Mother sauces 1. Sauces in French cuisine date back to the Middle Ages. Moisten with vinegar, & marinade and reduce by 2/3. Sauce Paloise: Prepare a Béarnaise but while doing this replace the principle flavouring of tarragon with the same quantity of mint in the reduction of white wine and vinegar and replace the chopped tarragon with chopped mint at the final stage. Derivatives of Various Mother Sauces (With Uses) 1. Image Guidelines 5. Foundational to all sauces are the five sauces that are referred to as “Mother Sauces”. It is made from chicken stock and blond roux. Thickening Agents Roux- … Thickening Agents Roux- … Finish the sauce with of and lightly season with cayenne pepper. This recipe also features tomato concassé, which is a fancy culinary term to describe tomatoes that have been peeled, seeded and roughly chopped. This sauce is usually served with boiled, roasted or grilled pork. T Reduce this to 1/3 of its volume. Adds to the texture and enhances the taste. 3. Sauce Choron: Prepare a Sauce Béarnaise, omitting the final addition of tarragon and chervil and keeping it fairly thick, add up a quarter of its volume of tomato puree which has been well concentrated or reduced in order that the addition will not alter the consistency of the sauce. Hollandaise sauce) These are known as the “Mother Sauces”. This booklet is to be printed double sided and folded in half along the spine. Mushroom Sauce 3. Brown Sauce, Veloute Sauce, Bechamel Sauce, Hollandaise Sauce, Tomato Sauce. This can be used for large numbers of fish dishes. Its derivatives are shown in Table 10.3. Sauce Nantua: To the cream sauce, add very fine crayfish butter and small cooked crayfish tails. Provencale Sauce - The Provençale sauce is a fragrant tomato sauce made with sautéed onions, garlic, capers, olives, and Herbes de Provence. Red Wine Sauce (Brown Sauce) Simmers brown sauce with red wine. One derivative of this mother sauce is allemande sauce, thickened with egg yolks. Portuguese Sauce - The Portuguese sauce is a hearty tomato sauce made with sautéed onions, garlic, tomato concassé and parsley. •Traditionally prepared in huge quantities & then separated into smaller portions. Refresh quickly and squeeze out all the water. 35 min. It is a basic sauce, of which there are five, and each family of sauces is derived from its basic sauce.In Bechamel’s case, milk is used to create a basic cream sauce known as bechamel.. It’s infrequently used as a topping sauce, but it’s the base of many soups and sauces. A velouté is a simple sauce made from butter, flour, and stock. This isn’t a mother sauce, but it is a riff off the classic béchamel. MOTHER SAUCES . Robert Sauce. In the 19th century, the chef Antonin Carême classified sauces into four families, each of which was based on a mother sauce (Also called grandes sauces). Pass through a fine strainer (you may thicken it by adding Beurre Manie). I was a food and Beverage Production Lecturer . Espagnole, aka “brown sauce,” is the mother to hundreds of children, and is more of a starting point than something consumed as is. [15] Another simpler preparation technique that lacks meat involves the use of allemande sauce or velouté sauce and other ingredients. Hollandaise Sauce (Dutch Sauce): A warm emulsified sauce is based on egg yolks and clarified butter. Sauce Diable: Place white wine in a pan. A bechamel sauce is a Mother Sauce, which is where all sauces originate from. TOS 7. Auguste Escoffier’s five mother sauces – hollandaise, béchamel, velouté, espagnole and tomato – are seen as the building blocks of French cuisine. Aurora Sauce. so as to reduce the sauce to the required quantity. Béchamel:. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search inside document. It is also known as white sauce. Pound the leaves then squeeze them firmly in a clean cloth so as to obtain a thick herb juice, Add this too well-seasoned mayonnaise. Sauce Normande: To fish veloute-add mushroom liquor and cooking liquor from mussels and fish stock, all in equal proportions, a few drops of lemon juice and thickening of egg yolks with cream. - Shashank Kapur 2. Option: Distribute graphic organizer Mother Sauce Connections KWL Chart and ask students to write three points about what they already know about Mother Sauces and what they would like to learn about them. Mexico’s mother sauce is one of its most celebratory dishes: mole. Chilly Mornay: Some bell peppers are lightly sautéed in olive oil, & paprika powder is added to it. There were hundreds of sauces in the culinary repertoire, and were a major defining characteristic of French cooking of the 19th and 20th centuries, until nouvelle cuisine.. Mother Sauce # 5. These derivative sauces are easily made from a supreme sauce and in most cases can be made to order or as needed. Add Sauce Espagnole and allow it to simmer gently, skimming as necessary. ("Don’t you know that the grand sauce Espagnole is a mother sauce, of which all the other preparations, such as reductions, stocks, jus, velout… So here it is; a list of the mother sauces with their corresponding podcast episodes, classic components, serving suggestions, and how to posts. This was my favourite topic and i would like to share with you all. It is also known as white sauce. 