Thread ignore; Ragnarok. This is an album of cards that increase your Intelligence stat. 10 Arclouze . Dungeon 1, After 8 hours Endless Tower 01F ~ 25F. Heavens Drive 5 Quagmire 3 Mystical Ampilifcation/Magic Power 10 Magic Crasher/Stave Crasher 1 Sightrasher 2 & Meteor Storm 10 or Lord of Vermilion 10 -Based upon the Universal wizard build. Please follow this link to read the description about this skill. Inflict 10% more damage with Heaven's Drive and Thunder Storm. Mega Drive - Rollenspiele. Contents. Rogue an assassin's alternate job, have limitless tricks up their sleeve. NO ALTS! Wizards are powerful offensive magic users. Type: Card: Subtype: Weapon: Weight: 1: Required Level: 0: Adjective: Gnome: Illustration (Click to View) NPC Prices . Feel free to post additions/comments to this! Quagmire Usable by Job Class: Wizard, High Wizard, Super Novice: Properties Type: Active Category: Debuff Levels: 5 Cast Time: none: Cooldown: 1 second Other Information Requirements: Heaven's Drive Lv. 5 Arclouze (Ghost) Map Locations: Ant Hell 2. Ragnarok Online: the game 40 million people play ... +10% Heaven Drive Damage Sage only Bonuses +20% chance to reflect Magic, 20% Faster cast, Adds a low chance of dropping Red or Yellow Gemstones when defeating monsters. D8