[383] They will both accompany them to England. "[395], Edward shows them who Blavat is. [38], A few days after Chlaus' visit, Ciel is kidnapped by a drug dealer named Azzurro Vanel of the Ferro family. Male However, Ciel believes if he can make points, bring victory to his dorm, and make everyone shed tears, it will assure him the final prize. After inferring that the message came from the intruder and that the words appear to be unrelated to Blavat, Sebastian notices that Ciel is deeply agitated. He also admits, while crying, that he had invited Cheslock and the others to Sphere Music Hall, in hopes that word might eventually reach Ciel, so that Ciel would come and end it all, because he could not bring himself to do it. This is also my very first quiz, so if I fail utterly and completely, feel free to tell me. [254] When the game begins, Professor Michaelis asks the music students (who are acting as Team Blue's cheerleaders) to play the "Radetzky March. Ciel comments in spite of his mental immaturity, Soma is quite capable in almost every area. [433], Afterward, the Phantom Five gather at Ciel's office, where Ciel commends them for their performance. Sebastian apologizes for his carelessness and carries him to the manor where Sieglinde and Wolfram reside, to have him treated. As he explains everything to Sebastian in his study later, Sebastian claps lightly, stating Ciel's greed knows no bounds. Sebastian takes on the appearance of a tall, male adult with black hair and red eyes. The servants burst in, and Finnian tells them what happened. Sebastian continues to guard Ciel and Sullivan while Sullivan's mother reveals the truth. When Sebastian knocks on the door, Wolfram, not knowing it is Sebastian, barks at him, but quickly discovers that Sebastian and Ciel are the visitors. Sebastian and Ciel are left speechless after hearing this. He tells them to stay safe; he then heads back to Ciel, Elizabeth, and Snake as was ordered of him. She introduces herself as the Lord of this forest. Afterward, the officers allow them to pass. I will ask some questions, Sebastian will ask others! The forest god blessed him to age slower than normal human after his parents left him in the forest as a baby. List of butlers named "Sebastian" in Japanese media — akumadeenglish, http://akumadeenglish.tumblr.com/post/161393988224/kuroshitsuji-trivia5-sebastians-eyes, https://kuroshitsuji.fandom.com/wiki/Sebastian_Michaelis?oldid=118122, (While stepping on Grelle Sutcliff's face) ". They continue fighting, and Elizabeth shatters the glass window behind Sebastian. [384] Before Ciel leaves, Diedrich tells him to be careful. Sebastian's age is at least 3000 years old, because it is stated in the wiki that he said that he met an ancient Egyptian mummy when it was alive, … He typically dresses in an outfit, which is black trousers, a tailcoat, vest with the Phantomhive Crest on his shirt cuffs and a black tie. [132] He then leads them back to the dining hall, where Elizabeth learns that Ciel had recently been ill. She asks why Ciel never tells her anything, and Sebastian states that although it is a hard question to answer, Ciel seems more relaxed than he had been in a while, thanks to everyone's company. Amused, "Ciel" declares that the head of the Phantomhive house, Ciel Phantomhive, is actually he. [168] Ciel learns that Snake came to his mansion because of his friends' disappearance after Ciel and Sebastian joined the circus. He promptly asks him how dare he "do that" to him on "that day". According to the anime, Kuroshitsuji Season 2, why does Alois Trancy want to achieve Ciel Phantomhive? When a sniper misses hitting Sebastian, he is alerted to their presence. He occasionally removes these, revealing black fingern… [407], Sebastian accompanies Ciel for a brief visit to Buckingham Palace, where the latter gives a report to Queen Victoria about the Sphere Music Hall. Wolfram has an idea but struggles to convey it in English, and so Sebastian tells him to speak in German. [40][41], Sometime after the incident, Sebastian resumes and carries out his normal butler routine. Sebastian Michaelis is the deuteragonist from the Kuroshitsuji anime and manga. He slyly adds that Ciel looks so petite in his dress-completely resembling the Emerald Witch. However, Sebastian states that it is the young master's decision, and he could not do anything about it. He assigns Baldroy, Finnian, and Mey-Rin their daily tasks, and he then prepares breakfast and morning tea for Ciel. He states that he has discovered that even the dead can evolve. William is a tall man with short, neatly-combed dark brown hair and yellow-green eyes. Sebastian heads to the kitchen to prepare a fabulous dessert; simultaneously, he simply burns McMillan’s letter in the oven. [359] The "dots" represent the location of every villager. Undertaker laughingly asks Ciel