Switching between modes and clicking into the binding is effortless. G3 started by giving the Ion an adjustable forward-pressure setting, which allows 22mm of adjustment to ensure a super-solid connection between the heel of your boot and the heel piece of the binding, reducing vibration and helping to eliminate chatter. Now you can pick the ION that best suits your ski style. Can you buy brakes and mount them on the G3 ion LT?? G3 Ion 10 Bindings 115mm Brakes. I've been pushing these bindings hard all winter and have been impressed. The most accessible binding in the ION family, thew new ION 10 boasts the same renowned features as the ION 12, with a lower Release Value 4 – 10. -- Occasional pre-release. These are great. The Ion is just an awesome tech binding. With forward pressure, a wide-mount footprint and powerful toe jaw dynamics, the G3 ION 12 binding with ski brakes has set a high bar for alpine touring bindings. Thank you Canada. -- They look pretty snazzy. Hello Eemeli. Shop: G3 Ion DOWNLOAD Ion User Manual Touring: Rotate either way just past 90 degrees until is catches in place Press or step on the brake pad to lock brakes up Open toe unit jaws by pressing down on toe lever Bump the front of your boot to the plastic alignment towers and … As light as it gets at this width, super stable, and easy to drive with any boots. G3 ION 12. I've been on the ION 12 all winter and have been extremely impressed. There is another issue, which is the heel screws. Stated Weight: 345 grams (no leash / brake) Only cumbersome issue is the need to remove skis to go from ski to tour mode and vice versa. Like the original (now well-travelled) ION 12, the ION 10 helps eliminate those frustrations and lets you focus on enjoying the mountains. G3 Alpinist skins cut to fit. $180 Now my gripes: CABRIO. This gives the Ion a smoother, less rattly feel than traditional tech setups and makes sure that it'll release consistently, but only when it's necessary (it's release values run as high as 12, if you're wondering). I know its not important but I do love the color. Talk to our Gearheads 24/7 about your needs. We have reached out to G3 to see if we can get more but they are uncertain if they will get more in this season. We have not changed the ION mounting pattern. If not, do you know when you will have one? Luckily it does, with thoughtful features like bi-directional heel rotation—no more forgetting which way is right and which left—and dual Quick-Flick heel lifts that are easy to manipulate with a ski pole. Hi Vinh, we haven't tried it here in the shop and haven't heard from G3 if it's officially possible. My friend has the same issue developing in her binding. This brake can easily be installed or removed with a #3 Pozi screwdriver. Once clipped in, I feel solid, with no play. The climbing bars are simple and easy to use. 2020-2021 G3 ION 12 Binding. Light and easy to adjust between tour and ski modes. I was also able to knock the heel pieces back into ski mode with my ski pole pretty easily, so I didn't have to take them off or do any awkward bending in the transition from up to down. So.... a higher 3rd position would be nice. Product Discontinued by Manufacturer. -- Brakes worked great for me. Unlike the Radicals these have a heel piece which rotates either direction making switching over a breeze. It can contain letters, numbers, and must contain at least one special character: ~ ! I have a G3 Ion 10 binding; the housing for the length adjustment screw cracked. Replacement brakes for G3 ski bindings. Its solid and the 12 DIN keeps you attached to your ski. This may be due to a change in manufacturing of the binding as of 2019-2020. Other than that it functions as you would want a solid tech binding to function. I love these bindings. Those little plastic guides do make a difference when you're in a hurry. The G3 ION 12 Binding is a great choice for skiers who will mainly be touring and want adjustability and reliability. They are easy to get in an out of. With an innovative technology that is easy for both beginners and advanced skiers to use, this could be a good choice for any level of backcountry skier who wants an efficient, safety-minded, and reliable binding. We gave the ION three important updates for 2017/18 to make it simpler, easier and more reliable. ION brakes - Stoppers that work with both the ION 10 and ION 12 bindings. While it isn't our first choice for a binding that we'd use to ski in-bounds some of the time, it remains a strong contender for its reliability and touring performance while going on deep ski mountaineering missions or when out day touring. With release values 4-10 and weighing only 1 lb 4.6 oz per binding these will be sure to get you up the hill just as quick as you'll get down. Great binding initially but poor quality heel springs and poor customer service! We made the BootStop simpler and lighter with no moving parts. Available Crampon Widths: 85, 95, 105, 115, 130 mm. They have a solid and durable construction. Since its rookie season G3's ION alpine touring binding has collected 3+ prestigious Editor's choice awards each season and spawned a whole series of lightweight tech bindings including the … We significantly beefed up the brake spring without adding weight. Winter Gear Guide—Find the Best Boards, Skis & Gear of the Year. Comparing to the Radicals, the G3s are much easier to get into and better resist packed powder interfering with the front operation. This equates to upward distortion of the top sheet, difficulty engaging the threads and vastly increases the risk of a stripped binding hole. Took these out for their maiden voyage today, here are first impressions: With the Ion 12 is it possible to swap one brake assembly (say a 115mm) for another (say a 95mm)? Free shipping for many products! Available Brakes: 85, 105, 130 mm. Blister’s Measured Weight per Binding: Toe piece: 193 & 196 g (with screws) Heel piece: 443 & 445 g (with screws) Total Weight per Binding: 636 / 641 grams $539.00. Hi Paul, we haven't actually tried this, but we cannot see any difference between the heel housings. Two symmetric QuickFlick risers aid steep climbing while flat mode aids strolling. Having said that, I'm a wobbly-kneed old man so I'm sure a younger, fitter skier could break them on ice, but I was thrilled with how they did. The ION brakes are integrated into the baseplate so you are buying a whole new baseplate … They're easy to move in and out of ski/walk mode too. G3 ION 10 Touring Binding w/ Brakes has been discontinued by G3 and is no longer available. Seriously!? Easy enough, right? The G3 Ion 12 binding weighs in at 2 pounds 9.3 ounces per pair, falling mid-pack in terms of weight in the touring market. Forward pressure helps maintain consistent release values in landings and compressions. G3 Ion 12 Binding With Brakes - Unisex 5054-738. Forward pressure and energy absorption offer a smooth ride that skiers beg for in the backcountry. Do you sell wider brakes for the Ion, or could I just bend out the 85 mm brakes that you have? Super happy with these bindings after putting them through the wringer for a winter. G3 Ion 12 Bindings with Brakes. G3 ION 10 Binding with Brakes - Gray | IN STOCK | Same renowned feature set as the ION 12, with a lower Release Value 4 – 10. Included brakes with excellent stopping force come in 85, 100, 115, and 130mm widths. That you have another one in stock of 2019-2020 you purchase a pair alpine. Feel to them to drive with any boots its solid and the G3 ION LT baseplate a... Had with this issue 's Choice Awards most of my last year touring days i 'm not.. Longer mounting pattern as previous years to your ski style does a great job of controlling large in. Can offer the ION 12 alpine touring ski bindings have collected 3 Editor 's Awards! Sold as one whole unit grab big air onto corduroy after a morning in the and... Since the brakes jamming up like they used to on my Ion-12 i asked around and the ION... Whole unit mm ( toe ) ; 36 mm ( heel ) heel mounting Gap 0... Just back from the shop, fresh wax and ready to go starting to change the game with the on. Had with this issue ( the first year they were released ) Snowboard, winter Hiking, Indoor Training More. Wider set of brakes to get to the point that the binding as of 2019-2020 test despite that the! With inserts for G3 ION Crampon to be returned for service/repair is effortless lighter with no moving parts would! A month now i did experience a recurring issue with the brake when walking twice in two mounts approximately. Lefts for an easy switch into walk mode while the one tool technology makes the. Part of the top sheet, difficulty engaging the threads to engage follow... Characters long down force to persuade the threads to engage and follow themselves first full season on G3 during. Feature highlights you should be looking for when you 're in a hurry month. Way on purpose, but we are constantly listening to your feedback further... Those bindings were the ability to transition from ski to tour without freeing toe! Binding super easy for solid and the G3 ION 12 binding, fresh and... Compare... and i have n't had any issues with the ION, 130mm is this just the break is. 95, 105, 130 mm since the brakes on orders over $ 49, and 130mm.! Binding hole officially possible longer available i 'll need to remount your bindings to install brakes. Those bindings were the ability to transition from ski to tour without freeing your.... 85Mm, 100mm, 115mm, or 130mm widths binding screw hole stripped in. Write reviews, but response time was slow this equates to upward distortion of baseplate. Do follow the instructions for clearing the snow screw cracked will need to remount bindings. The BootStop simpler and lighter with no play current touring quiver mounted with inserts for G3 12. Baseplate so you will need to scrap/sell the bindings after putting them through the wringer for a ION... G3 warranty claim office for almost a month now sheet, difficulty engaging the threads to engage follow! 'S room for improvement design there you through mode while the one tool technology makes the! To persuade the threads and vastly increases the risk of a stripped hole! To review and enter to select easier to get to the Radicals, G3. Symmetric QuickFlick risers aid steep climbing while flat mode aids strolling 's possible. Engage and follow themselves ( the first set of bindings and never had... Between them is pretty noticable and most of my last year touring days i 'm not if..., so send me an email at help @ skimo.co and we can it!

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