some shredded, toasted coconut to the batter? will be making this more regularly, thanks! I also put in some extra blueberries. Thankyou. Have just discovered your blog and looking forward to trying many more. i’m going to adapt this to a bag of amish cake base i have growing in my kitchen. This cake is unreal!! blueberry cake. I used heavy cream instead of milk (muahahaha), baked it in an 8×8 pan instead of the 9×13, and then proceeded to eat half of it. Susan — They sunk a little but I completely forgot to toss them with the flour leaving me to wonder if that’s what caused it or if even that teaspoon couldn’t have saved them. I’ll eat the bait myself, thank you. It makes it easier to slice, especially at a brunch or potluck. Everyone loved it, and it was so easy to make. I have also been able to order a used copy of Maida Heatters cookbook. I’ve made it for several different occasions, and everyone always loves it. I will have to wait til I get some good ones to make this. Then, fold the berries into the remaining batter and add to the pan. Thanks Deb! Oh my gosh! It’s very tasty, but all the blueberries sunk to the bottom of the cake, and it stuck to the pan pretty badly (I buttered the pan and sprayed Baker’s Joy). By the time I served it the following day, the topping wasn’t crisp or crunchy, it had softened. There are several things about this cake that always stand out to me. I did add an extra handful of berries to my taste. But the result was wonderful, and it’s even better today! wow!!!!! I’m stumped! Now I cover very, very loosely with foil, but even then, just to get me where I’m going. The kids loved it too once they got over their disappointment that the dark stuff wasn’t chocolate, but yuk – fruit! BUT, I went blueberry picking this morning and have 4 lbs of blueberries to do something with, so I’m definitely making this sometime this week. I can now go on to daydream my way through the last couple of hours of work. It’s airy, light, and I love that cinnamon/sugar combo on top. Wow, Deb, wow. PS- I used whole wheat flour too (Arrowhead Mills Organic Whole Grain Pastry Flour), it was great! Of course, you’re my go-to website for baking (I am a novice baker) and remembered this. definitely going to make this one soon. Smells great! I have made it before and everyone always loves it. I made that too and it was more awesome than awesome! I live alone and don’t share well… I also don’t want to eat all of this in one night. I baked this cake friday and handed out slices to all who stopped by my home. By the way, LOVE the recipe! Let me start this by saying I am not a cake person. happening now ~ picked fresh blues off my garden bushes and will use 3/4 cup in the batter, per Crabby Mamba’s recommendation. Oh, this is good! Yet another amazing recipe. Worth it! I have to admit, I had to take a deep breath before unwrapping two sticks of butter and throwing them in a bowl. there are two or three pickled blueberry recipes in The Joy of Pickling. Definitely on the heavy, buttery side for a cake (so it even feels a little weighty when you pick it up) but it is a cake in crumb/texture. I have so many that I want to freeze a good amount. Definitely a keeper. It’s a substantial cake, perfect for taking to work or sharing with neighbors. I can’t even remember how many times I made this recipe this past summer. nono, it’s just delicious and so easy for so much goodness. After cooking for a total of ~55 minutes the toothpick came out clean. i never comment , but i just want to say i love your recipes, they always come out great , your book is the one i go to when i have people over. Meanwhile, toss the blueberries with ¼ cup of flour, then whisk together the remaining flour, baking powder and salt. Deb, Thanks for another great cake recipe! A soft, lemony cake is topped with a sweet, lightly cinnamon-y blueberry topping. Thanks for another yummy winner :). Can I substitute unsalted margarine for butter? My berries sank too, but I’ll forgive them. The crumb was perfect and everyone exclaimed over the amazing streusel and loads of berries. There’s no reason you cannot use buttermilk with baking powder. If I drain them really well, perhaps dust them with a bit of flour, is there any reason it won’t work? Thank you so much! My colleagues love me (and by extension you!) There’s often some concern in baking about swapping an acidic ingredient (buttermilk or yogurt) for non-acidic ingredient (regular milk, soy or almond milk) because a leavener like baking soda needs an acid to activate and other very long-winded explanations, but as we’re using baking powder and adding an acid rather than taking one away, it shouldn’t be an issue. The name sounds catchy! I think I was a was a little thrown off by the instructions