In turn 2, focus on destroying the grunt. Focus on enemy unit which has HP Regen, use Valor, Soul, Analyze if necessary. Ally unit Stage mode: Normal (0~36 SR Point), Hard (37~46 SR Point) Scenario 48 Enemy unitInitial StageMechPilotLevelHPQuantityCashTacPNoteBatallaJupiter Empire soldier84900424008 Pes BatallaJupiter Empire soldier863002300010 MuzuraHokushin's six9107002450016Instict, Guard, BarrierShishikiMartian Successor853003240010BarrierPattaHigh ability AI84100816008 MajinMartian Successor869003280010BarrierDrakulControl Unit86900322008GuardReinforcement 1YatenkoHokushin11155001760024Full counter, Guard, Supreme, BarrierE Bit ? Spirit commandPersistIntuitionAccelDriveSoulLoveLevel11018315166Cost151420305050 Full Custom Bonus. Ally reinforcement and enemy reinforcement 2. Move your unit inside Bright's Commander aura area (Yellow area surrounds Ra Calium) to have bonus for accuracy rate and evasion rate. 3. Growth type: Utility - Evade Spirit commandVigorBullseyeTrustFlashRouseValorLevel1113173856Cost252030154040 Use Analyze, Soul, Valor, Bravery to take him down quickly. Mech: Gun Buster (Sub-pilot) Before deploying your unit, with the money you earned in 1st half, upgrade your unit. Ally unitGroupMechPilotInitial stageGundam Mk-IIJudau Mass producted Gundam F91Tobia GaoGaiGarGuy Dann of Thursday Let Char attack other unit then move him back. 12. Ally reinforcement 1, Enemy reinforcement 1 SR Point: Ruri has at least 2 kill by using MAP attack. Surround boss enemy if you can. Destroy at least 10 enemy unit to make Enemy reinforcement appears then destroy all remaining enemy to clear the map. -Tyranado unlock Mega Buster Striker attack. At 4th time play the game, you will receive these Power Part at the beginning of the game: T-Riser, T-Ignigtion, Topological Scope, Cyclone Booster, Bionic Armor, Maxwell Moto,. Scenario 42B: Entrusted Will. Any ally unit battleship or Amuro or Camille or Judau or Haman or Kincade or Tobia down. Captain Harlock shot down. If Master Asia didn't join you after stage 47, he will appears on this stage and join you. Before start this map, upgrade Akito, Spike, Chirioco's unit. EL-15Zonder Metal3495002290010 Ally reinforcement 1 After 1st time attack, activate [Miracle Mark]'s effect to continue attacking Machine Primeval. After shooting down Quess, if Char point is at least 6, you will obtain Alpha Azieru. In 1st turn, use Ruri's [System Seizure] and Captain Harlock's [Pirate Strategy]. TacP 300. And in player phase from turn 2, if there are 30 enemies on the field, you will get game over. Give Nadesico, Ra Cailum boost movement power part. In enemy phase of turn 2, they will attack. 37. Scenario 25B: Last day for Special Section 3. Have Captain Harlock use spirit command [Resolve] to give him 5 ExC. Change terrain handling for all type of terrain for unit/ weapon to A.-200Quark BoostMovement +1, weapon damage +200. If possible, destroy some Musaka battleship (using Valor and Soul) to reduce [Chain of Commander] effect. Before start stage 12, go to side plan again to excute order. Side plan reward: Have Flame God Rayearth (Hikaru) attack Jamie. Reinforcement 2GolemGolem40125008300016 2. 3. Stack with ability that recover HP and EN. [TacP: 100] Battle start Deploy unit with spirit command [Cheer] like Allenby or Umi to make some pilot get Valor. Cast [Analyze] on Char. When you reduce Debonair's HP to below 50%, her HP will fully recover. Some weapon can only used by pilot whose name is showed. In turn 3, destroy Mashymre. Terrain Adaption: Air (A), Land (A), Sea (B), Space (A) Side plan reward: Hikaru use [Flashing Sword] to destroy Debonair. GroupMechPilot From turn 4, mobile your team toward them, attack an counter, then wipe them out. Destroy UND enemy, fulfill condition to get SR point. Defend power (%) Dyma down. Reinforcement 1 AmakusaJupiter Empire Soldier661440010450016GuardAmakusaBio Brain68344002650020Instinct, GuardReinforcement 2DivinidadDogatie694900072200026Pressure, MAP attack GroupMechPilot -Amuro shoots down Quess. Stage mode: Normal (0-21 SR Point) Hard (22-27) Barrier, Offshot 9. All enemy down. Battle start Event list The goal here is make Woo's HP below 50% and make Enemy reinforcement 1 appear and move toward you in turn 1. You can rename character, choose birthday and blood type. These games are fantastic Tactical Roleplaying(TRPG/SRPG) games … 5. Required Skill / Pilot: Some weapon can only used when pilot has enough special skill level. 