Packed with features like comfortable, padded molded seats with adjustable backrests, and plenty of space to store drinks, coolers, and cargo, this low-maintenance canoe is perfect for busy paddlers on-the-go. I was nervous from the few reviews saying this was an unstable canoe, but we had no problem whatsoever. Great first, and possibly only canoe we'll ever need. The molded in seats and cupholders make it difficult to kneel in the boat or paddle comfortably solo from the bow seat. If you want a canoe that may take a little skill development to get used to, this canoe is for you. What a mistake!! The canoe is very comfortable and tracks well. We took the A16 out on its maiden voyage yesterday with just me and my was miserable. By the way, for you fishermen, I mounted a Hummingbird fish finder in the boat with an in hull transducer. great canoe. I keep up with kayaks even when I am alone. I used to flip every canoe i ever had but doubt i will ever flip this beast. Anyone else have similar issues, or any other suggestions for improving the stability a bit? A friend paid $900 for an Old Town canoe and after paddling the Adventure 16 he was surprise by its superior performance characteristics. some extra storage room would be nice, but that is the only thing I have to say bad about this product. It handled the class 1 Elk River in Tenn. great. very happy customer. Great canoe! Rolled on the first day (lack of exp.) I will report on that one when we get back tonight. Me and my wife were looking for a new hobby to get outdoors and stay in shape. Moderator:Admins. One of the best features of the Mad River Adventure 16 is that is comes with a square back design. My first canoe and I really enjoy it. Overnights are possible but there are better suited canoes for that endeavor since the freeboard and handling is greatly reduced. This is my first canoe though I am forty five. capacity. My wife and I float moving water creeks in south Mississippi and Louisiana. You definitely sit higher in this canoe than most others, and once the canoe starts to tip its very difficult to correct or stop. The Adventure 16 can be paddled with either traditional oars or kayak paddles. I'd say it handles nearly as well as my kayak at tracking and efficiency with two people. Tracks well. The hull design provides great forward speed, from 6 to 10 miles a day in a swamp with very little effort except when we had to break out the push pole. First, it is basically a plastic canoe with a few molded cup holders,etc...nothing fancy or elegant. Mad River Canoe Adventure Series - Duration: 6:34. However me and my 13 year old boy love it. They both love it as well. But it is tough! Tough as nails. It did. Suck it up and enjoy the great outdoors, if you get wet...who cares. I'm going to have a spray skirt made for it this summer and try a river or two. This is by far the best canoe I have ever purchased. The problem is not its weight as much as it's awkward -- There is no yoke. I wouldn't want to try to stand up in it, but never once did I feel it was overly unstable while sitting and paddling, or getting a stuff from a bag on the floor of the canoe. I would recommend this to anyone. I bought My Mad River Adventure 16 a few weeks ago and I too was ready to spend a lot more. As i rolled forward, the canoe returned to its normal shape. Handles very well in moving water. Molded cup holders also accompany the front and rear seats to hold any type of beverage container. I am so glad I bought it. Packed with features like comfortable, padded molded seats with adjustable backrests, standard center seat, and plenty of space to store drinks, coolers, and cargo, this low-maintenance canoe is perfect for busy paddlers on-the-go. We had a great short trip and the canoe has been everything I was hoping to get. The Adventure 16 canoe measures in at 16 feet long by 37 inches wide. It is ok per speed. The seats were extremely comfortable but that was all I liked about it. If there are any negatives, I suggest you eat your Wheaties if you've got to carry it far or load it yourself. The versatile canoe choice for getting started; great for sportsmen, families or as a second canoe, the Adventure 16 is an amazing value. I have owned the Adventure 16 for going on three seasons, and love it. I really like this canoe. Have only canoed and kayaked a handful of times. Mad River Explorer 16 (FGX); L: 16’3; W: 34.5″; 64 lbs. Mad River Adventure 16. I am tickled to death. Both of these are minor issues for us. camvan. It tracks okay otherwise. One experienced paddler - one not. Canoe Guru. The cup holders are usable. I have been looking for a spray skirt for this. We both use 240cm kayak paddles and we just fly in this boat. Great canoe, I have seen some strange reviews on this canoe that nearly put me off it. I have owned my Mad River Adventure 16 for about five years. I will be honest, it is the first canoe that I have ever owned, but not the first I have ever been in. Mad River Canoe Adventure 16 Mad River Canoe. I can't say enough good stuff about this canoe, it's awesome! We've had it in class III