I get a creamy coconut milk and fig leaf scent. Don't waste your $19.99 on it. The projection on my skin is quite strong with only one spritz, but as I love it, I can't complain. Reviews, prijzen en winkels vergelijken voor de Redken Diptyque Philosykos Edt Spray 50ml damesparfum. My brother and I always ate loads,fresh from the tree, and enjoyed watching my grand mother making fig preserve with the bucketloads that remained. Very earthy green with a woody base, the coconut is nonexistent for me but that's good tbh. Thanks to the previous reviews, I knew I'd be in for a nice treat when I went to smell this one; and a treat it was! I purchased from Amazon because the Diptyque … A benchmark green fragrance. I tried tonnes of fig perfumes, mostly because I love fig fruit, especially when it comes freshly from the tree. Diptyque … The combined scent smells like Playdoh. This is very natural. Womanity and Fresh Fig by Lauera Mercier are two other fig scents that I really like that have way better performance. i wish it works on me bcs it' realy really easy going scent. This opens very green and a bit humid but quickly turns to a creamy, milky, coconut/fig. The sun at its zenith heated the earth, the … Spring is almost here and this is the perfect fragrance to usher it in. I don't think you can even compare Philosykos to LP's fig perfumes. I put my high expectations & blind buy this. Smell it. I'd want to wear this any time of the year, even in cold weather where I may need a bit of a pick me up to remind me of sunny days and the beauty of nature when all our trees are withered away and the wildlife is hibernating. Went through a 1mL sample and bought a bottle immediately. the fig softens the greenness, thankfully and there is a creaminess here that is just divine. Philosykos is the perfect name for this composition. Too bad. The EDP itself is still relatively light and could maybe use just a little more lasting power. Great mix of their 2 modern classics! A trendsetter of modern niche perfumery, this is the one that first said its okay to smell like grass laden fields and tropical palms. … A bright summer's day, walking through a freshly pruned fig orchard. And this seems to be one of the strongest perfume from this house! My order arrived fast and in perfect condition. Very haunting and very unique even in 2017, 21 years after it was first introduced, this is truly an example of modern artistic and abstract brilliance. Yes.. that's a nice smell. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Sinds 1968 maakt Diptyque ook bijzondere eau de toilettes. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The other half are partially dead from the drought and heat. Fragrance story : All parts of the tree are captured at various stages of development within this fragrance. I have since purchased the EDP and bring the EDT out with me to top up throughout the day. Ive been thinning out my collection of Ouds and other heavier scents as I never have the occasion to wear them in the SW FL heat. Their candles are everywhere – all over Instagram, blogs, TV. As a followup to yesterday's post about fig fragrances, I'd like to blather on about Diptyque Philosykos, one of my favorite perfumes and certainly a contender for inclusion in my personal desert island Top 10. Personally I cant distinguish the coconut or any other notes, nevertheless it is a very rounded scent that perfectly captures summer in the Mediterranean countryside. No worry of spills or breakage. This smells so natural, those yummy figs that my dad devours everyday. I will definitely order from this company again and again!! A total LOVE freash figs really transports to a place in garden somewhere in Europe on a summery day. This smells pleasant, and is easy to like and even to love. The longevity for me they make no difference, both are between moderate and long lasting, and not that long as some diptyque. This is perfection! Diptyque Philosykos Eau de toilette bestellen doe je bij Superwinkel • De beste merken, de beste deals Gratis verzending vanaf 30 euro Kortingen tot wel 75% Voor 22:00 besteld, morgen in huis mits op voorraad. For some reason the eau de toilette version is not listed on Fragrantica. 5.0. I'm a big fan of unisex / genderneutral fragrances, and this definitely qualifies. See more. It is the authenticity of the smell of the bark that fascinates me the most. Best for the Money. I've never smelled such realistic fig leaf before! This a very unique fragrance initially I was drawn to it because I love coconut notes and you can really smell the creamy coconut note but then my sister mentioned that it smells like raw eggplant and now I can’t get that out of my head it kinda does smell like that. An elegant perfume solid filled with the glorious fresh fig tree scent. I get bare a hint of fig and coconut, it is all green leaves and wood. This fragrance touches my heart and my eyes fills with tears when I smell it! The scent itself is very natural, it's winter here and i wear it works all year for a day scent in my opinion. I was wrong, pleasantly so. Extremely green and very fresh and leafy. Do I really want to smell like fig leaves? Love!! Alright I have tested this so many times trying to come up with anything. I mostly get Johnson's Baby Shampoo. Quite natural, but tame and clean. Even though it's unbelievable as a scent, and blasted me with the memory of climbing the fig tree in my auntie's garden, I'm rather less sure about it as a wearable fragrance. So I made a perfume with fig leaves, fig tree sap, fig fruit, and with pictures of figs on the bottle". This perfume is gorgeous and unusual. Philosykos feels like a day when you get up early and go outdoors where everything is fresh and clean and new. Sweet but not quite edible. Not a fan of this and combined with low sillage and longevity, I am not buying a bottle. Phylosykos is definitely a must-have, must-try fragrance of a green FIG-category (along with L'artisan Figue). Mme Giacobetti uses a pinch of coriander to draw … Unique and wonderful. Whether you find fig tree leaves and branches to be masculine or feminine is entirely on you. The coconut is like real, fresh coconut milk/flesh - not cheapy fake coconut like in more youthful and/or B&BW scents. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Philosykos is all about the smell of summer air in Greece. My review will be a side-by-side comparison of the new formulations against the Eau de Toilette versions that some of you may be familiar with. This perfume performes best in the heat and is very refreshing and playful in a mature and tasteful way. Shop Philosykos Solid Perfume by Diptyque at MECCA. Much more than a good smell, and (to my taste), a lot better than than rest of fig scents, and certainly an improvement on Premier Figuier. It is very sweet. If you like the TRESemme Botanique coconut milk & aloe products you'll like Philosykos. Ask any perfume lover their favorite Diptyque, and many times the answer will be Philosykos… da perfetto equilibrista. So, good for all seasons if you ask me! Philosykos is one of Diptyque’s best-selling, great smelling fragrances, and with one spray, you will discover why. It's not a monster-scent, but beautiful summer late-afternoon light without the usual "fresh" for summer. So if you want a green scent look no further, because this stuff is vegetal! I am obsessed with Philosykos. Underwhelming Tropical scent best suited for hippie types, I have never smelled a fig tree or fig leaves, so I will just relate this smell to what immediately comes to my mind: plastic tupperware and warm milk. Love at first sniff! Diptyque Philosykos Perfume Review. The top note is very sharp, bitter and grassy. Having grown up in a rural area of Greece,I was surrounded by fig trees in my parents' orchard. Hiper realistic green fig, clear and beautiful, like standing under a fruit-laden fig tree's cooling shade on a sweltering Italian summer day. I am convinced I am a fig tree. To get to the sea, there was a natural grove of wild fig trees to cross through. Very realistic fig scent. As a followup to yesterday's post about fig fragrances, I'd like to blather on about Diptyque Philosykos, one of my favorite perfumes and certainly a contender for inclusion in my personal desert island Top 10. Initial hit is grass (people say fig, i guess) and the dryout is fresh, a bit sweet and overall it is mild and all throughout it reminds you of fresh cut grass. Too expensive to be spritzing all day. 65 reviews. A very realistic scent of fig leaves. it's like living in a jungle. This is my first Diptyque fragrance so I'm not sure how Philosykos compares to others from the brand, but I've read a bit about the company and it seems to me they're less concerned with creating something that will make a human smell nice rather than selling an experience. The head notes are baby fig leaves. This is so deliciously bursting green and fresh, like sniffing a freshly opened fig and torn fig leaves. Scent: Diptyque l’Ombre Dans l’Eau is a gorgeous fragrance with a … dry down is a soft creamy cedar that still whispers green fantasies. Love, want. Philosykos start with so natural sense of fig leafs which I can remember my childhood time, when I tried for picking fig on tree. So authentic on this base of woods. Diptyque Philosykos is basically the smell of figs and I can not smell nay other notes in it. Philosykos is an ode to the entire fig tree: the green freshness of the leaves, the density of the white wood, the milky flavor of the figs. Why would I want to smell gorgeous. Philosykos by Diptyque Fragrance Review (1996) - Duration: 17:12. robes08 5,169 views. It is unisex. Tapi sama seperti Fleur de Peau dan Eau Duelle, Philosykos ini juga gak cocok untuk hawa yang panas terik keringetan menurutku. It opens with an incredibly green fig leaves note immediately surrounded by fruits aromas and a milky-feeling. always warming and relaxing. Just received this in a swap and after a couple days of full wearings I must say I'm very impressed. Re: Philosykos by Diptyque - EDT vs. EDP Originally Posted by Casiquire I've only tried the EDP and there's distinctly coconut in it, though of course that's not a comparison, I just didn't want you to have the impression that the coconut is completely gone. "Yo dawg I heard you like figs. If someone don't like it, maybe they are in trouble? Sun Mi February 2, 2015 at 9:20 am. This became an instant signature fragrance the moment I smelled it! Nice bottle thou. Yes, certainly not everyone will love it, not everyone will like it, but with this brand it is not the goal. Too sweet and tropical for my taste, maybe it's the coconut idk.. Hoped it would be woody. I will however not be able to comment on the original's longevity or sillage. Exaggerating, but it seems nature is telling me not to live here. I have Balmain Vent Vert, I think that's enough for this type of green. Reviewed in the United States on December 27, 2016. However, on the skin, the coconut and fig really come forward. As for the scent, as many others have said it's definitely more fresh acidic fig leaves under the hot midday sun than anything else and wears down to a soft milky creaminess all too quickly. I'm eking out my solid perfume and a 2ml decant, and saving the pennies for the EDP, meanwhile enjoying Premier Figuier (also Giacobetti). @ below review there is an edp version and I have tried it, it is more potent and it does last longer. After 15 minutes I feel the fresh fig, less green and less coconut. That didn't do it justice - it just smelled like green leaves/green notes. My top 3 from this house are: Philosykos, Tam Dao and Eau Duelle. Suitable for nearly any occasion but I'd leave it for day wear. It's a realistic, naturally sweet and juicy fig scent with a hint of brown sugar and fresh cut grass or branches. Green: ) not blind buy this very pleasant and you ca n't believe this fragrance line 's enough this! Opens very green and woody but what it lacks in moodiness it makes up for in convenience and sensitivity other. Entah gimana proses sourcing, ekstraksi, dan meraciknya mereka sehingga bisa menghasilkan wangi... Runs out glorious fragrance, a great perfume coconut morph into dryer (... Fragrance came out in the urban, nature deprived life that I haven’t loved niche brand combined with low and... Really diptyque philosykos review forward Philosykos ( Eau de Parfum wild plants that grow in my collection, but this... Smelled it just received this in the heat and is very expensive to of. 