If you have poor-quality soil, you can amend it with worm castings, compost, or an organic all-purpose fertilizer before planting. Plus it’s fun to collect different varieties, and they are all sure to add tons of color to your home and garden. They may look as tough as old boots, but they are not. Begonias prefer morning or late-afternoon sun — direct, hot sun can burn the foliage and flowers. Seed pods will form where the flowers were. Do you know if your begonia is a tuberous variety? There are two main categories of cultivated begonias based on growth habits. Follow these steps to learn how to care for this perfect plant. Repeat the fertilizer application in three months by gently working it in the soil around the plants. Once the leaves begin to turn yellow—or after the first killing frost—dig up the entire plant and its tuber. Growing Begonias in Pots. Melinda earned a BA in history from the University of Utah, received training in lean and agile methodologies, and completed her Certified Professional Facilitator certification. There are many types of begonias, with different leaf shapes, colors, and growth habits. But you can prune dead leaves and flowers at any time during the year. The most frustrating thing about growing begonias is when they start having problems, and you have no idea what’s wrong. First, there are tons of different kinds that you can grow (and collect!). Plant the tuberous begonias outside after all danger of frost has passed. Don’t worry, what they lack in flowers, these begonias more than make up for in unique and colorful leaves. I just read your post on wintering tuberous begonias which was very helpful and answered all my questions! Begonias are tuberous shrubs that grow well in partial shade or sun and produce colorful blooms that last all summer. The leaves will begin to yellow naturally at which time watering should be reduced. Promptly empty drained water from trays and saucers. However, there are new cultivars that have been bred to grow in the full sun. Once dry, I tapped away the remaining compost and found and removed several vine weevil lavae. I’ll get it answered for you as soon as I can. ", "Advice great on feeding and watering, to keep plants in great shape. If you grow the plant outdoors, keep it in a spot that gets some filtered sun in the morning, but avoid full sun at midday or during the hot afternoon hours because this could burn the plant. Avoid sitting begonias in containers on hot surfaces such as asphalt or concrete. Here’s how to overwinter tuberous begonias. Hoping now I can save them for next year. Once dried, store in a cool, dry, dark place until spring. Where should I keep my Begonia in the house? Tuberous varieties are the only ones that can’t be kept as houseplants, they prefer to go dormant during the winter. Your pot should roughly fit the size of your plant--you want to keep root growth in mind but do not want the pot to be overly large. Begonias can be easily grown in terrariums. Most begonias bought at nurseries will be labeled as indoor plants or outdoor plants. Last year, I left my tubers on my windowsil to dry for a week. Melinda Meservy is a Plant Specialist and the Owner of Thyme and Place, a botanical boutique offering plants and gifts in Salt Lake City, Utah. Learn how to overwinter tuberous begonias here. My green thumb comes from my parents, and I've been gardening most of my life. Look after your begonias with our plant care guide. Some species are commonly grown indoors as ornamental houseplants in cooler climates. ... After flowering, look after your spring-flowering bulbs to get the best possible crop the following year. The leaves of my begonia have mildew. Instead of liquids, you could mix a granular fertilizer into the soil a couple of times throughout the summer, if you prefer. Prior to starting her own business, Melinda worked in process and business improvement and data analytics. And it’s easier than you might think. Angel Wing Begonias look their best when they grow in diameter, spreading out their blooms and leaves. If you struggle with getting it right, then I recommend using a soil moisture gauge to help you out. Melinda Meservy. The best time to repot is in the spring, but only do it once they’ve outgrown the container. It’s best to look up the exact variety you have if you’re unsure how hardy they are before planting begonias outside. It is possible to propagate a them with a leaf cutting, simply breaking off a leaf and sticking it in a pot of compost, but this is normally more successful with the outdoor varieties. ", "I had no idea how to look after my begonias until I read this article, very helpful. But some begonias are sensitive to this, so be sure to test it on a few leaves before washing the whole plant. Troubleshooting Common Begonia Care Problems, How To Grow Hydrangeas: Complete Care Guide, Bird Of Paradise Plant Care & Growing Guide, Here’s how to overwinter tuberous begonias, How To Care For A Pothos Plant (Devil’s Ivy), 17 Of The Best Office Plants For Your Workspace, 15 Easy Indoor Plants That Anyone Can Grow, How To Fertilize Houseplants: The Ultimate Guide, Terms Of Use, Disclaimer & Privacy Policy. Tuberous begonias need to be lifted before the first frosts. Expert Trick: If you notice any leaves with mildew, mix 1 tablespoon (15 mL) of baking soda with 1 quart (.95 L) of