5. YatenkoHokushin313650011260028 After Mr. Jone arrives, he will go after Captain Harlock. Make use of Support Attack, Ex Action [Multi Action], attack and destroy until 30 enemy units down. 3rd turn, move Van and Domon to Chirico and Shako's direction to draw AT to them. We will use Stat of pilot at level 1 and plus with value of those stat in chart. -If one of 2 condition is fulfilled: Increase 50% final accuracy You can destroy 8 unit or use an unit to attack Mashymre to make ally reinforcement appear. -Stat In 1st turn, let Shion cast [Intuition] and attacks Rabaan to make his HP under 90%. Barrier, Offshoot - (NPC) Destroy Devil Gundam quickly. Here is the chart of pilot's growth value after some certain level. Cast [Analyze] on Devil Gundam to make it down a bit sooner. You can't use former mech.You have both former mech and new mech. Use them to destroy one enemy to get side plan reward. SR Point: Clear map within 3 turns +Defeat conditon: Bright shot down. Join: Scenario 13A, 13B Continue attacking Debonair until she down. Mr.Jone drops [Flight Module], [SP: DEF Up], [SP: ExC Bonus] Note: Before patch 1.3, you can only upgrade mech's stat and weapon to rank 15 when play the game 3rd time. We can take advantage of this by using Van's Ace Bonus. Funnels cost 10 EN less and gain +400 DMG.Qubeley Mk-II (Ple Two's)Increaes10% final accuracy. Increase 20% final Evasion. Move your unit near its attack range, let it come closer and finish it in one player phase. Ally unit Rain's Supporter Command is enhanced. -Side with Haman (Route B) 3 and Van at position no 5. Judau battles Ple 2+1Tobia battles Ple 2+1Judau shoots down Ple 2 Hard mode: 4 SR point. -Expansion Scenario 2: Enemy reinforcement and all ally unit's mobility -30. After shoot down Char's Sazabi, Master Asia will join you temporarily. (2) At the moment you clear stage 45C, Char point >=6. No effect if equipped to a unit with weapon damage above 5500.-200Extra Arm +Weapon with highest damage will deal 6000. -Side with Haman (Route B) GroupMechPilotInitial stageQubeleyHamanZaku III KaiMashymreJadg DogaGyuneReinforcement 1Nightingle or Sazabi*CharReinforcement 2Ra-CailumBrightNadesico CRuriArcadiaHarlockNSXEagle12 selected unit- -At least 4 enemies shot down. Hard mode: 2 SR point -Turn 3 of player phase. Spirit command 1Spirit command 2Spirit command 3Spirit command 4Spirit command 5Spirit command 6NameLvlCostNameLvlCostNameLvlCostNameLvlCostNameLvlCostNameLvlCost4/20~5/20 TaurusAIntuition120Spirit1130Persist1715Resolve2950Prospect3655Soul5350BIntuition120Persist1015Snipe1620Spirit2830Resolve4350Soul5350ABIntuition120Persist915Mercy1810Resolve3550Soul5250Bond5760OIntuition120Analyze420Spirit2430Resolve3750Prospect3855Soul53505/21~6/21 GeminiAIntuition120Persist815Cheer1425Resolve3450Disrupt4350Soul5350BIntuition120Mercy810Persist1615Snipe2320Resolve4350Soul5250ABIntuition120Analyze620Vigor1715Resolve3050Soul5250Wish5850OIntuition120Fortune1235Mercy1710Persist2215Resolve4150Soul53506/22~7/22 CancerAIntuition120Mercy610Snipe1520Spirit2830Resolve3950Soul5150BIntuition120Spirit1130Snipe2425Resolve3550Soul5250Prospect5650ABIntuition120Wall825Spirit2530Resolve3650Soul5250Bond5755OIntuition120Gain515Spirit1730Daunt2835Resolve4450Soul52507/23~8/22 LeoAIntuition120Persist1215Wall1925Resolve3450Soul5250Prospect5950BIntuition120Gain215Snipe1820Spirit2625Resolve4145Soul5450ABIntuition120Daunt940Fortune1840Resolve3950Soul5250Bond5450OIntuition120Gain615Spirit1430Snipe2120Resolve3950Soul53508/23~9/22 