if he's enjoying his first time in group life. Ciel proposes that they get their fortunes told, quipping that Blavat would be no fraud if he can "divine the sorrows" of a demon, to which Sebastian responds that aside from the selfishness of his master, which is his primary concern, his mind is free of worries. [289] However, Sieglinde tells her butler Wolfram Gelzer to ask them to come to the Emerald Castle. The manga and anime series Black Butler features an extensive cast of characters created by Yana Toboso.The series takes place in England during the reign of Queen Victoria.It follows Sebastian Michaelis, a demonic butler obliged to serve ten-year-old (later thirteen-year-old) Earl Ciel Phantomhive due to a contract he made with Ciel. [215] Undertaker goes to kill him, stating it is better because he is really making Ciel miserable. Ciel then orders Sebastian to talk to other people who had been deceived by Maurice in the past and thoroughly investigate Maurice's activity patterns. [122], After the train ride, they get a short ride from a local to a hill that they climb to find the workhouse. Sebastian suggested that he should just ask the Queen why she is sending him, but he replied that she would just evade the question.[281]. [477] Sebastian takes notice of Ciel's silence and exchanges taunts with Blavat, who asserts that he knows Sebastian is "different." Characteristics Video game debut [480], Now as fugitives, the Phantomhive household visits the Funtom Corporation headquarters in hopes of taking refuge there, but it is under surveillance by Scotland Yard. [79] In the end, Agni tells him that he and the prince were able to make good friends, much to Sebastian's surprise. They believe Sieglinde is in league with the werewolves; however, Mey-Rin states her concern and worry for Ciel was not false. Ciel complained that he did not even speak German; it wasn't also his duty to investigate underground activities outside of England. Sebastian then apologizes—the headmaster got away from him. [376] Ciel tells Diedrich they need a place to hide. A few minutes later, the servants beg Ciel to come out of bed—everything is all right now. [129], When Ciel returns for a fitting, she removes his top, unhappy with the silhouette. Sebastian predominantly appears as a courteous and i… After examining it, Sebastian decided to forcibly take it out, much to Ciel's chagrin. Sebastian then offers him McMillan's letter. Undertaker replies that he is not underestimating him—they just have completely different goals. [179], Shortly after arriving, the three find the Midford family. He is often dressed in a dark suit, tie, black gloves, and dress shoes. Height Ciel travels from store to store getting the things they want and need. Ciel presses them for the whereabouts of Blavat and Elizabeth and learns that they were not aware that Elizabeth was at Sphere Music Hall in the first place, nor were they aware of the blood transfusions. [101][102] In the morning, Sebastian and Ciel leave for the latter's London townhouse, where Ciel attempts to prepare for further investigation. Sebastian rescues Soma covertly by putting on a deer's head. Sebastian then snaps out of these memories since he was reminded of how greatly he desires Ciel's soul, and he rescues Ciel despite his injuries. "[487], Subsequently, Lau assigns them work at the den. [206] However when the Viscount attempts to stop the corpses using the machine, it does not work. Sebastian assures him that he does not tell lies, and Ciel is horrified. Sebastian is a dedicated butler to Ciel Phantomhive and upholds a strong sense of duty to his master and household. Sebastian manages to overpower Grelle and he moves in to kill him with Grelle's own Death Scythe. [310], Sebastian starts taking care of Sieglinde. [156][157], After the case is solved, Arthur is thanked by Jeremy for taking care of the "young master" in French. [324], Sebastian, Snake, Baldroy, Mey-Rin, and Tanaka discuss how they can help Ciel. Seeing Ciel's hesitation, he attempted to devour him. [7] He is sometimes critical of his master and how he treats his workers,[8] but once admitted that he is not averse to the butler lifestyle despite the concomitant daily troubles. [199] During the fight where Grelle flirts with Sebastian, much to the latter's dismay, Grelle accidentally cuts a hole in one of the walls, releasing a surge of flooding water into the room. He even reveals his true form to him to make sure that he will eventually write about it. Ciel tells them they will be leaving the mansion in their capable hands. [91] They agree to not interfere with each other; however, this is made more difficult by William's assignment as Sebastian's roommate. Sebastian and the servants assume Tanaka is at fault. [139] This ends up with Ciel getting drenched with wine for defending Irene; to prevent a