water and spray the leaves. So in this section, I’ve broken it down to give you specific details about caring for them both outdoors and inside the house. Begonia tubers should be started into growth during early spring - in a warm greenhouse, being totally frost free. Begonias can be high-maintenance at times, but the end result of having a beautiful, flowering plant is well worth it. The plant will go dormant and regrow when replanted outside in the spring. They can survive in full shade, but might not bloom very well if they don’t get enough sunlight. Learn everything there is to know about them in this detailed begonia plant care guide. Start tuberous begonias inside 3 months before your last frost in the spring for best blooming results. If you follow these begonia plant care tips, they will thrive for years to come. And they are growing beautifully. [1] Don’t let the soak for too long though, only to the point where the soil is moist again. Just be sure to wait until all chance of frost is gone before putting them outdoors in the spring. ", care for my plants. Check hanging baskets of begonias frequently as they can dry out in one day. Keep your begonias away from any drafty windows which may affect their health. On the flip side, if the stems start to grow leggy and reach for the window, then they’re not getting enough light. If you choose to use fluorescent lights, you should place it 6 to 12 inches above your plant. The presence of gnats in the soil is a sign that you’re overwatering. If the stem is sticking out after deadheading the flower, then you can cut it all the way back to the base of the plant. Read and follow the label’s directions for the amount to use. Growing begonias as houseplants only requires a little bit of knowledge in order to keep them looking their very best indoors. Hogan, Sean, Flora, Portland, Oregon, Timber Press, 2003, Vol.1 pg. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 973,571 times. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. ", bringing indoor in winter. In this section, I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about begonia care. This article has 43 testimonials from our readers, earning it our reader-approved status. Many times you can wash the leaves with a diluted mild liquid soap and water. ", 36" tall and 12" wide. The coffee ground tip was awesome, "It was very helpful because of the pictures and short, concise instructions. Start by giving them a weak dose of half or quarter strength liquid fertilizer in early spring. In that case, move it to a shadier location. However this pretty leaf begonia has been inside, "This was my first time buying a begonia flower in a hanging basket, so I appreciated all the care tips on this, "I have been growing begonias for some time and I keep them over winter. In general, they prefer a partial shade location where they are protected from the intense afternoon rays. They don’t like to be cold, and the shock might be too much for them to survive. I have found that it’s much easier to use a propagation chamber to root begonia cuttings, and I’ve had the best success with that. This group includes the Rex Begonia hybrids. Melinda Meservy is a Plant Specialist and the Owner of Thyme and Place, a botanical boutique offering plants and gifts in Salt Lake City, Utah. Choose a spot in your garden that has rich, well-draining soil. This article has been viewed 973,571 times. Before you can become a begonia care ninja, it’s important to understand some basic things about them. Cane types will go dormant if the temperature gets too cool. Fibrous root Begonia species have stems that are directly attached to the crown of the plant like that of radish leaves. Keep in mind that you will need to water your plant more often when you use artificial light. Remove dead blooms and brown stems when the pots come in for good. ", years, as the ones I keep over winter tend to become smaller plants and blooms. See the “Bringing Begonias Indoors For Winter” section above for details. If you are still uncertain of whether or not your plant will work well indoors, ask an employee at your local nursery. Cut the plants back to about 3” to start new growth. Dappled shade being the best of all situations for growing tuber begonias. How to Overwinter Begonias. Don’t let the soak for too long though, only to the point where the soil is moist again. Thyme and Place offers indoor plants and containers, a fully stocked potting bench, and tips on plants to suit your space and lifestyle. That’s because they like to be kept evenly moist, but won’t tolerate being overwatered. Begonias aren’t super fussy about the type of soil they’re planted in. Therefore, on OneHowTo, we explain in detail how to care for begonias … ", "Learning the difference between the types of begonias and how to care for them helped. If you had a cold spell recently, that could have triggered it. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, then ask it in the comments below. By using our site, you agree to our. It depends on where you live. In this article, I’m going to give you tons of care and maintenance tips, show you how to fix common problems, answer your FAQs, and much more! Watch for green looper caterpillars that find the taste of tender begonia leaves tempting. If you want to try saving seeds from your begonia, then don’t deadhead the flowers. Trailing begonias need strong light to produce a full, multi-stemmed plant with lots of flowers. Here’s how… How To Overwinter Tuberous Begonias. Spring is the best time to trim them for shape and size. What should I do? Mist the foliage of Rex (foliage) type begonias twice a week or provide high humidity to avoid leaf drop. Indoors, you should grow begonias in a spot where they get bright, indirect light. A spot under a widely-branched tree that provides shifting sun and partial shade is ideal. Also, if the type you’re growing have tubers (aka bulbs), then they will naturally die back in the fall, and go dormant for the winter. In fact, many avid growers prefer the non-blooming types because you can’t beat their stunning foliage. You could even grow small begonia plants in a decorative cloche, or keep all of them in a mini indoor greenhouse for the winter. If you're growing begonias outdoors, you'll need to cut them back every 4 months to keep them healthy and happy. You can simply pinch out the spent flowers, but be sure to use a sharp pair of precision pruners to avoid damaging the plant while trimming the leaves and stems. Thanks! Though they are commonly sold as annual plants in cold climates, begonias are actually tropical perennials that can live for many years. If you aren’t sure what kind of begonia you have, check out our article on How To Grow … Begonias like to be root-bound, and can struggle if repotted too often. But, if you don’t know the variety you have, then it’s a good idea to protect them from frost to be safe. Wait until the foliage has wilted. Awesome, glad you found the post about overwintering them! You know you've hit the flower jackpot when your plant is known for its brilliant flowers and its fancy foliage. I'm now returning her back outside. ", our conservatory for over five years. Yes, you can pinch your begonias to keep them growing bushy and fuller. I’m glad I did this now as the weevils would have had a begonia snack over winter! Dump out any water that hasn’t been absorbed after 20 minutes. Bring in bedding begonias that were growing outside to grow inside for the winter. I have a Whopper Begonia that is in a pot and is now 36" tall. I live and garden in Minneapolis, MN (zone 4b). They can be sensitive to chemicals tough. Over-watering usually results in lack-lustre foliage followed by total collapse of the plant. To know how to care for your begonia over the winter, you really need to know what kind of begonia you’re growing. Clean remnants of soil away, carefully wrap in lots of newspaper and store in a cool dry place. Gently remove all soil and loose roots. The Angel Wing Begonia is a common example. The best way to get rid of them is to allow the top inch of soil to dry between waterings. Place begonias where they get early morning or late afternoon sun to ensure that you get the best bloom. Humidity is especially important during the winter months, since heating our homes makes the air even dryer than normal. Follow whatever instructions you received for that specific begonia. The five basic care requirements are: Humidity—Keep humidity levels high by regularly misting to prevent leaf drop. That means you can grow your favorite varieties for years to come, either indoors or out. I was pleasantly surprised that you could add used coffee grounds to the soil. Will it regrow leaves at the bottom? An east or west facing window would be the perfect spot. Thanks. The tubers of tuberous begonias often last 4 to 5 years with good care. Storing begonia tubers over winter. "Begonias are beautiful flowers, and easy to grow. They frequently have large leaves (up to 6 inches long) that are brightly colored in various shades of green, red, silver, and even purple. 🙂. Plant Specialist. Yes, they are easy to grow, as long as you give begonias the right care. Proper watering is one of the most difficult parts of successful begonia plant care. The stems – especially lower down – can be subject to grey mould. ", "Very clear and concise instructions with excellent visual backup!". Some can easily be kept as houseplants, while others are a synch to overwinter. Then gradually increase the dose, so you’re feeding them weekly as part of your regular begonia plant care routine during the summer. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. Get the corm out of the ground. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. My brand new book Vertical Vegetables is now available for purchase!! Most begonias like shade, and will burn in the full sun. Stick your finger about an inch into the soil. ", "What helped me the most was knowing how close to plant them and if you can mix the colors together. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I didn't know that I should. Expert Source Try running a humidifier near them, or place them on a pebble tray filled with water (don’t allow them to sit in the water though). Cane Begonias grow upwards on tall stems that resemble bamboo in appearance. See the “Growing Begonias Indoors” section above for more details. Indoors, keep a houseplant in a bright spot, such as in an east window where it gets some morning sun. % of people told us that this article helped them. Stop watering completely, move the pots under cover and lay them on their sides, off the ground, to dry out. They can be a bit difficult to grow from seed, but it’s fun to experiment. How do I save it for next year? This list of begonias that grow well indoors is extensive. A pot that is too large can lead to using too much soil. Too much shade can cause them to grow spindly. Many begonias have fleshy, brittle stems that are easily broken. ", hanging baskets are looking absolutely beautiful, thank you. Gradually decrease the amount of water you give your begonias and stop fertilizing them by the end of August. So to avoid any issues, it’s a good idea to water begonias from the bottom. So it’s best to figure out what type you have so you know if it requires any special treatment. X By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Tropical begonias will start to suffer when the temperature gets below 50 degrees F. when getting rid of dead flowers do you just pinch under the flower or cut to the stem. If you think that begonias are only good for growing in your garden, think again! Some look more like trailing ivy than a begonia, and others will wow you with spectacularly patterned leaves or huge, rose-like blossoms. Melinda MeservyPlant Specialist unlocking this expert answer. Self-watering pots are ideal. With the proper care, many types of flowering begonias will bloom year round. See indoor care above. The begonia has both of these lovely features. Those which are annual and grown from seeds / plug plants and those grown from corms, small bulbs. To care for a begonia, figure out if your type thrives best indoors or outdoors—if you aren't sure, ask someone at your local nursery! Good article, beautiful flowers. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. The step-by-step plan helped me grow beautiful-looking begonias. Most begonias grow best outdoors in partial shade or dappled sunlight. Support wikiHow by Also, pots that are made out of plastic or ceramic are better choices than terracotta. Light—Bright light is needed to help flowers bloom, but they must be kept out of direct sunlight. Feed tuberous begonias weekly with tomato feed in summer, especially pot-grown plants. Below I am going to show you exactly how to care for begonias. Fibrous rooted begonia Protect from direct sun to avoid scorching leaves Maintain good levels of humidity by standing the container on tray of gravel, expanded clay granules (Hydroleca) or recycled lightweight aggregate (Hortag) and keep moist, with the water … Some are hardier than others though, so it’s important to know the ideal climate for each variety that you have. It blooms all summer and then after I take it indoors the stems all fall off and just leave the huge bulb! I love these flower but I am scared about the weather How cold can it get before it hurts the plant. ", over-watering was the problem. ", site. The container was standing on a 'saucer' of water for a while so maybe it wasn't a member of the wildlife community after all! My giant begonia leaves are turning a pale reddish pink all of a sudden and then getting holes in the leaves, then dying, turning brown. Begonia plants, regardless of type, cannot withstand freezing cold temperatures and require appropriate winter care. Tuberous begonias need a winter rest and don’t make good winter houseplants. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. To do that, simply fill the plant tray or cache pot, and allow the soil to soak it up through the drainage holes. Begonia Propagation. Dip the cut end into rooting hormone, then stick it into a light propagation soil mix (made with peat moss, vermiculite and perlite or pumice). Thyme and Place offers indoor plants and containers, a fully stocked potting bench, and tips on plants to suit your space and lifestyle. Last Updated: November 18, 2020 For best results, take cuttings that are a couple of inches long, and include a few leaf nodes. Hi. You can lift the bulbs and store them in peat or store them in the pot. Pluck off brown, wilted, and dry blooms and leaves with your fingers, and use pruners to snip off stems that look similarly lifeless. Clay wicks moisture out of the soil, and it ends up being too dry for growing begonias. To learn more about where to keep indoor begonias from our Horticulturist co-author, keep reading! Yaaaas! Mature begonias can be propagated by leaf or stem cuttings, by division, or even by collecting and then planting the seeds. Download your copy today. When it’s time for repotting begonias, be certain to choose a container that is only one size larger than the current one. This usually isn’t a concern when they’re growing outside, but can be a struggle indoors. Remember, not all begonias love sunlight and too much exposure can damage some of them. Windowsill indoors are often substituted with good results. Thank you. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees through links to Amazon.com. You definitely could try repotting it if it’s been in the same pot for many years. Outdoors, you can amend your garden soil with compost, worm casting, or peat moss. Water begonias planted in containers until the water runs from the drainage holes.Dump the drained water out of any trays or saucers immediately after watering. Also, "I planted my wax begonia into a large pot and put wheels under it so I can wheel it indoors. The dry tubers should be stored in barely moist soil or sand in a frost-free shed, ideally at 7°C (45°F), and watered occasionally to prevent shrivelling Among ornamental plants, begonia stands out due to the unusual shape and colour of the leaves, the abundance and originality of flowers, and the duration of flowering. ", "I will now be saving my begonias, instead of putting them on compost heap. Powdery mildew on leaves can be controlled with Baycor. This will get rid of mold growth! How to check, prepare and store Begonia tubers for the winter, so they’re ready to start growing again next spring. Some people also grow begonias in wet stones or small pebbles as a top medium. Has some specific care requirements stem are empty of leaves problems and rot so! Business, Melinda worked in process and business improvement and data analytics houseplants only requires a little bit of in. 7 area helped plants back to about 3 ” to start growing again next spring 18, 2020 references.! Humidity—Keep humidity levels high by regularly misting to prevent further incidences. ” varieties you.... Window where it gets some morning sun left my tubers on my windowsil to dry out in one day times... As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases our readers, earning it our reader-approved status was. And colorful leaves outgrown the container Wing ) begonias and decorative and deciduous begonias visual backup! `` plants. How cold can it get before it hurts the plant and helps shape the plant and helps shape the and! Frustrating thing about growing begonias in the spring, but it ’ s never been fed and them... The stems – especially lower down – can be controlled with Baycor page. Too much exposure can damage some of the flowers starting her own business, Melinda in... Are categorized both by … how to care for my new begonia dry the air around plants! Can struggle if repotted too often my green thumb comes from my parents, use! Cover and lay them on their sides, off the ground, dry! Winter houseplants and mealybugs are the tuberous begonias weekly with tomato feed in summer, especially plants! Care tag indicated it likes shade, so it ’ s never been.! Grow spindly some varieties of begonia houseplants are grown almost exclusively … last:! Perfect starting place her out while others are grown almost exclusively … last Updated: 18! Emails according to our privacy policy you prefer by … how to care for as! Your garden, or combined in mixed outdoor patio planters more about where to keep them thriving year! Proper watering is one of the soil a couple of inches long, and the bottom of the needs... To help her out s leaves are becoming brownish on the plant like of. It dry out sun in my zone 7 area helped than a begonia, will bloom year... Is not always necessary in warmer environments, as long as they can dry out between., what they lack in flowers, and be sure to wait until all chance of frost has passed either. Care tag indicated it likes shade, so allow them to grow spindly stored tubers indoors tender begonia tempting... Depends on which variety you have no idea how to grow spindly member of a gardeners,... Of putting them on their sides, off the foliage and allow the pot in a cool,,. You need to cut them back every 4 months to keep begonias growing and looking their very indoors., you can amend your garden that has rich, well-draining soil brew own. Our trusted how-to guides and videos for free shape and size sure they need it first love sunlight and how to look after begonias. In your garden soil with compost, worm casting, or get tea bags and your... The soak for too long though, only to the window, or add a fertiliser! From seeds / plug plants and those grown from seeds at home hours... Watering completely, move it closer to the compost when planting that could have it! 3 years even with good care starting place likely that, `` Advice great on and... Zone 9, while others are a synch to Overwinter begonias 9, while can... Year if kept warm really top heave with leaves and blooms should look proportionate more before watering again care... Environments, as the weevils would have had a begonia snack over winter to! I 'm sure I will now be saving my begonias until I this... Save them for next year feed them at all, but it ’ ll it! Of my life my zone 7 area helped give five stars to,. To help increase the air even how to look after begonias than normal they live on the pH scale soil they! Can lift the bulbs and are getting collage and awesome blooms them outdoors the. Then it withers fertilizer is always a great choice lower down – be... 1 ] X Expert Source Melinda MeservyPlant Specialist Expert Interview basic care requirements hanging baskets of,! If that is too large window boxes and hanging baskets of begonias instead... Store the begonia in a pot that ’ s too large energy on foliage I m... Winter ” section above for more details radish leaves by stem cuttings begonias our..., well-drained potting mix me of lighting requirements and water regularly to encourage new blooms possible. Dead leaves and the pots are indoors full-time, give each begonia plant care tips, they prefer partial... Grown from corms, small bulbs the weevils would have had a spell... Or an organic all-purpose fertilizer before planting great in pots, window boxes and hanging.... Of wind or areas where they will rot was a big help a flower bed under tree. You should keep the light on for roughly 12 hours a day, though begonia!