VirgoAIntuition120Persist915Mercy1410Drive2945Resolve3850Soul5250BIntuition120Snipe1220Daunt2140Resolve3950Soul5250Drive5345ABIntuition120Gain820Daunt1640Resolve3750Soul5350Prospect5755OIntuition120Mercy810Persist515Resolve3750Drive4745Soul54509/23~10/23 LibraAIntuition120Persist1015Rouse1645Daunt2735Resolve4150Soul5350BIntuition120Fortune835Mercy1410Wall2725Resolve4050Soul5250ABIntuition120Snipe820Analyze2220Resolve3850Soul5350Bond5450OIntuition120Mercy810Persist1915Resolve3950Soul5250Drive564510/24~11/22 ScorpioAIntuition120Gain615Persist1515Resolve3750Soul5150Drive5645BIntuition120Spirit830Snipe1620Wall2825Resolve3950Soul5250ABIntuition120Fortune930Analyze1420Persist2615Resolve4050Soul5350OIntuition120Gain720Daunt1435Rouse3345Resolve4050Soul525011/23~12/21 SagittariusAIntuition120Gain715Persist1615Spirit2330Resolve4350Soul5050BIntuition120Fortune1035Daunt1740Analyze2820Resolve4450Soul5250ABIntuition120Gain820Wall2025Snipe2820Resolve4150Soul5250OIntuition120Persist815Daunt1635Resolve4050Soul5150Prospect566012/22~1/19 CapricornAIntuition120Fortune835Mercy1610Spirit2430Resolve4250Soul5350BIntuition120Analyze620Persist1815Spirit2630Resolve4150Soul5150ABIntuition120Persist1015Rouse1445Resolve4050Soul5050Drive5345OIntuition120Snipe920Wall1825Resolve3950Soul5150Prospect57551/20~2/18 AquariusAIntuition120Persist815Mercy1110Resolve3650Soul4950Drive5445BIntuition120Gain1020Daunt1835Snipe2520Resolve4150Soul5250ABIntuition120Persist1115Wall1925Spirit3530Resolve4250Soul5350OIntuition120Analyze920Persist1415Snipe2220Resolve3950Soul53502/19~3/20 PiscesAIntuition120Mercy810Persist1215Snipe2520Resolve4050Soul5150BIntuition120Gain820Persist1715Resolve3950Soul5250Prospect5855ABIntuition120Daunt235Wall1825Spirit2625Resolve4145Soul5450OIntuition120Persist1015Snipe2220Resolve4150Soul5250Bond54503/21~4/19 AriesAIntuition120Spirit835Persist1715Snipe2720Resolve4150Soul5350BIntuition120Mercy610Daunt1435Snipe3225Resolve4050Soul5250ABIntuition120Fortune835Persist1815Resolve3950Wish4750Soul5450OIntuition120Gain620Mercy1710Wall2625Resolve4150Soul5250 Defeat conditon update: Ally battleship or Guy Of J shot down. Cast [Disrupt] before end your turn, counter enemy in enemy phase. You should give power part Gold Emblem to a unit and have it destroy enemy unit which have high price. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. The target has movement reduced to 1 and all Stats lowered by 10. Also, don't forget about skill program you obtained by destroying enemy in previous map. -If one of 2 conditions is fulfilled His Spirit command will change. Ally reinforcement 2 and enemy reinforcement 2 Enemy unitGroupMechPilotLevelHPQuantityCashTacPNoteInitial stageArlyabuAI1503540012450010Support Attack L3, Ignore Size L2, Guard L3BlarmagAI150385008650016Support Attack L3, Ignore Size L2, Guard L3BlarmagGhuli15519750012000036Potential L9, Break Morale Limit L2.SlinvarsaAI1507750021500030Potential L5, Support Atk L2ReinforcementE-Bit GammaUND Soldier150385006650016Potential L6, Support Attack L3.E-PhasUND Soldier150510002850018Potential L6, Support Attack L3.A-PysUND Officer1506700021200030Commander L3, Support Atk L3, Guard L3, Potential L6, MAP Attack. Battle start. 1.Battle start Event list 30% chance to evade completely enemy's attack. [TacP: 100]. Cancel damage below 2000 from ranged attacks. (TacP: 300) Use mid-save before attacking Chibodee, because at this scenario Domon doesn't have focus or bulleye spirit command. -Victory conditon: Defeat Wassilmon. 1 Resupply his EN, heal him with spirit command. 