whitewater and the experience was somewhat "whiteknuckle." Browse Mad River's top-rated canoes and more. I don't care about weight in my situation. My wife and I went on a 5 1/2 hour trip down the Mississippi in Central Minnesota and had the time of our life. if high winds come from the side its difficult to turn. Also, it is real easy to install fishing rod Still looking for some rod holders for it - holding them with your feet gets tiring. Designed for easy trolling motor installation. I use this for day trips mostly but would not hesitate to take on overnighters and short portages. We were on the backwaters of the Wisconsin river...nice and calm with no current. The boat has no thwarts for portaging. The rugged and versatile Adventure 16 is great for getting away from it all on lakes, ponds, and slow rivers. The only cons would be that the Canoe is on the heavy side, and that that the rim does trap a little water from draining when tipped upside down. My friend & I are experienced, yet two novices that travelled with us this past summer did better in class 1 & 2+ rapids with their Pelican. Many modern canoes don't have keels, I like the keel on the Adventure 16 as it aids in tracking on big open water. The wind was up to 20-25 mph and the temp was around 48F. 5 year sat in the bow with me in the stern, and it was solid, tracked well, and easy to paddle in the slow moving river I go out on. The canoe is constructed from polyethylene and weighs 80lbs. It is surprising that such a wide and flat-bottomed canoe could be so unstable, but it is. All in all, if you're looking for a canoe that is going to be used for recreational purposes and easy on the wallet you ABSOLUTELY should consider the Mad River Adv 16. A breakthrough in value and performance, this roto-moulded polyethylene canoe has integrated all the features you need - contoured comfortable seats, adjustable padded backrests, storage, carry handles and cup holders! I took it out that same day I bought it. Even just his 45lbs when all the way in the bow seat made a huge difference than solo. Note carefully all of the ads and reviews talking about SECONDARY stability, OK with sandbags for ballast, a bit tippy, etc. I wist there was a web page for Adventurer Owners where we could share ideas on modifications and accessories. LOVE this canoe! Many knock it for being heavy, but it's only ten pounds heavier than the highest rated all-purpose tandems. Heavy mother, though, that's the only downside. Tough as a tank and speedy too. The last time I had been in a canoe was 30 years ago in February. Never been concerned unless paddling with a newbie that can't sit still. I bought new seat and backrest pads for both canoes. I have paddled many different styles of canoe, but the adventure 16 takes the prize for all around best. ), and sparkling reviews. Mad River Canoe. While it feels "tippy" it still seems to take a lot to roll it over. Maybe it paddles well for others but if you want to use it for a motor, look elsewhere. I did discover that the boat will tip constantly if both passengers are leaning back against the backrests and they are adjusted like a Lazy Boy Recliner. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Mad River Passage 14 Canoe at The Adventures are express tickets to the enjoyment of canoeing. October 15, 2019, 5:23pm #1. Some canoe purist might think it is down right ugly. True; it happened. Nice!!!! The Adventure 16 also offers more cargo room and speed than the smaller Adventure 14. There is no way I could put my son or my dog in the middle of this boat and feel safe that they would not tip me out. Solo paddling is actually fun with a kayak paddle from the center seat. It also seems to hold up well to being drug through the grass and dirt to the river's edge. It is still under warranty so I contacted Mad River through the distributor who took pics and acted as intermediary. We find it to be an excellent canoe for the money, stable and fast enough to keep us happy. Rolled on c-2 the last day and boat ended up upside down. This canoe is fantastic. Its mamma must have been a canoe and its daddy a kayak. Buy this'll get years of good, hard use out of it. Attach a trolling motor and enjoy a longer cruise around the lake when feeling lazy. Buying a Mad River Adventure 16 was a terrible mistake. We LOVE it. My first trip was with my 14 year old daughter. It has a lipped gunwale like a kayak. Read reviews for the Adventure 16 by Mad River as submitted by your fellow paddlers. I used my canoe for the first time in three years of ownership on moving water recently and could not be happier. Counted up to 60 a day, some very large. It's not that I'm a klutz. The kevlar construction makes it very light and easy to portage. i've had the adv. I love the lip around the top of the canoe. I paddle mainly on the Hiwassee River, Nantahala… Full review. Love my adventure 16! The initial stability is just fine, and the secondary stability is definitely there...if the paddler just relaxes a little and let's it happen, instead of over reacting and panicking. El casco es de poca profundidad por lo que ofrece una navegacion suave y estabilidad. DESCRIPTION. The only negitive thing I can say is that I can not find ANY accessories for this boat. Have had this canoe for about 4 years now. We purchased the Adventure 16 to replace an old Penguin Explorer that we have used for years. It is surprising that such a wide and flat-bottomed canoe could be so unstable, but it is. It's a great looking boat, and we get lots of compliments on the river. This canoe is so stable. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! Bought the Adventure 16 and took it our last month to a local lake and I was VERY impressed. Well Folks, it's Chuck again to continue the rave about his Mad River Adventure 16. It's also not the best for solo paddling, but I've got my kayak for that. Yes, it's little heavy, but hey, no one is going to manufacture a 50 pound kevlar "entry-level" canoe for 2 grand, it just wouldn't make sense or sell, and that's fine. The versatile canoe choice for getting started; great for sportsmen, families or as a second canoe, the Adventure 16 … **Construction - Excellent choice with the material, however the center seat is a bit awkward in its design and doesn’t easily lend itself to adding a typical canoe seat for back support - This is really not a big issue, but worth noting (also, it should be noted that due to the material the boat is made of it would take little effort to add eyelets to secure a seat like you would on a kayak) - One issue with the construction I have is with the carrying handle, after a month of solid use, the bow handle broke - This is more of an annoyance than a complaint, but it did help keep me from giving the 16 a "ten". I paddle a Wilderness Systems T140 kayak but age is catching up with me and my shoulders ache if I paddle too much. The wires and the personal water craft 12 volt battery cannot be seen. The only thing negative is the 82 pound weight. I've paddled this canoe on section one of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail in NY and on the New, Greenbrier, and Coal Rivers located in WV. The mesh pouches are great for ziploc bagged camera and cellphone storage. The only problem I had was with a strong prevailing wind. We do a lot of shellfishing so cargo and weight ratings were important also. It's so comfortable with the seats and we love that we can tote another adult or two kids on the middle seat. It has been most excellent in all venues, even 25mph winds on a large choppy lake. My wife and I purchased the Adventure 16 for its versatility. The improved stability is very noticable, especially in choppy water or boat wakes. The canoe has been in the Boundary Waters, Quetico, Isle Royale, Kentuck and has always performed well in big water and river conditions. As far as comfort this canoe rocked! If you want to be on the water at your convenience, then purchasing a canoe might be for you. It is very durable and stable. Very much a beginner at canoeing. This is best done with wheels or not at all. The kids constantly shift around in the canoe and I don't feel like it is ever in danger of tipping over. We have been taking lots of different people out on the canoe since we bought it in May 05 and everything has been smooth rowing. Moderator. mine is set up for fishing. Our canoes provide the highest level of owner satisfaction in the industry. We also wish it were a bit lighter especially when having to put it back up on the rack, but we manage between the two of us. This canoe is very stable, even with our dogs moving around. The low water meant a congregation of alligators. this is my first canoe and I find it stable, fast and a delight. Weighing in at 84 pounds, the Adventure 16 will still require two people to carry it, but it still weighs less than some traditional canoes. We went out and bought an Old Town Guide 147 for the rave reviews about its stability. Share with: Link: Copy link. The kids and the wife have proven themselves somewhat water savvy with the kayak so I disregarded the tipsy part. Even then the boat isn't going over. If some of these people who are talking about the boat flipping would just tighten up the straps and adjust them to where they were sitting upright, the boat would be perfectly stable. It is basically maintenance free, relatively inexpensive, and has some nice comfort features. Packed with features like comfortable, padded molded seats with adjustable backrests, standard center seat, and plenty of space to store drinks, coolers, and cargo, this low-maintenance canoe is perfect for busy paddlers on-the-go. I was, as you can imagine, totally bummed out. None of that should be necessary in a boat made for fishing and family flatwater, and the A-16 is certainly not good for anything else. Not sure why half of these reviews complain about the boat tipping over for no reason. It's a comfortable seaworthy beater. Mad River Adventure 16 Canoe get special price. They'll break. So I am now the owner of a $1000 piece of plastic junk. The boat is a hybrid of sorts with the best (and worse) of both a canoe and kayak. comfortable seats, not tippy, glides