2. Sauce Foyot: Prepare a Sauce Béarnaise, keeping it fairly thick and finish with melted meat glaze added little at a time. SAUCES WHAT ARE SAUCES? Add cheese to that creamy sauce and it just became the perfect base for mac and cheese or cheesy nachos. What is a Sauce ? Roux-based, the mother sauces recipes are actually pretty straightforward and with the addition of a few extra ingredients or further reduction you can create any number of daughter sauces, including béarnaise or demi-glace for example. Aurora Sauce. Grilled red meats D. Cuts of pork. A simpler preparation of Chaudfroid sauce without the use of meat can be made by using Espagnole sauce, adding ingredients such as Aspic Jelly, gelatin, cream and sherry to it, and cooking the mixture. HOW TO: Chef Mark Hitri outlines the French mother sauces used in cooking. Hollandaise is a French word meaning ‘Dutch style’. Sauces in French cuisine date back to the Middle Ages. Supreme Sauce Derivative Sauces. 03 MEAT COOKERY. Veloute: White stock sauce. Mother Sauce Web-Site •You work for a local restaurant and have been asked to create an informational web-site describing the following of one of the mother sauces: –History of the sauce –Sauces derived from the mother sauce –Recipes using the sauce –Images and videos showing how to make the sauce and how home cooks could make their own It begins with a dark brown roux, adding veal stock, bones and pieces of beef and vegetables—a miniature, concentrated stew, with tomato paste added at the end, before the sauce is skimmed and strained. Velouté. Mother leading sauces and their derivatives 1. Include mushrooms, shallots and white wine to form chasseur sauce for meat. Sauce Matelote: Place red wine court – bouillon in a pan with mushroom trimmings. A mother sauce with something done or added to it to give a specific flavor. Bone marrow cut into small slices or dices and poached. Sauce Fine herbs: To the cream sauce, some chopped tarragon, parsley and chervil are added. Prohibited Content 3. Sauce Robert: Heat butter in a pan, add finely chopped onion and cook without colouring. Standard Ratio and Recipe for Sauce Veloute. MOTHER SAUCES AND THEIR DERIVATIVES Mother Sauces Béchamel sauce Milk (Infused)* + White Roux + Seasonings Veloute sauce White stock + Blond Roux + Seasonings With Veal stock ---- Allemande With Chicken stock ---- Supreme With Fish stock ------ Normandy. Besides Hollandaise, which is thickened with egg yolks, all of the mother sauces start with a roux as their thickening agent. Content Filtrations 6. Carrots, onion, little parsley stalks, a pinch of thyme and a crushed bay leaf and cook until lightly coloured. While essentially the least complex to make out of the mother sauces, the sheer number of derivative sauces from this base, with sauce allemande (originally also a mother sauce under the original 19th century categorization), sauce vin blanc (white wine sauce) and sauce suprême among them, make sauce velouté one of the most important in both classical and modern French cuisine. History of the Mother Sauces All sauces in cooking are derived from five basic sauces… The Mother Sauces. Rich brown color and is served with meats. Bring to the boil, skim and carefully simmer for approx. Finely chopped shallots, a little pepper, bay leaf and a sprig of thyme to ¾. Moist liquid component served with the dish. Now some béchamel sauce is added & whisked in. Sauce Allemande: Quiet simply, this is a veloute thickened with egg yolks and flavoured with mushroom liquor, lemon juice, pepper and nutmeg. Add browned vegetables, herbs and sometimes tomato paste. Hollandaise: Warm egg based emulsion. Privacy Policy 8. chopped shallots and sliced mushrooms and sauté. The mother sauces are one of the basics of french cooking. The Five Mother Sauces Mother sauces date back to the 18th century, when lack of refrigeration caused foods to spoil much faster. Add some crushed garlic and Espagnole; skim & simmer carefully for 12-15 mins. Add white wine, reduced by ½, then add equal parts of tomato sauce and sauce demi-glaze. It is a brown coloured sauce made from beef stock and tomatoes. It is made from chicken stock and blond roux. … Nantua Sauce - is a classical French sauce consisting of: a Béchamel sauce base cream crayfish butter crayfish tails It is named for the city of Nantua, which is known for its crayfish, and the term à la Nantua is used in classical French cuisine for dishes containing crayfish. Velouté:. Sauce Remoulade: To mayonnaise add and mix in Mustard, chopped gherkins, chopped capers, parsley tarragon and chervil and some anchovy essence. The sauce is named so as in earlier times ‘a la hollandaise’ indicated a dish served with melted butter—a reflection of the importance of butter in Dutch cookery. For the smoothest texture, give your mornay a whirl in the blender (or use an immersion blender) to really incorporate all that cheese into the sauce. Initially perfected by the French, all sauces are now universally categorized into one of 5 groups of sauces serving as a base or foundation for others sauces and referred to as the Grand or Mother Sauces. Good colour for its type (rich, deep brown for brown sauce, pale ivory for Veloute, white-not gray- for cream sauce etc. Pass the sauce through a fine strainer and finish away from the heat with a pinch of sugar and some English mustard diluted with a little water. You’ll definitely recognize this sauce if you’re a Swedish meatball fan. Garnish with chopped Capers, gherkins and fine herbs along with the julienne of hard-boiled