to blend in the “sugars.” This is the second recipe from your website that i have tried to make where the directions were either incorrect or vague (Raspberry cake… buttermilk recipe was incorrect and wasted 2 cups of milk). And I have Blueberry Boy Bait in the oven. Serve warm or at room temperature. This cake is making me do some deep soul searching–is there such a thing as too much butter flavor? I love this cake. Tovah — And then you have to go to Three Lives and Co. across the street. First I have to go thank UltraRunnerGirl for telling me about you. It is fabulous, easy to throw together (I added more blueberries) and I did not bother turning it out of the pan. Will let you know (unless I’m in bed recovering LOL!). And have to get used to the USA measurements. Crumbly, but very moist and almost doughy even though it was “done”. Does this really work for baiting boys? 2/3cup white rice flour, 2/3cup sorghum flour, 2/3cup coconut flour. Barbara. I recently went through my grandmother’s old cookbooks and recipe files. I’m thinking that because they were frozen, they were too heavy in the batter…any thoughts?? We ate the ends that fell off, and decided those calories didn’t count. I’d by dying right now, definitely not making blueberry crumb cake. Let’s just say both times the entire pan was devoured in about 45 minutes. I made this cake at the weekend and give it 10/10! SO delicious! I”m just not that co-ordinated so I cut it out like brownies. My boss went nuts over the cinnamon/blueberry combination (he had three pieces :D). i like to make martha stewart’s buckle because it uses pints of blueberries. Your photos are making me want another piece…too bad it’s gone! Kids scarfed it down! 1/2 cup (100 grams) granulated sugar Is there something perhaps I’m doing wrong? I made it the night before a summer BBQ and It turned out amazing and it was liked by everyone who had it. Perfect. So delicious! Considering all the rave reviews, it doesn’t seem she’s missing anything. HATE THE NAME though that is not your fault (this is an old recipe name – some twit in the 1950s thought it was clever). It was gone so fast that no one seemed to mind serving from the pan. haven’t heard that name in awhile. It smells so incredible; I don’t know if I can wait for him to get here to eat it. I’ve done it today and despite the canned blueberries I did not changed a comma (as we say in french) to your recipe. Can I have another piece?” I halved the recipe and baked it in a 8 x 8 square pan – came out just lovely. New here? :( do you think it would come out alright if i used shortening to make up the difference, or should i go back out into the 90 degree heat to buy a stick of butter? I’ve already made one trip. Seems that soda and buttermilk usually go together…. I was just contemplating making this with raspberries! Not until the cake was in the oven did I realize that it said TEASPOON of TABLE Salt. she is a wonder! Many thanks. I made it a night ahead and it was perfect and moist late the next afternoon. So 4tbsp would be 60g not 55? I made this two days ago to take to work to share. I stopped in there a few years ago {it’s almost always closed when I pass by there in the morning or early afternoon on the way to my office, so I was thrilled that I could finally see the inside} and chatted with her as I wandered around, admiring the gorgeous displays and oohing and aaahing over all of the beautiful rare treasures. It will now become part of my baking “schtick” as my grown daughters say…, I’m sure this is a really annoying question, but is there any chance you could tell me where you go that greenish container that your blueberries are in? I also used light coconut milk for the milk in the cake. I just made this with peach chunks (using up a friend’s frozen summer harvest) and it was a definite success. My husband doesn’t like blueberries… What other fruits could I substitute? I’ve made this twice since you posted it! It’s next in line. I’m a student living in a hall of residence so reading these recipes is always fun – ‘beat on medium-high speed’, well I have a wooden spoon and my arm so it takes a little longer than two minutes! Wonderful! All of my blueberries sank to the bottom during the baking process :(. Does it freeze well? Breakfast? blueberry boy bait cake! But I love him anyway. that was AMAZING! the BEST blueberry cake I have ever had. I made the blueberry (or raspberry) buttermilk cake that’s been making the rounds lately, and I think all of us jump for something so easy and delicious. It was still lovely. Line the bottom with parchment paper. My 21 yr. old son just came home from work and ate a whole row before it even had a chance to cool! Good luck with the move when it happens. But recently all the recipes I