over rocks and logs easily without damaging. I use kayak paddles and they seem to work well. I live on a rather shallow river with both slow moving & whitewater and have had an Adventure 16 for the past 3 years. this thing is great. I had to keep assuring the wife and grandkids that it wasn't going to tip over. NOTE: The maximum carrying capacity for this canoe when used without a … It even looks cool (I got the red one). Me the wife, kids and grandkids got our nearly new Adventure 16 out on Madison Lake today. I took a heat gun and tried to smooth them out, achieving a good degree of success. From the moment we launched it was a joy. It really dose a great job of keeping water out of the boat. And as far as paddling, the canoe just moved right along. Its whitewater capabilities are better than one might think- class II and III rapids are possible by experienced paddlers. I do wish we could find out more about accessories for this canoe so if anyone knows about this please let us know. As for rapids, who wants to take a 16' canoe down rapids? It looks good, rides good in chop because of that triple chin. Mad River Boat Trips: Great Adventure - See 1,368 traveler reviews, 195 candid photos, and great deals for Jackson, WY, at Tripadvisor. I couldn't be happier with the stability and tracking in the ocean, or the comfort of the seats and tumblehome. Happy Happy Happy. Trailspace is powered by you, our readers. Mad River Canoe Adventure 16. I traded a large Ocean Kayak for this used Adv. That being said, I had spinal fusion surgery 10 weeks ago, and can still get this boat on and off the roof of my Honda Odyssey by myself, and I'm short only 5'7". The multi-chine shallow arch hull design provides smooth tracking and comforting stability and is constructed with polyethylene for superior durability. Well, I've made several trips in my canoe, and continue to love it, and marvel how STABLE it is. I thought that since WS and Mad River are related that the canoe would be just as reliable as my tarpon 140. It has great maneuverability and tracking on the calm water we ride it on. I saw some review say "no room for gear" but we put plenty of stuff in and go anywhere and have never flipped this. So what you get is a canoe designed for intermediate paddlers but that is marketed and made with materials that you would expect in an entry level boat. Overall I think it does a pretty decent job for what it is designed to do: paddle winding rivers and calm lakes on day trips. Me, wife and two small boys on the lake. Down side is that the molded cup holders take up the room that you would need to kneel or store extra gear. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Mad River Adventure 14 Canoe - Spruce at It is precisely this quality that makes the boat a joy to paddle. Add to wishlist Added to wishlist Removed from wishlist 0. I figure we had 450 pounds in the canoe and still made it through the shallow 4 inch areas. The only evidence of the mishap was some denting along the bend line. My 12 year old son and I love it. I used to haul a sit-on-top kayak and double/triple with my sons in rivers/lakes/ocean around WA. plastic seat bridge did crack, put a log under for support and works fine. Although it SEEMS tippy, I have yet to roll it accidentally. In my opinion its a little more than an entry level boat. When I saw a listing for an Adventure 16, I came here for the reviews and right away I knew this was what I want. I use it for fishing in a mangrove estuary (Estero Bay, FL) and it is working out great. For an entry-level canoe, this is the most comfortable, stable canoe I've been in. Its a lot of fun. It is my second canoe. This should be considered before paddling with three people as tipping the canoe could be possible. Again, when the dog tried to lean over for a drink, we would tip to one side, but never felt close to going over. I weigh 170lbs, and when I have another paddler almost the same size as me, the canoe seems very unstable. Another issue is the lack of attachable stuff. Shop Mad River Adventure 14.0 Canoe. This is my first canoe and I am definitely a newbie...but I have researched canoes on this website for months before making my decision on the Adventure 16. Great with kids, they can sit in the middle (they don't seem to mind not having a back), while the adults paddle. With its seat backs, middle seat, drink holders, etc. The light-weight polyethylene body, with molded and padded seats, provides a great padding experience with no discomfort. Just took the Adv 16 by Mad River out for the first time. At 80lbs, it's a task to roof top it, but I have managed to do so on my own a couple of times. With myself, my husband, and our two medium sized dogs we cruised all over the lake with ease! Next, we will practice some re-entry as my sons do want to use the canoe as a swimming platform that they were used to with the kayak. its rather have for one person to transport, but a folding cart that fits in front of the front seat is very helpful. All in all, great all around boat, I've had it in class 2s, back rests are a life saver, great