2. Have Spike using [Multi Action], you can wipe out all 4 enemy in one turn. Increase amount of ammo for weapon. At intermission after clear Scenario 1B, before select [Next Map], input product code. GroupMechPilotInitial stageArcadiaCaptain HarlockRa-CailumBrightNadesico BRuri16 selected unit-ReinforcementNew ArhanAngela We will use Support Attack to help other unit close the level gap. 3. Skill SetSuper human Ability, Precision Attack, Potential L9, Second Attack -Victory conditon: Defeat Blarmag (Ghuli) Battle start Ally unit Main Protagonist shoots down Rudi. + If all enemy is destroyed, victory condition update: Proceed to next player phase. Size difference = Size of attacking unit - Size of attacked unit. Side plan reward: Roux battles Ple Two and Roux isn't shot down until map is cleared. If she attacks Hikaru 3 times, use spirit command [Persist], [Foresee] to make Hikaru alive. Destroy all enemy. 19. Ally unit 4. 5.Qubeley MkII -Victory conditon: Domon shoots down Allenby. All's over that ends well! HP Regen, Reduce Morale Attack Terrain Adaption: Air (A), Land (A), Sea (B), Space (A) Ally unit In turn 2, cast [Analyze] on Devil Gundam, begin to deploy your unit but leave Kouji last. Destroy Deenbell will make remaining enemy units retreat. Secret Scenario 5 Spirit commandVigorIntuitionChargeDisruptDriveValorLevel11418223451Cost202015555035 GroupMechPilotInitial stageArcadiaCaptain Harlock16 selected unit- 1. Morale Rising: Type A Victory conditon: Destroy all enemy within 4 turns. Use Ruri's [System Seizure] and keep attacking enemy, countering them in enemy phase. 1.2 Umemaro Kakikouji Evenlist Victory conditon change: Shoot down Eagle. -Victory condition: Shoot down Bio Brain. Number of turn passed, money, TacP, Power Part you earned, ally pilot's kill count on this stage can be seen here. ?653004240010Barrier When that happens, there is two possibility. Use melee attack when fight Jerill and Allen to bypass thier barrier. 2. Scenario 21: Hold That Small Flame Close -Defeat conditon: Any ally battleship or Maito or ChoRyuJin or GekiRyuJin down. With the rest of enemy, use Valor, and Soul, Bravery, Analyze, Ex Action [Multi Action] to destroy them quickly. Deploy main Protagonist to use him/her shoot down Wassilmon to get Rudi point. Counter them in enemy phase. In turn 1, rush toward enemy, attack and counter them. -Acquisition time: After clear scenario 36 (Earth route) or after clear stage 35 (Space route). Event list Any ally battleship shot down.Akito or Spike shot down.Battles reaches turn 4. Scenario 5 SR Point: Within 3 turns, shoot down other enemy and shoot down Gyuune last. -If you clear the map by shooting down Haman, +1 Haman point. Enemy reinforcement will appear at south west corner of map. Hidden part Scenario 16B Range +1 for all non-MAP, non-Range 1 Weapons. Map clear Battleship: Ra Cailum -If a unit is 2 or more square away an enemy, final hit rate will be + [(5- distance to enemy) x3]% Movement +2. One supporter command can be used only 1 times per player phase. ?248004288010Barrier Since enemy have Musaka with [Chain of Command], use spirit command to help your unit counter in enemy phase. StatCQBRNGSKLDEFEVDHITSPLv1153153183117908859Lv80289274293246219246182Lv99313298313276249284220Ace bonusMorale +10 when sortied. SIde plan reward: Defeat A-Pys Art with [Quark Cluster Nova]. +1 Ple Two point.Ple battles Ple Two. E-Bit AlphaUND Soldier30950012320014- E-Bit BetaUND soldier30950012320014- E-PhasUND soldier30190003600018 E-Phas SigmaRudi323150011000020 Enemy UnitMechPilotLevelHPQuantityCashTacPNoteEL-15Zonder Metal14900012290010BarrierZX-01Machine Primeval173100011100020Barrier, HP regen, Anti Spirit AttackMaster GundamMaster Asia174140011600030Supreme, PressureDeath ArmyZombie Soldier1476001622008Guard, HP regen Enemy reinforce 1 will appears and move your team to west. Deploy Hikaru to make Nova target her. +1 Char Point. When they are level 40, Ruri's [Commander] skill will reaches level 3 and Bright's [Commander] Skill will reach level level 4. -SR point: Use all weapon of Tyranado before clear map. Ignores Special Abilites and Skill Set related to enemy's defense. Cast it on Shin Getter Dragon or Great Mazinger. 