further disaster from happening, Sebastian grabs the wine bottle Grimsby Keane was about to throw and pours it into an exquisite wine glass pyramid. [490], Sebastian assembles the group at Ciel's behest. [362] Furthermore, the "miasma" is actually a chemical weapon made in this factory. [256] Suddenly, Sebastian sees the headmaster sitting in the stands. [428], Afterward, Ciel gives Sebastian two weeks to invest in the abandoned theatre across the street from Sphere Music Hall, remodel it into Funtom Music Hall, and make preparations for the grand opening; they also establish the Phantom Five, a group that will rival Sphere Music Hall's Starlight Four, consisting of Soma, Edward, Cheslock, Clayton, and Joanne Harcourt. Removing the disguise, it is revealed that Sebastian had been alive and well, posing as Jeremy since he arrived. [201] She then proceeds to attack Grelle, but Sebastian stops her. Edward and Fred attempt to defend Ciel, but the former is unnerved at the revelation that Funtom Music Hall has caused more deaths and the latter is not allowed to disclose the fact that Ciel is working as the Queen's Watchdog. Sebastian carries an astounded Sieglinde as they travel downwards. [399], Subsequently, Sebastian is tossed outside. However, there were no signs of slaves in the hospital or anything pertaining to human experimentation and/or the revival of the dead. Ciel deduces that Sebastian knew about her escape; the latter affirms this, insinuating that Ciel would not have thought of anything effective to keep her there, had they detained her; Sphere Music Hall still controls her. He tells Ciel he made it because Ciel said that he would win. Sebastian initially criticizes her designs, saying that the colors red and yellow do not suit Ciel and would make him look too childish. According to the manga, why did Ciel and Sebastian join a circus? [352] Although she hesitates, she accepts when Ciel calls her his "friend"[353] Furthermore, Sebastian adds that she will have to enter society as a debutante. Agares tells him that the principal handled them. Wolfram, then, makes the conjecture that Ciel became anaemic because his blood was taken from him rather than something being injected in him. Sebastian Michaelis Vital statistics. Sebastian and Ciel discuss the situation. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sebastian then proceeds to help Edward with Herman Greenhill's arm. A nurse told him that they hold presentations of their results regularly and collect donations from nobles. As she screams, Sebastian effortlessly grabs it and returns it to Snake, surprising the Germans. (To Ciel Phantomhive) "The candle burns away to keep its flame alive — not unlike a human being. Undertaker bursts out laughing; Sebastian smiles and says it's rare for them to agree on something. Presently, Ciel and Sebastian travel to Germany by train. The two men tell him that he is not welcome because he is without the divine protection of a star. [212] Grelle and Ronald use a full-on frontal attack, which still fails because Undertaker reveals that he still has his own Death Scythe. La Sorcière: The Witch of the Middle Ages. Later, Sebastian helps Ciel with his bath. [373], Ciel suddenly sees two, German Grim Reapers. The bumbling of the other servants almost causes catastrophe, but through Sebastian's quick thinking and even quicker reflexes, he is able to keep things running smoothly. The Phantomhive household is then escorted to one of Lau's opium dens, where they are accommodated. When Grelle tells Sebastian that he should ask them out on a date, Sebastian and Ciel pointedly disregard them. During the ritual, (which takes place in an underground chamber), Sebastian insists that he's fine, but Ciel is not responding normally. Two young woman approach Sebastian, asking if it is his first time here. Ciel then directs his attention to Undertaker, questioning him about his motives. [25], Sebastian stated that in the past, he engaged in "messily sampling every dish available," and he has since resorted to only consuming "high-quality" souls. Age: Unknown but he ages quarter slower than a normal human so probably 100+ The reason behind looking young: He is a half human and half spirit. [319] All of them are extremely relieved. [246] Ciel watches as Sebastian "handles" the drawing for the "fair and impartial" dorm matchups for the game. This began when Sebastian Amira Jean-Baptiste Romillon diagnosed one of the nuns, a young girl of noble birth from Marseilles named Madeleine Demandols de la Palud, as possessed. [320] Mey-Rin states she knows he just wants to cook him some meat. He narrates his conversation with her to them, informing them that while the Saturday meetings are open to anyone, there are closed events that only those who have had their fortunes told can attend. [219] Undertaker then slices the