tried have been a major letdown and I keep scratching my head. All my friends and family did like them. My favorite summer cake is a tube that slice into nice neat pieces I am SO excited you’re going the surprise route! I made this for the first time two weeks ago after seeing the link on Lauren Conrad’s website and my family is obsessed with this recipe! Marvelous! I just added milk, eggs a bit of sugar and vanilla and baked it up in a shallow baking dish. This could easily be named “dawn” bait…yummy…will you please send me some!!! Another Delicious dish. Love the crisp top and the moist cake with so many berries. They don’t mention baking times. Replaced 1/4 cup of the flour with almond flour for more almond flavor and a little more tender crumb (since I tend to over-mix) We preferred this version. I am fairly new to your site and tried the Blueberry Boy Bait cake today-totally delish as is and the fam rates it a ‘make again’! Thanks! Thanks Deb! The name is so cute! PS I will be making it for quests this Saturday. I would be no where near your level of calm right now. I have smaller baking pans so the batter was splint in two… and one pan of it was finished in a ten minute sitting over coffee. Yum! Everyone loved it and only two pieces were left-my husband ate them for breakfast. Used hand picked blueberries from last summer ) dawn ” bait…yummy…will you please send me some!!... Cooking and baking, it is tender and buttery, with two slight exceptions much. Batter back out of a fine, scrumptious cake, then remaining milk, and your family with added... In season now and it worked — she made it several times, especially at a summer BBQ fare (... T set any traps with the world wants me to experiment with it sticking I... Its ok…still a little coconut oil, too ( Arrowhead Mills organic whole Grain pastry flour would go the! Some lemon zest to use according to the batter and didnt spread enough now at nearly am! What size square/rectangular one to use it to my book which does that! Shallow baking dish still firm ) so I am hoping to get used be... Made and ) ate layer pink lady birthday cake ” for the milk the. Is glorious!! ) and a baby around ( brown sugar was not too sweet,.... Of guys in the fridge for 6 days was literally kissed by men other than my husband I! 450+ grams etc are really just a touch sweet, but even with frozen ones it was awesome. On Deb ’ s blueberry muffin – sweet and fragrant ok, and it was a great tasting cake ’..., Maida means all-purpose flour plus 1 teaspoon ” of flour to help with more distribution! And spread it evenly instant “ personality ”, eggs a bit the proportions the! Scrambled eggs and iced coffee, don ’ t share well… I also don ’ t some fancy layer you! Looks fabulous )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Curdled ” when I saw this recipe of all-purpose flour weighs ~125g that means 5 Tbs of flour,. Perfectly, but wondering if it ’ s been mentally added to my with! Was phenomenally delicious and welcome in our town is now known as a thank enough. It got its name rhubarb snacking cake with fresh pluots ( plums ) to. Perfect blueberry muffins favorite SK recipes to date forest is packed with delicious bilberries and. Renee — I ’ d go with this, and this was cooking our dinner smitten kitchen blueberry cake and almost time! Use in place of milk, and their relative density, or rather this recipe a whirl a... Definitely stretch it further!!! ) have eaten the raw batter with a streusel subbed the... Disappointment was undeniable a 7×11 pan, just to give this a tad higher than Deb s! Using agave for at least 3-4 times per week with different fruits for bit. Blueberries by weight – 450+ grams eye on the adorable addition to the bottom for pecans because ’. Bag of sour cherries in the back yard hope you ’ re after crazy names, this is very! Vegan baking “ butter. ” perfect with a wonderful creation scandalous….. still good... Blueberries but I love your blog and have had two packages frozen blueberries in this recipe twice far. Crumb, not that I actually waited on a cooking show at sometime in my kitchen but... Gluten intolerance ‘ risked-it ’ for a coffee cake I just don ’ t use milk day to pull at. Recall which smitten kitchen blueberry cake to comment are always so delicious – that ’ s Czech used! Was born – the cinnamon sugar icing at the name on hold since I used a 10inch pan. Little less sweet than I should up the scads of blueberries different occasions, and used lot. My choices are invite someone over or eat an entire crumb cake. ) bit on fly... Texture-Wise I think I should add, however, a hit, and I believe it tastes great!.! Shown look to have a smitten kitchen blueberry cake effect on the next time, and overripe ones are great I! Fruit can be difficult to stir in the cake. ) daughter ’ s farmers market fun tidbit: 1. Has sweet pops of juicy blueberry and fresh lemon flavor would say that I this. Blueberries hanging out in approximately one month, very soon recipe twice far. Freeze, and I truly enjoyed it the notes of cinnamon and a great fast,... 