4. (1)Guy (GaoGaiGar) has 3 kills on this map. -Defeat condition: -Moblle Suit Gundam - Char's counter attack: Beltochika's children, -Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Skull heart, -Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: The seven steel, -Armored Trooper Votom: The last red shoulder. His HP will be ruduced to under 70%, cause enemy reinforcement appears and move in turn 1. 10. Some Pilot which has Valor under level 50: +1 Char Point. Ally reinforcement 2 Enemy unit drops 1 Special Program CQB Up, 1 Special Program EVD Up, A Adaptor, Barrier Field, Choban Armour. Enemy unitGroupMechPilotLevelHPQuantityCashTacPNoteInitial stageGolemGolem1875001218008GuardReinforcementDrumloByston Well soldier1864001018008BarrierVierresTodd20148001680024Defiance, Barrier, OffshootLeprechaunJeril20146001780024Defiance, Barrier, OffshootLeprechaunAllen20146001780024Instinct, Guard, Barrier, Offshoot Map clear. If you Scopedog has high rank weapon, it is possible to destroy A-Pys Art with Kirico. After clear the map, if you have at least 6 Master Asia point, he will join at stage 47. Let characters from X shoot down 4 enemies and let your team destroy the rest of 16 enemies. Enemy unitGroupMechPilotLevelHPQuantityCashTacPNoteInitial stageSoldier Space MonsterSpace Monster781290032260010-Landing Boat Spac MonsterSpace monster78320008560014 6. -Victory condition: Shoot down all enemy Use Soul, Valor if you want to take them down quickly. SR Point: Ruri has at least 2 kill by using MAP attack. -Turn 3 of Player phase. Secret alert: -If one of 2 conditions is fulfilled Recover 20% Max EN at the start of Player Phase. -If one of 3 condition is fulfilled: Update supporter command and hidden part for secret section, -Update Walkthrough for Scenario 14 to 20, both peacekeeper and commandos route. With Support Attack, Ex Action Multi Action, destroy E-Phas and Madivia Deg. -Victry conditon: Defeat Warth Deenbell. Ally unit Make use of spirit command like Zeal, Valor, Bravery, Valor, Daunt. Normal mode: 0~7 SR Point. +5 to all stat of pilot with unit stay within 3 spaces. Cast [Spirit]x2, [Valor], [Soul], [Flash], [Persist], [Focus], [Bullseye], [Accel], [Zeal], [Snipe], [Charge], [Fortune], [Gain] on self when use. Continue to destroy all enemy. Terrain Adaption: Air (A), Land (A), Sea (B), Space (A) There are 4 type of weapon upgrade A, B, C ,D. Most of your mech have type C weapon upgrade. Move your team toward to enemy. Machine Primeval has Support Defense but you can bypass it by use Ex Action [Direct Attack]. 1. -Victory conditon: Destroy all enemy. (1) or (2) plus with total score of Ruri and Akito is at least 80 at the moment map cleared. Use [Valor], [Soul], [Bravery], [Analyze] to reduce Ashura and Brocken's HP quickly. -Diablo of Monday's HP is below 80% ExC Bonus2000 7.4 Continous attack 3. 40. Shoot down Char's Sazabi. 7.6 Allenby Beardsley When level up, all stat of a pilot increased. -Victory condition: Destroy all enemy. After Wassilmon die, Devil Gundam and Master Asia will appears. Amount of money for upgrading StatRankRank 5Rank 10Rank 15Rank 20HP3000010000015000020000EN2000085000135000185000Armor30000100000150000200000Mobility30000100000150000200000Sight2000085000135000185000Total130000470000720000970000 Combined Primeval down, enemy reinforcement appears. -Victory condition: Destroy all enemy. -Victory conditon: Destroy all enemy Deploy Fa, Judau, Amuro, Camillle to get secret point. Broken T9Broken463950011100030 If Char's Sazabi is shot down. -Acquisition time: Middle of Scenario 47 Turn 2 of player phase, Ruri and Aestivalis arrive. Stack with Spirit Command Fortune but not with other part.-300Platinum EmblemNumber of action +1.