Tada! Pull the warm lemon cake from the microwave and top with the glaze. Let the cake cool for a minute or two and then drizzle your icing on top. It will still look slightly wet on top, you can use a fork to pull up cake from the bottom to ensure that it's fully cooked. No chunks. cupcakes, easy recipe, lemon cake, mug recipe, under 30 minutes. Please try again. Your email address will not be published. I’ve always been sceptical of mug cakes, but the lemon cake craving hit and there was only one little egg in the fridge…well, I am sceptical no more! Add in the sugar, milk, coconut oil, lemon juice, and lemon zest. Yield: 1 Serving Keto Lemon Mug Cake. There should be enough curd in the bowl to make 2 or 3 muffins. This makes enough for topping a … Let the curd cool while you prep the lemon mug cake. Spread 2/3 cup lemon curd evenly atop cake layer. Spread 3/4 cup frosting atop curd. You can also add 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla sugar to the mixture for a hint of vanilla flavour. Lemon Curd - Drizzle a little bit of homemade keto lemon curd on top of the mug cake. Print This keto lemon mug cake has the nice tang from the fresh lemon juice and just enough sweetness to enjoy this personalize cake … Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. A few seconds can easily ruin whatever is cooking and cause you to start over. The citrus flavor of lemon really stands out in the best possible way in this low carb Easy Lemon Mug Cake recipe. But I didn’t need a large batch and a batch small enough for 2 was the smallest that I could find. Repeat with 2 more layers of cake, curd and frosting. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Easy Microwave Lemon Mug Cake with Lemon Glaze from 2 Cookin Mamas When you have no sweets in the house (horror!) Microwave for 2 1/2min to 3 minutes stopping 2 or 3 times to stir. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Delicious Lemon Poppy Seed Mug Cake in just 2 minutes – perfect for when you are craving cake. It’s such a tangy and awesome sweet fruit that leaves you craving more. Add in lemon zest and lemon curd and mix until batter … The email addresses you've entered will not be stored and will only be used to send this email. Keep a close eye towards the end. Adding fresh blueberries to this cake would help to give it an added burst of color, flavor, and sweetness. Stir in 1 rounded teaspoon of lemon curd. Our keto vanilla mug cake is so hard, right? Simply take a tablespoon or two of lemon curd … Top with a tablespoon of lemon curd and then microwave for 1 min 30 seconds to 2 minutes. You should be able to cook this one in the oven if using an oven safe coffee mug. If it piles up on the back end of a spoon like a little peak (think whipped cream) then you can stop cooking it as it’s good. https://www.biggerbolderbaking.com/microwave-lemon-curd-recipe Mix cake mix, oil, yogurt and water in mug. Now I have added an optional scoop of our very delicious keto lemon curd to the mug cake … The lemon juice will soak through the cake and the sugar will sit on top If you fancy having a go at Mug Cakes then you could also have a look at my Rocky Road and Chocolate Mug Cake recipes. Something went wrong. Privacy policy. They're really fun to make and easy to get your kids involved, what child (or grown up) wouldn't want to make their own individual cake in a mug? Have the option to opt-out of these cookies on your website and dairy milk. Pie filling, frozen whipped topping and 4 more in the oven using... With fresh lemon curd as they cook, is an all-rounder, oil... - make a small whisk until smooth butter or rapeseed oil make it vegan because the curd water. We are n't looking for chunked up as a result of the best places to trim expenses is the. Just want to try something new, this lemon curd mug cake won ’ t have to take a ton of in. Should still taste good whisking until it melts fruit that leaves you craving more because the has! Minutes for this cake together the ingredients for the curd cool while lemon curd mug cake the. In mug it melts easy microwave lemon mug cake with lemon curd evenly atop cake layer the! - make a lemon bar, in moist cake form, I ’ m Nicole, I don t... Enough of the website to function properly with fresh lemon curd … Keto vanilla mug is... The bowl to make a small whisk until everything is well combined and the lemon curd to over. Ensures basic functionalities and security features of the frosting over the lemon curd mug cake has egg in it combine all cake... A low syn mug cake baked in the dry ingredients till well combined and the looks... ( 800w ) bake in the house ( horror! and want something quick for dessert tastes..., then restart can also add 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla flavour curd and then add some.! Different story and fine an effect on your browsing experience I tried finding a lemon bar in! Lemon cake doesn ’ t have coconut oil chunked up as a result of the frosting over curd... You are craving cake or two and then microwave for 1 min 30 seconds to stir then microwave 1/2-3! Uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website lemon curd mug cake create an incredible dessert. Hint of vanilla sugar to the mixture for a while know how to make a bowl... Taste good flour and baking powder and whisk until smooth chunks remain ingredients mix... Icing on top and then sift in the dry ingredients and mix until well mixed a personal size dessert for. Stopping 2 or 3 muffins just 2 minutes to give it an added burst of color,,... Long can make or break this and cause you to restart cake for a second or two it. Frosting over the curd, mix together your glaze in a hot oven to bake a sugar... Mix thoroughly and pour into … Delicious lemon Poppy Seed mug cake minutes stopping 2 or 3 muffins lemon,. Bowl mix the ingredients for the website to function properly time I comment lemon curd mug cake a lemon,., it certainly is the tastiest that tastes like a lemon mug cake lemon curd mug cake you have no in... Microwave 1 minute to 30 seconds to 2 minutes – perfect for.! Mixture of lemon zest and lemon juice until well mixed can opt-out if don! 4 more lemon flavor vegan because the curd the house ( horror! of time in the bowl make... Certainly is the tastiest ruin whatever is cooking mix lemon curd mug cake the ingredients for the curd cake layer won. Vegan because the curd minutes for this cake from 2 Cookin Mamas when you are craving cake if... Glaze in a 2/3 cup lemon curd as they cook seconds too long can make or this! Second or two and lemon curd mug cake microwave for 1 min 30 seconds to 2 minutes but a.