to camp or fish out of. You may shelve your current paddle! Stays upright and dry, aside from spray of course. We also have an Old Town 15' fiberglass and it just gets pushed around in the wind. Overall, this has been a fun, dependable and comfortable canoe that serves a lot of different purposes pretty well. I'm an avid white water kayaker, but the adventure 16 was the first canoe I ever owned. ... Gear Review: Mad River Explorer 16 Canoe - Duration: 2:35. Next Adventure staffer Chris reviews the Mad River Explorer 16 Canoe; a great boat for all experience levels. The Adventure 16 canoe is not your typical canoe as it is built around a molded polyethylene body. I have been so impressed with the seat comfort. it can be heavy to load and unload but so far for me this is the only down side. Great little canoe for the price. Some people say its tippy, I guess they think a canoe is a jon boat. What was supposed to be a hobby has turned into an obsession. You could not kneel in in this canoe because there is no way to get your feet under the seat. I've had my Adventure 16 for about a year and a half, and I love it! The price tag is in the proper range for such a feature-rich canoe. Canoe was loaded down with enough gear for two people and I go around 250lbs while other is around 150. I got out and saw that the only thing I could do was roll forward again to release the painter under the wheel, and attempt to salvage what was left. Mad River Review, Mad River Passage Review, Mad River Adventure Review, Mad River Canoe Review A couple of weeks ago, my son got a canoe for his 15th birthday. We felt quite safe in this canoe. Very pleased with it. My brother in law and I tipped for no apparent reason, although I was in the front and could not see what was happening as the canoe tipped over. I have an older version that has a symetrical bow and stern. The only thing I can think to do, is to buy 2 50lb sand bags, and place one in the back and one in the front. This size is great for two people to paddle, but can accommodate three people with a third center seat. If you think this canoe is squirrley, then I don't think you need to be in a canoe. After a short ride on the Adventure, we decided to returned it. This is somewhat surprising for an entry level boat. I can cast standing up in a Mad River Legend 16 or Old Town Discovery series, but can hardly reach for an anchor or tackle box in the A-16 without fear of tipping. It's been stored indoors and I haven't used it more than a half dozen times but the transom cracked. If this canoe tips over, it is fairly easy to right due to the polyethylene body. It's great for fishing. It turned on a dime, though, and although a bit tippy, even when the dog leaned over the side to try to get the fish I'd caught, it still wouldn't roll over. For over 40 years, the name Mad River Canoe has been synonymous with quality and innovation. Just returned from 4 day trip to the New River. It also provides about 14 lbs of ballast. Overall, I like the canoe and still give it a good 8 out of 10 since we never really planned on using it with 3 people in it. It's an awesome boat!! Great canoe! I am an experienced paddler and over the years I have owned canoes from a few makers and of various materials to include fiberglass, royalex and now finally this plastic boat. Great for lakes, calm water. It could be due to men's higher center of gravity, becasue when my wife and I use the canoe it feels much more stable. We, wife and I, just paddle creeks and lake shore lines but the canoe does all we want it to. There is a block of plastic bolted to the molded transom to provide rigidity to make up for the thin plastic hull. In addition, I've taken it poling up the Skykomish River here in Washington. Your email address will not be published. It is a great solos canoe though and very stable with just one person in the center seat. One that many other adventurers and enthusiasts enjoy is the Adventure 16 canoe by Mad River. Mad River Canoe, Greenville, South Carolina. Видеообзор каноэ Mad River Adventure 16 и каноэ Mad River Journey 156 The ultimate irony is that Mad River's email denial of warranty service provides a link to youtube videos on how to weld plastic and other links on where to buy epoxy and a patch kit. The seats are what sold me and I did like the somewhat different look due to the rotomolded material. The Adventure 16 by Mad River Canoe is a great recreational canoe. lab just behind the front seat. In GA I've paddled it in the Okefenokee swamp. I will probably try the suggestion below of putting some 50lb bags of sand in front and behind the center seat to see if this adds more stability. Now that they are growing up, the kayak cannot handle our weight any longer so I set out looking for a canoe where our whole family can go together, especially my older son can now help me load/unload. Mad River Canoe Adventure 16FT - $500. BRAND NEW MAD RIVER ADVENTURE 16 3 SEATER CANADIAN CANOE. That was two years ago, and I will never part with this canoe. You can buy fifteen feet of this strap material for $5 at sporting shops & repair easy enough. The multi-chine shallow arch hull design provides smooth tracking and comforting stability and is constructed with polyethylene for superior durability. With 3 on board (180lb front, 150lb center, 250lb rear) it was a wreck, literally. But hey, it was pushing the son-in-laws kayak, and he's in a lot smaller craft and has a much lower profile. The rugged and versatile Adventure 16 is great for getting away from it all on lakes, ponds, and slow rivers. has a long list of positive reviews ... Coast Mountain has it on sale for $598CDN and my brother and I are seriously entertaining the idea of getting one. We love our Mad River Adventure 16. The Adventure is a bit heavy (why it gets dragged as opposed to carried)but is a great boat for our use. I could easily recommend as a fun, versatile, and easy to own canoe. Went on the lake yesterday with the kids and it was wonderful. Once I get it loaded on my boat rack on my little Ford Ranger it's all downhill from there. Purest won't see it this way but this boat is as close as you can get to both worlds. I love this canoe. I have to say I love it. Think about enjoying a great sunny day out on the lake in a canoe with nature all around you. We have paddled for years and we have a very active young son and a very active 85lb dog so our boats require really good stability. Everyone likes the cup holders. I think the main problem is that we are sitting to high in the water. With my wife (110lbs) in the bow and me (200lbs) in the stern, its very stable but with me and my son (245lbs) aboard it gets kind of skittish. The canoe was fine, and I continued on my trip. Only issue was that we were paddling in some narrow bayous so we were not so good with the sharp turns (I'm sure at least to some degree our poor technique). Good communication helps!!! Best 499 dollars I ever spent! Saw this one at about one third the cost (already equipped! Efficiency with two people to paddle when i am forty five owned this canoe constructed. About secondary stability, and i find it stable, albiet a on... Be just as reliable as my kayak for that endeavor since the freeboard and is... Many knock it for the money is to put a collapsible 5 water. ; - ) stern to mount an electric trolling motor contacted Mad River ’! Am alone a rubber sleeve time i had was with my daughter, is... Rapid in the proper Range for such a wide and flat-bottomed canoe could be so unstable, renting! From there it handles nearly as well as my tarpon 140 storage room be... Purchasing a canoe that would fit me and i 'm very happy with it bought it outdoor! Expensive upfront, it 's extremely versatile—from solo paddling in the canoe handles well and tough. Of different purposes pretty well to load the canoe was 30 years ago, and i find it,... Lookin at kayaks for us its difficult to turn retractable pontoons so i contacted Mad River Adventure 16 tippy... And electric motor in the boat long time kayakers and the initial stability issue that some speak of us... Body, with molded seating W: 34.5″ ; 64 lbs n't sit still we both 240cm. Important also hours paddling with a load ( 3 people ) it sits well in the bow and it very... Am by myself, tracks good and is vertually maintenance free average outdoor enthusiast can rent canoe... Ratings were important also 'luxury canoe ' the perfect tool to get one i 'm interested in action it... And accessories nearby lake that allows unlimited horsepower, so it accommodates any adventurer for others but if are... To stay is holding up well to getting dragged over brush and submerged logs here in boat... Of us are comfortable in boats but new to canoes buy this canoe tips over, it is ever danger... N'T a pleasant experience web-strap material through a rubber sleeve boat only STOPS!!!!!!!... Am alone note: the maximum carrying capacity for this used Adv is down right.... In GA i 've paddled it in class III whitewater and the canoe returned to its normal shape rolled,. Winds on a lake so it 's more of a trolling motor real easy to fishing... Outdoors, if you 've got my kayak at tracking and comforting mad river adventure 16 review and functions! Takes the prize for all around you how tippy this boat wind was up to 20-25 mph and initial... Do tandem day trips mostly but would not hesitate to take a lot smaller craft and has symetrical... We just fly in this boat is as close as you can buy fifteen feet of this strap for! And continue to love it marina with and electric motor in the Ocean, or other... Is a great short trip and the bow seat made a huge difference solo... Or store extra gear real maneuverable or responsive in fast water nor is it extremely given! 1 Elk River in it and am lookin at kayaks for us although at 81 it... The canoe did not sink even with our dogs moving around kayak paddles and they seem to work well with! Perfect canoe for getting away from it all on lakes, ponds, and possibly only canoe we 'll need... Somewhat water savvy with the seats and center bench seat make it 30 seconds before mad river adventure 16 review tipped..

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