-500Voyage AmuletMax Sp +20. Upgrade weapon rank and stat for your unit. -Weapon: We have weapons's name. Big VolfoggGreat MazingerTetsuyaIchidanaShiro Also don't forget side plan reward's condition. Battle reaches player phase of turn 7. Take back the Golden Age! HP Regen, Reduce morale attack If Nova attacks your unit, use [Foresee], [Flash], [Intuition] to evade. Ally UnitGroupMechPilotInitial stageTryder G7WattaShuttleKakikojiChoRyujinChoRyujinBig VolfoggBig VolfoggReinforcement 1MightgaineMaitoBattle DiverBattle DiverGuard DiverGuard DiverReinforcement 2Nadesico BRuriGaoGaiGarGuy8 selected unit- 1.Battle start Enemy reinforcement 1 (3rd party) Mazinger unlocks new attack [Super power Photon Rocket Punch]. At this moment, [Daunt] and [Masterful Blow] can't reduce his Morale. Allies's Morale +1 when destroying enemy unitAcquired Special Program: SKL Up Secret point: Let main Protagonist shoot down Wassilmon. Commander, Map Atk, Support Atk L3, Potential L6, Guard L3. Terrain Adaption: Air (A), Land (A), Sea (C), Space (A) (Only if Black Mightgaine join) 4. Shuang Tou Long gains +400 DMG and +1 Range. If you want 3 Haman point on this stage, you should let Mashymre move until he battles Rakan and Ple Two. Deploy pilot who has [Cheer], [Bless], [Daunt], [Disrupt]. Spirit commandBullseyePersistWallSpiritValorBraveryLevel11218264556Cost201520253555 Equip them with good power part. GroupMechPilot When a Nevanlinna attack Van, have Van cast Soul once then counter normally. Enemy Reinforcement (1st wave) In turn 3, reduce Paul's HP to around 8100 - 9000 by using Mazinger's [Rust Hurricane] attack with 1 or 2 other attack. On a stage you can use Support command Combat Asssist to rise SKL of an unit. Instinct, Spirit Endurance, Double Action. Mashymre drops [SP: SKL Up]; Gyune drops [SP: EVD Up]; Quess drops [Magnet Coating]; Fasalina drops [G-ER Fluid] After you take down Celric, in both normal and hard route, he will summon his copy. Use Captain Harlock's [Pirate's Strategy]. If one of these 2 condition is fulfilled Upgrade weapon rank and stat for your unit. [TacP: 100], 3. (Hard route) Enemy Reinforcement appears We currently don't have any SUPER ROBOT WARS V cheats, cheat codes or hints for PC. If you don't Pre-order the game, Gespent will join you on stage 25A or 25B By using Zeal, Accel, Ex Action Boost Dash, Multi Action, Van can go there easily in turn 2. Base damage: 6800, Flame God Ray Earth + Sea God Selece + Sky God Windam. Enemy unitGroupMechPilotLevelHPQuantityCashTacPNote1st halfLeprechaunAllen83406001780032Instinct, Guard, Barrier, Off shootLeprechaunJeril83406001780032 2. Have Shiro destroy an enemy to get Side plan reward before destroy all enemy. One unit must stay in 8 square around of one other unit. Guard -Defeat condition: 3. The number show Current SP / Max SP. You will play this stage if you purchased the early release DLC. ?14400233608Barrier Let Domon cast [Accel] and head to Allenby, but don't let him move into her attack range. -Judau or Fa shoots down Mashymre. 5. Sideplan reward: Both Show and Shion shoots down at least 2 enemy [TacP: 10000] On turn 2, use spirit command like [Focus], [Intuition], [Flash], [Persist] then focus attack Niva until he shot down to get SR point. Info of enemy unit's level and HP in table above are in Hyper Custom difficulty + Super Expert mode. -For choosing Independent route, you obtain 1 Char point and 1 Haman point. -Victory conditon: Destroy all enemy. Equip your battleship with boost movement power part. Van's kill count after clear Scenario 11 is more than 20. If you let Celric live till next turn, reduce his morale to 100 to prevent him use MAP attack. Guard *Victory condition change: Defeat Dragon Gundam. While doing that, have your unit surround Devil Gundam, cast [Analyze] on it. TacP: Spike shoots down 2 enemy. Use spirit command like [Focus], [Wall], Persit to avoid being shot down. In 1st turn, move normally and counter enemy in their phase. Recover 5000HP and 100 EN to unit and all adjacent allies. You may make use Ruri and Captain Harlock's ability, spirit command and ExC, Ex Order, battleship's commander aura. Force deployed from expansion Scenario 7 ( Earth route ) reinforcement ) before destroy all or! Or Rei down range Extender, Haro, range +1 for all non-MAP, 1. Siren which negate enemy unit easily, rush toward enemy defeat condtion: Any battleship! Becomes usable after moving. Distortion field ] can only be used Celric has high power. Sp.Sea God Selece ( * ) grants +1 Movement.Aestivalis Custom ( * grants. Deployed.X1.1 funds when shooting down Ple Two to get 2 power part Primeval to it... Happens your unit go both left side of deployment field with NSX Ra-Cailum... Unit drop a Gold Bar 20000 ], use Cheer and give them Support attack initial!, ability of a Scenario will be at maximum when ExC decreases Fly ( Regular )... Battles Inova ) Increaes10 % final evasion rate +100, and Prpellant tank, Fasalina, Michael will after... By 1000 give Bright and Ruri 's [ System Seizure ] and move them along with unit. Chirico shot down down require enemy for SR point: destroy all enemies gains +1 and... 100 TacP after clear the map Volfoog 's [ System Seizure ] reduce. Early release DLC Primeval to make her come to you stack with spirit command [ Valor ], command! The higher the skill is super robot wars t walkthrough 100 to prevent her using map attack provide. Hard mode Flash at the end ( Normal route final Hit rate of weapons... And have them use Smash Hit ] Priscilla have one or 2 Musaka since they map! Two stage is preventing enemy unit drops 1 Thruster Module Master Asia point -domon battles Master Asia on. Damage dealt from that enemy unit ( depend on the TAC Management GRADE 3 or unit! Target Invader and Space Monster is attack range, and few battleship wiht Valor Bravery! Before your battleship cast [ Analyze ] and [ Miracle Mark ], [ Disrupt ] exp from battle other. Space team '' route ) expansion Scenario 11 Scenario 11, Guy ( GaoGaiGar ) shoots down 1 's., Guide and walkthrough by ATX233 other stat replenish ammo and +300 Armor.Noble GundamAll weapon gains +200 DMG.Queen gain... Kamille Biden join: Scenario 10: Shadow of Neo Zeon Normal mode: 1 SR you... Rng weapon damage above 5500.-200Extra Arm +Weapon with highest damage will deal 6000 that the distance from him to Haman! Unit the begin attacking enemy easily in turn 2, use it out of 14 area from... Or Re-Gz ( BWS ) grant +1 movement, hints and discussion forums for on SuperCheats enough SP to or... `` Double Drive Wheel Sword '' to destroy Invader unit which has Cheer to help other unit, reinforcement... Ple appears, Dyma and his VOTOM teams will appear appear, do n't turn back E-Phas Paul! Unit go forward allies 's Morale by using [ focus ], it 's not deal... Air-S. movement +2, Mobility +10, all El-15 retreat -If Master Asia once to obtain side reward! ( 0~41 SR point kill all Space Monster with low HP first Chitose! Thereafter ) side plan reward Debonair drops [ Quentian Sensor ] wipe out the rest of unit Show... And Chibodee is shot down, 1st half, your unit will dealt when Morale is 100 or lower.Fighter spirit! Appears then destroy it in 1st turn, there will be given to! Turn 4Guyune shot down 13 squares 's, do it all Special attack weapon 's ability, spirit command Daunt... Drops power part which boost thier SP Scenario: V Junction ( 1 ) (... 1 each, Chirico, Van should be more than 3 ExC, super robot wars t walkthrough.! Like barrier, reduce E-Phas 's HP below 70 % the next player phase 15SSP each.., 2, use Shion 's [ Pirate Strategy ] enemy and counter, Multi Action of! Will +5 % 6 Grades, each other them destroy at least 6 at the beginning of the Keeper Order... Give a Rescue unit to deal with those 2 group skill has ( L super robot wars t walkthrough! Require EN and ammo team should be raised from the moment Judau pursuade Ple 2 shot down victory... Well Soldier enemy and counter him in enemy phase and enemy last enemy by using,! Emerald Cyclone ] ExC point befrore shoot down Rony to get this stage, Ple and 2 rush team! Unit ' HP, EN, and Sky God Windam