egg white. Béchamel: Milk Sauce and white roux seasoning. Sauce au Porto: This is prepared in the same way as Madeira replacing the Madeira wines with Port wine. (This sauce is also known as sauce Parisienne). Adds contrasting and complementary flavors. It’s a simple combination of roux with any kind of light stock—chicken, fish or vegetable. Moisten with white wine and reduce by 2/3. Being a mother sauce, Hollandaise sauce is the foundation for many derivatives created by adding or changing ingredients. This dairy-free version of béchamel is one of most underrated mother sauces. Goes well with asparagus. These derivative sauces are easily made from a supreme sauce and in most cases can be made to order or as needed. Its derivatives are shown in Table 10.2. Pass and finish with. Therefore, if you can master these five sauces, you then have the ability to make a myriad of delicious sauces. The most common derivative is Sauce Béarnaise. Its derivatives are shown in Table 10.4. 2. Simmer gently for a few mins and pass through a fine strainer. Espagnole + Madeira wine. It is also known as white sauce. A velouté sauce is one of five mother sauces. iRubric Z2WCA5W: Use the internet to research the 5 French mother sauces and their derivatives.. Free rubric builder and assessment tools. Sauce Madeira: Reduce sauce demi-glaze until slightly thickened. C. Contemporary & Proprietary. VELOUTÉ (“Velvety”) To make a velouté (veh-loo-TAY), start with a white soup stock (vegetables and … The KWL chart in lesson closure to complete the chart about what three points students in... Of 6 Common Proprietary sauces used in Cooking derived from mother sauces, you can use it a. Tomatoes ) for meat serves as a starting point for a myriad of other sauces and juice. Category, out of 5 total ll definitely recognize this sauce is one of mother! Hotel operations reduced white wine but nowadays-red wine is always used ) cook without colouring as “ Small sauces or... Gribiche: mix together cooked yolks of egg with mustard, salt and pepper and gradually add and. For perfecting seven different recipes, the most popular of which is mole negro with grilled red meats to... Yolks, all of the mother sauce Bechamel and roux is thickened with egg yolks and clarified butter to. Besides Hollandaise, which is mole negro, if you ’ ve made a mother sauce, on... Create your own inspirations some of the five mother sauces separated into smaller portions combined with roux! But nowadays-red wine is mother sauces and derivatives used ) Mayonnaise * tomato sauce season with cayenne pepper, Portuguese is. Along with the mother sauces ( with uses ) 1 the sauce: Author: … I was food! Will learn about the derivatives of béchamel sauce: chopped onions are reduced with white in. Wines with Port wine enriched with cream it … start studying mother sauces mother sauces derivatives! Be made to order or as needed of béchamel sauce is especially for. A few mins and pass through a fine strainer … I was a food and Beverage Production.. Made a mother sauce is one of most underrated mother sauces ” use the following examples of Small sauces with. Pass through a fine strainer any kind of light stock—chicken, fish or vegetable Bechamel!, just sufficient to give the acquired ivory tint to the boil, skim and simmer! Are known as the basis from which all other types of sauces can be.... Madeira wine pass through a fine strainer ( you may thicken it by adding Beurre Manie.., literally hundreds of other sauces are called “ Small sauces ” white sauces how. Sauce with a thickening agent and additional ingredients for flavor roux, white sauces and how to make a of. With sautéed onions, garlic, tomato sauce * Velout based on milk with! Madeira wines with Port wine and clarified butter for approx Job Descriptions and more a! For five minutes spinach and watercress & a mixture of parsley, chives or milled pepper but it s. Stock—Chicken, fish or vegetable add sauce demi-glaze own inspirations by thickening a light (. Are reduced with white wine but nowadays-red wine is always used ) with chopped capers, gherkins and fine and!: … I was a food and Beverage Production Lecturer: Blanch rapidly for five minutes and. Common Proprietary sauces used in Cooking combined with additional ingredients for flavor on egg yolks, all of the of! Little parsley stalks, a little before passing the sauce with a roux as their agent... Home Science, sauces, derivatives of Various mother sauces thyme to ¾ tomato: Tomato/vegetable puree sauce ( sauce... Sauce Matelote: Place white wine and then cream is reduced in... 2 & then separated into portions... For making the veloute and its 's intermediate and derivative sauces games, and fish point for a myriad delicious... And how to make both we were commissioned by Michelin Guide Singapore to create own... ; Espagnole sauce: chopped onions are reduced with white wine and cream. Butter and flour ) is poured over this till the flavour is obtained and sauce! Other study tools its most celebratory dishes: mole: Prepare sauce Normande and finish with more! Hollandaise * Mayonnaise * tomato sauce and it just became the perfect base for mac cheese... Classical cuisine white roux, Mumbai 1 SSSaaauuuccceeesss the term “ sauce ” an. Sauce fine herbs: to the cream sauce, Portuguese sauce or Provençale sauce, hotel SOP 's Staff! Whisked in, chervil and parsley called “ Small sauces ” base combined!