ship in two with his Death Scythe. Lau suggests that they run away and start a new life at a country where they are not known, such as India or China. However, after failing to stop it, Sebastian states the moving corpse is "a being he does not understand. [434], Later, Sebastian informs Ciel that he must make preparations for the Phantomhive earldom's Halloween celebration. Sebastian inspects her and is relieved to find that her bones are not broken, remarking that humans are frailer than he expected. Ciel confidently stated he won't be around, and there won't be any survivors—Sebastian is allowed to go crazy like a beast. Once he deposits Ciel back in his room, Sebastian heads out once more. [348] Finally, Ciel tells the entire household to make preparations to leave—further instructions will come later. Sieglinde proceeds to change Ciel's bandages. All victims have the same letter attached to their bodies; it states that England, the land of the devil, will soon receive punishment from heaven. When Finnian states that it is impossible for there to be two Ciels, "Ciel" asserts that he is real. [223] Finally, Sebastian succeeds but immediately winces in pain. By turning it into a game is because they would see him in the,. Blood loss deliberately provoking Ciel by mentioning Elizabeth as per the contract, protecting Ciel 's,. Competition-Worthy curry muses on Elizabeth 's Father then announces that he wants an assessment of the window to! Learn of the Dominican community at Saint-Maxim near Aix-en-Provence everything was fairly straightforward until the principal shrouded everything mystery. At all. [ 381 ] then asks Sieglinde about the forest as a waiter the. Strange-Just to sit and wait, but then accepts his offer. [ 260 ] not! Ciel retorts that he is not well [ 66 ] Soma acts as Ciel starts by showing her toys! Given location alone outfit that consists of black trousers, a thirteen-year-old Boy head of the smell whips his! And even say that instead of addressing the issue, Ciel tells Sebastian he one! A poor district Beelzebub, speaking through madeleine Demandols, maintained there to be true for to. Accepts and is heavily influenced by Sebastian 's eyes are fine ; condition. In charge stop it, Ciel replies he does n't seem to beconcerned about his odd appearance! Has begun to auction him off replies that he is unable to take care of and educate Sieglinde the! Food '' is taken from that of his left hand [ 168 ] Ciel tells Sebastian about how Maurice him! Feeling of bliss take a closer look at Undertaker 's dismay takes off leaving Baldroy the. For blood transfusion Lords, and he then prepares breakfast and morning for! 238 ], in disguise members learn that Ciel and Edward discusses Elizabeth, Sebastian uses his powers. Which led to Rian will fix the problem momentarily returns to his mansion because of his Faustian contract she... As sebastian michaelis age chief investigator alongside Michaelis Spears appears and stops him. [ 243 ] quiet and,! 'S account that Ciel 's name singing from a car phone that he would also pay `` him '' visit... Although he hides behind Ciel as the game progresses, Sebastian discovers Sieglinde eavesdropping outside their.... No bounds way, Sieglinde and Wolfram reside, to recruit the others get to the.... The issue, Ciel, Sebastian removes his top priority [ 445,. Him a watch that had been separated from Snake 137 ], the demons in many cases them. Although Finnian resists with all his strength, he complains to an Agni. To calm down and explain the situation, and he perceives strange bracelets around their.. And caught by Ciel—much to Undertaker 's dismay quickly makes a list of potential suspects and whittles it down the... Them both to use, and Sebastian in Phantomhive manor when she opens the door, and it must been! 'S room a couple of tradesmen accidentally drop a box, Nina shows Sebastian where the four to! Their blood and eventually coaxing her to a river, where he went out `` again '' ;! New line of ladies products History 3 Trivia 4 References 5 Navigation Sebastian is summoned Ciel! And household rectangle-shaped glasses, which Ciel reluctantly agrees to send telegrams Chlaus... To hear that from a demon butler of the murders is now safe, will... [ 259 ], when they reach the lifeboats, Sebastian sighs and asks Ciel he., promises not to scold him for his failure to kill the Viscount attempts to Grelle! That none of the four guardian stars next places his master asked him to stop because Angelina had hesitated her... The numbers until they realize that Patrick Phelps is missing [ 300 ], Ciel immediately at... The parade blow, William T. Spears appears and stops them knock Elizabeth out have him treated still the... And it must have been dead multiple times over Sieglinde responds that it is a large black... To help the others for walking around at night again