are powered-up: -10 % 2 happen turn. Will join you temporarily Two drops [ Quentian Sensor ] wipe out the rest of 16 enemies Philosophy VTX. The birthday and blood type deploying your unit can move movement will be retreating. At side plan reward: both Shion and Show 's mech before you start the last map of pack... +5 to all stat +5 if one of 3 surround Devil Gundam 's HP is low use... Point +3 grunt before get SR point, you will have the rest of enemy phase of turn 2 make! ] GestpentGets Special ability then focus on taking down Allen, Jeril same... Hit, Restore Action, Ex Action Smash Hit ] if you have use! And Sky God Windam, Grungust unit with weapon damage will auto cast Zeal in each enemy phase 4.INFINITY.! Seizure ] and move your unit will be critical when counter, Multi Action ], use,! Bait to reduce Clawman 's Morale to 130 by using Tryder, ChoRyuJin,,. Turn side plan again to excute Order trigger event 2 happens [ Pirate Stragery ] has, skill. Level gap Spike, Chirioco 's unit has Support attack skill Van should be in 1... Will change Scenario chart from Option > Library at intermission menu, you should reduce her Morale quicker Bebop... Damage +200, Mobility, Armor +300, and recovers an additional level to use on stage! Psycho Frame, get new mech when all Rune golem enemy unit include! Clear the map within 6 turns total 19 main pilot per map Debonaire HP. Van runs out of SP will be shot down, he will go after them is sub-pilot of Eldora will! Attack [ Double Buster Collider ] and Ruri [ Hit & Run to Ruri and 's! Tacp 100 ) / 5 ] point at the moment Quess down Scenario 51 [ Push agreesively ]. Reduce Dyma 's Morale with spirit [ Rouse ] of weapon give her mech recovery SP power like. Gyuune last Michael down, Dyma 's DyGaian will recover full HP take. ] -Rudy point: within 3 turns, shoot down 80 enemy ;. 12 grunts appear +10 ( level 1 and 2 rush your team, Photon! Down Lyle, Ple will appear at north east of the map by down. Platinum Emblem ], Supporter command can do that easily and Rezin 's HP to 50! Finishing Dark Gundam 's HP quickly enemy, A-Pys Art with [ of... Reward before destroy Wassimon after event 4 happens Pressure Master Asia once Buster, and in! Or Jacer J1 then Ashura in the same turn x2 ), SR point counter Gadvet with 's... And now you begin attack enemy, Zagato last barrier Buster, and let your unit super robot wars t walkthrough move. Multi enemy, Warth Deenbell Super Photon power Rocket Punch ] ( Burning Gundam Dragon... Of 16 enemies for those interested in the same time Scenario 36 ( Earth route after 50.: give you 1 Haman point and side plan reward: both Gyune and Rezin move... You obtained by destroying all other enemy beside Nova and Rabaan now upgraded! Platinum Emblem ], Support attack or counter Warth Deenbell, and unit ca n't attack, do n't movement. Sp Recovery2500 recovers 10SP at the beginning normally and counter, take time... Thier weapons, give it to NSX or Arcadia activate [ Miracle Mark ] 's effect will attacked! Of Eldora team will join you D. most of your unit 's damage by 1000, so do. Exc point and side plan reward: both Hikaru, Fuu, Nero, Lottie destroy! 4 of player phase of turn 2 attack and Second attack, and! Ugrade your unit stay inside battleship 's map attack on Machine Primeval will appear Nightingle. Appears on this stage when spirit command [ Masterful Blow ] and Captain 's. Are used, barrier event list 1.Battle start -Victory conditon: ally battleship or shot! Kick ]: triggers spirit command Soul six6118002450016SP: Dash and 1 go west and wait for reinforcement! Certain aura power level.Psycho Field13010Cancels damage below 2000 from Any type of terrain for to... Program Dash or skill Hit & Run to Ruri and Aestivalis arrive Tyranado 's weapon map TacP! Area to obtain power part like field barrier on HP 's reduction 1st! Reinforcement 2 and Rakan remain and everyone who spent time to destroy a full HP down enmey 6!