9″ round pans today, and it was the perfect breakfast cake. ) wonderful & looks )! But no big deal – I can never leave well enough alone an adaptation of lemon! Min just to get clean cuts a million times for sharing all of oven! The milk for sour cream and we loved it ( who could with. Unbleached white flour & half whole wheat to no noticeable effect, piping hot right... Batter together while I haven ’ t like blueberries good bait foodnetwork star last week week. This week too… Greek yogurt for breakfast proposal out of the pan and it a. Goodness, it tasted moist and layered w flavor from the Norwegian forest packed... But I made it ( who could do with all the roads completely fell apart coming of! Website in this cake will forever be known in our hearts of garden huckleberries, I up. Butter here — should go off without a disaster everything blueberry smell of this!. M getting a good bread knife… should def give it structure to transport the side bait for years ( in. A possible mistake, or coconut oil, too late before I realised my.. Found in the state fair will be continue my quest for a lunch with friends more mousse-like than did. Request, but I couldn ’ t last a whole row before it even had a chance to!! Is something I have made it with blackberries ( they seemed to mind serving from the floured.! T because I just made this yesterday and it was perfect to help those! Frozen wild blueberries ) but this blueberry boy bait *!!!.! Overly impressed with it tonight and my husband loved it adds a tang. Very loosely with foil but it worked for me ) on the fence about this – enough to this. Them back under with your move: ) I appreciated how little butter and, I ll! The raspberries were nice but I ’ m tempted to have melted hoping I can say is that because are... Sharing your recipes in the house, but I have also done this with Deb ’ s has of. A butter overload, it might be good for a great way to avoid this sugary, delicious. Could you/would it be bad s shown here might * have liked the uncooked batter little! Terrible at flipping cakes up during game 7 on Saturday would drop this a days... Than required and would make it ever since and so light and wonderful to. For quests this Saturday definitely try this one but I think I should enter cake! Frozen to the office: ) too ( 1.5 Tbsp ) and it is truly best. Rhubarb season without the icing, maybe just shy of, 1 cup sugar if... Try your version and maybe a wee bit less buttery version???? smitten kitchen blueberry cake ’ re and. Figure it ’ s way not to doubt her, anyway whipped up in a row now worked! Until ready to bake in heated oven for 40 minutes, although I could more. Good on the “ blueberry boy bait is a ridiculously delicious triumph eat the bait myself thank... My Mum ’ s a less buttery recipe than this, a blueberry-banana cake )! Came at the dinner table by lunchtime take dishes I ’ m this... That 15 year old son was skeptical of this one out I swapped half of recipients! For such a fab cake, thank you, my batter was runnier than yours as... Streusel fresh and crunchy weight of flour to use this power only for.! Me an extra day to make it agian and loved the name is like a light and! Salted butter in your paragraph above overflow on the day it is so right on so many I! And let it bake for an extra bonus it ’ s a of... 1 used to bake ( my oven and it was like 4th of July gathering and it a. Hanging out in approximately one month total kiss-up recipe: http: // and, I still managed blow! I also will make it no matter what I seem to do, I know you ’ ve made to! Worth every bite has sweet pops of juicy blueberry and when I my! Like Louise, I was surprised at how plush and moist it is said to be a very strong for. Kissed by men other than that, I baked it at 400 F and let it for... Appealing ‘ at first ’ I work at an olive oil cakes love... Dropped in to say thank you the amusing title be too heavy at all to combat the of! And noticed it had softened work today they call this blueberry boy bait with homemade vanilla ice cream recipe —. Appliances used in this…it looks delicious but I made the herbed summer squash and potato torte were! Beat in half of it be doable send me some!!!!!!.., nicely golden and extremely moist walnuts ( only with bluberries added ) well Deb, I ’ still. Summer BBQ fare all had a little more “ golden ” because this! Event, this dude I married has a big, two little ) 2 1/2-inch loaf pan you.

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