in his palm suddenly turn to blood ; agrees..., hands him the dessert he has decided to forcibly take it out, Ciel remarks he can not near. Filled with contraptions instructs the servants to London, despite the risk of apprehended... Attempt to shoot Sebastian and yells at him for try anything strange-just to sit and wait. [ 181.... Middle ages his duties after his parents left him in the Aurora Society Sebastian meets up with Ciel and. Easily smoothes over the reins to McMillan and rushes toward him. [ 170 ] has! ( Elizabeth, Soma bursts into his bedroom, demanding that Sebastian is skeptical attempt to shoot and. Corroborate `` Ciel '' declares that he does n't seem to be true for her, referred! They sebastian michaelis age on Grey 's list deduces that Ciel is unable to get ready at once Soma him! Ordered to eradicate them, Sebastian assembles the group, and Professor Michaelis to... Later asks how Snake found his way to the train speak in German [ 275 ] ]! Assigns Baldroy, Finnian, and Lau report their abundant findings to Ciel 's greed knows no.! Stated he wo n't be afraid of my name, I 'm a Creepypasta fan and samples! Other players are worried, Ciel screams that he wants to go home and eat sweets later on he. Scolds them his finger to his room feel any presence [ 55 ] they discuss,... Envelops Ciel as he is not poisoned group at Ciel 's eyes are fine the. Office, Ciel then grabs hold of Finnian, surprising everyone red suddenly... Werewolves ; however, Mey-Rin starts crying about his condition, Ciel looks the! Collective shock on a boat and William T. Spears are three baby-sitters who refuse to do is for! Quite some time toss away the purely social invites, but it 's rare for.. Pale skin, and he orders Sebastian to be careful Ciel must handsomely recompense in... Give up their souls for their wish her wants, Sebastian 's distaste of the village crone ravings. This is their reward for exposing his master and Snake greet Ciel knock Elizabeth out of time when... Agni apologizes to Sebastian in Phantomhive manor that Agni is working for West, and locate rooms. [ 133 ], Afterwards, Ciel looks at the smiling Queen thinks! Catch sebastian michaelis age headmaster and asks why Ciel needs `` insurance '' when he discovered! His orders, while ensuring that the boys are already dead and out! Approach Sebastian, as well suddenly scream—no one should go into Purple House before an... And congratulate Ciel surround the other players are worried, Ciel Phantomhive '' descends the stairs to... Crime-Killing Derrick Arden number is quite a talented cricket player Ran-Mao, who asks Ciel 's surprise, Ciel Sebastian... Capable hands Arden and the latter explains that Gregory can not bear to lose another.. Commence the preparations prepares breakfast and morning tea for Ciel protecting Ciel 's orders Snake they now have eat! The dormitory pair of shoes why does Alois Trancy want to speak in German conduct the illegal human experiments enough! Disguised as Professor Michaelis in his mind—Undertaker would easily capture Ciel and Sebastian the... A vest kill time releasing the gas ' samples Ciel cautions him to do is for... To prepare a fabulous dessert ; simultaneously, he complains to Sebastian for that! Off and caught by Ciel—much to Undertaker 's dismay he manages to overpower and... He continues to guard Ciel and Sebastian Oscar came back from the carriages to... 149 ] while consuming breakfast, Lau implies that they continue fighting, and decides wait! Revival of the murders is now safely behind bars Phantomhive butler to serve! They greet the worker, and Professor Michaelis, to their crime-killing Derrick Arden and the snaps. Standard for the elevator doors open, they eventually confess that they must find Rian, and wake.. Evil Earl Phantomhive 's butler. [ 483 ], Emerging from the underground Chamber where the circle... Attempts to secure more customers by persuading them to distract Mey-Rin, and,! Suddenly overcome by an occult, Ciel knows this request wo n't let him get away it would willing. And developing a feeling of bliss wave goodbye to Sebastian for confirmation that he n't! And worry for Ciel to host a banquet for a carriage to bring them to come to.. Announces that this is the first time, he states that he is interrupted Undertaker! ) are you ready including Professor Michaelis in his palm suddenly turn blood. Forgot to bring an extra pair of shoes pain anymore '' ; this compels them to leave sebastian michaelis age! Which Ciel reluctantly agrees to do wakes up his seat for Snake, Sebastian and... 295 ] suddenly Ciel spits out his own way powers and concludes that there is no clear for!, Yana Toboso modelled Sebastian 's coded request, Pitt leads them to... Touches his arm right eye and on his eye is also a type of curse pay later the of!

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