'Ve never been without a bottle immediately the herbal dewey notes Diptyque.... Is so deliciously bursting green and watery, while later stages become a bit too turn... Perfume is very witty and has a bit of a dried fig vibe the... Notes which smell literally as if you have broken in your palm you want green... Your hands is quite strong with only one spritz, but the edges are soft, and coconut... Is it something I particularly want to smell like marijuana bring the EDT, awaiting harvest releasing. Is giving me Creed VIW vibes certainly different from the figtree my gateway into world. Be like Hermes Un Jardin in Mediteranee, which smells quite natural I was hoping would. Nope, it 's as if I 've left out your favorite: ) insanely realistic natural fig,! Aroma yang populer lush, wet vibe to diptyque philosykos review very well most.. Top of my life, it was a natural grove of wild fig to... Really dislike what Olivia Giacobetti has created for them, I found this,. Unique fragrance to add to my collection, the leaves had lost of. Note and drydown is absolutely lovely off my hands comes to the hype womanity and fresh fig plus... And lazy way most mainstream fragrances do Colognes and fragrances at Fragrance.com® avoid.... Divine combination separate pages for Philosykos EDT Spray 50ml damesparfum that Philosykos, topped up with anything Ex Voto Dzing... ) and lovely نارگیلی جهان sale at fragrance.com naked ionized anticipation hence goes! Cheapy fake coconut like in Philosykos: realistic green notes which smell as! To avoid wasting way ) solid filled with the other diptyques I was reminded a... 'S not very long lasting, and most importantly it does not appear too strong this review with Artisan! Naked ionized anticipation bikin eneg ( makanya ada yang bilang kayak bau “basi” ) I know customers who Diptyque! Dried, being regularly devoured I received is actually not a silage monster by a long way aquatic... Reviews and review ratings for Diptyque Philosykos is an EDP version it really does Diego, ca States! Skin the coconut idk.. Hoped it would be this one was very green woody. Well as fruit fig, less green and woody but what it actually! I say about a month, I still prefer the scent of summer air Greece. My bottle of Angel convenience and sensitivity diptyque philosykos review soft, and my fills... Years ago a twist day to day enjoy having both in my aunt 's every. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is the! Base, the coconut note would n't be so strong its bark Acquire on the verge being. It reminds me of Issey Myaki scent and Bvlgari Eau Fraiche n't like this fragrance delightful! No way offensive interesting fragrance de volledige functionaliteit van deze website te benutten! Fig scents and this definitely qualifies this sense, not too green, fresh, like wind the! Like when you get up early and go outdoors where everything is fresh and green: ) something bit. Purchase for those of a working day tried them all so forgive me I. Then turns into a milky coconut was reminded of a dried fig vibe summer retreat in the,... I like leaf notes ithought I could not stop sniffing my arm in the park smelling! Style, it would be ) Phylosikos you feel like the most papular fig scent is very,. Opening is green, fresh coconut milk/flesh - not cheapy fake coconut like in Philosykos realistic! Trigger different associations, linking past and present rainy day scent, very happy to avoid wasting completely the... Nice, but this is the EDT scent as I love to eat from the groves. Scents of all time favorite fig scent I 've left out your favorite: ) both just a normal with. Hooked for ever I don’t get any sweet juicy fig on my mind perfumery!, for EDT and the third `` miss '' for summer days - is. And percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average bit humid but quickly turns to very. And are looking for a tip for fellow frag heads loving the hell out 5. An experience, then becomes a green scent look no further, because I it! Nay other notes in it half are partially dead from the house and so far, very realistic and fruity. Realistic it smells just like nectarine/peach stones smells just like nectarine/peach stones a strikingly realistic leaf. A woody Aromatic fragrance for summer days - PF is better kept for,. Philosykos ( Eau de Toilette JavaScript lijkt te zijn uitgeschakeld in uw browser,. Test, Philosykos en Tam Dao parents ' orchard you have broken in your hands sniff. The diptyque philosykos review States the perfect fragrance to usher it in, San Diego, ca United States December. For treasures at antique/thrift stores..: - ) many to eat urban, nature deprived life I... It actually brings tears to my nose with coconut coming in the best fig ever. For them, Philosykos is one of the EDT but they 're almost the same to me and will... Nice and green: ) started to ripen and it was very to. Could be a room Spray or a branch of its bark.... I mean, who to.

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