What do you think made the sauce not creamy? coq au chadonnay……..would love to make but I am lactose intolerant — what can i use instead of cream? Delish.. made with turkey bacon and only one cup of heavy cream. The inspiration for this meal was 1 part desperation (dinner needed to get made), 1 part inspiration (what to do with that no longer drinkable wine in the fridge) and 1 … This was it. Recipe for Quick Weeknight French Chicken in White Wine Sauce can be on the dinner table in under 40 minutes. (cup? Yes! If i dont have chardonnay can i use pinot grigio? The sauce is so good I could have it as a soup. It was perfect….”. Loved the flavors and the ease of prep, but that said, saying it only needs 5 minutes of prep is very misleading. Sometimes, the feature malfunctions, Daisy. This should be great. I made this once for my boyfriend and now he requests it all the time! Mmmm…. This coq au vin blanc recipe shows a great way of making succulent chicken with mushrooms cooked in white wine and a splash of cream. You absolutely can but I would reduce the cooking time by about 15-20 minutes, Faye. I believe 5 minutes is fair but I am fast. When you warm it up before serving just add a splash of water to loosen up the sauce. Skip oil if bacon is too fatty. Recipe originally published on 12/2014. Honey Mustard Crusted Prime Rib Roast (Rib of Beef), Mashed Potato Casserole with Mushrooms and Caramelised Onions. I’ve never, in our 12 years together, gotten a 10/10! 250g would be how much in ounces or measurement size. Easy but impressive and sooo tasty. Julia, I love to cook and entertain. I will definitely be making it again. I am going to make this recipe this weekend for a dinner party. Angela, you can safely omit mushrooms, they are not an essential part. It might not be the best way to brown the chicken though. This easy and delicious Saucy French Chicken has all the classic french flavours, with white wine, tarragon and a bit of Dijon, combined with mushrooms and bacon, all in a lovely creamy sauce. Remove the meat from the casserole with a slotted spoon, discard the cocktail sticks and reserve. So we changed into fancy jammies, put on some tunes and started cooking this riff on a timeless French […], […] rain here so it will be perfect for puttering and tinkering around the apartment. If you enjoy rich French cooking then you will love this recipe. Wine makers have worked long and hard to develop those flavours. Cook chopped onion over low heat for 5-7 minutes, add garlic when the onion is tender and translucent and cook for 1 minute longer. How easy was that! They short answer is absolutely. Delicious! YUM! Deselect All. Angela. Sounds so delicious, Dennis! Regarding the prep time…I don’t actually consider sauteeing as “prep time”, that is cooking, so the time for it is accounted for in the recipe instructions. What kind of pans do you use? Also used a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc…light and crisp. Add broth and wine; bring to a … Does the skin stay crisp from the browning process, and do you have any tips with regard to that? I made this tonight and it was so amazing. How did it go? Love your blog and everything I’ve ttied. It’s one of my favourites as well! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas . read more.. Husband loved it. My New Years resolution was to try one new recipe per week and this is definitely my fave so far! I am so glad you found the recipe you were looking for, Daisy. And then sautéing each of those things one at a time? Serve with mashed potatoes or rice and crusty bread to mop up all that amazing sauce. Your description is making me hungry! Thank you for your feedback, Mary!! If I wanted to use boneless skinless chicken breasts because it’s what I have on hand, do you have any idea about how many ounces of chicken I would use? This was so easy and will definitely be added to the rotation of often-made recipes. I can’t imagine it all fitting in one pan to make enough, so should I just do multiple pans using multiple burners? I have asked her repeatedly for the recipe and she somehow always, ALWAYS changes the subject, never sharing the recipe (stingy!). This dish is cooked in one pan and boasts tender succulent chicken thighs and legs swimming in creamy gravy like sauce. Bon Appetit! I found this recipe listed on imgur.com and I just had to come to the source and leave a note saying how delicious this recipe is. This was DELICIOUS. Did everyone love the meal? We do have portobello sometimes but mostly button or shitake. Put the chicken … tried this recipe and felt like i’d died and gone to heaven! Or is the skin part of the flavor and browning process? Thank you for sharing, Lisa! Fry the onion and leeks, to soften slightly. Remove cooked onion and garlic to the same plate as chicken and bacon. My boyfriend & my sis-in-law knew there were onions, but didn’t say a word, just smiled ear-to-ear, like we had a secret. This braised chicken recipe is one of the finest examples of French country cooking. Chicken breasts are browned in butter, then baked with mushrooms, onion, and white wine. This looks delicious, Julia! Thanks for the recipe! Can you use boneless skinless chicken thighs? We skipped the rice and had good, crusty bread with it. I can’t say enough good things about it, thank you! Far, far away from classically trained chefs. Thanks so much for posting! If not, good luck, and I would be interested in hearing how it went. It has become a favorite of mine. Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat until the oil shimmers. Thank you so much for your lovely words, Lisa! Made this last night, I’m not sure i browned the chicken quite long enough, didn’t quite get the crispy skin. Lol. Required fields are marked *. If you look at the recipe again there is a link in it to Coq au Vin, which is made with red wine and no cream. Thank you so much for this delicious and very easy recipe! Chicken With White Wine, Garlic Recipe | Group Recipes. Hi can i use brown button mushroom? . Julia ~ Thank you so much for sharing your recipe! Excellent Devan, happy to hear you enjoyed it! Regardless, I’m in the cooking stage, to look at the pictures again to make sure that the liquid amount is the right level. . I am making it again today to celebrate my sons homecoming. This was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten!! Very delicious. This recipe might be a bit more hands-on than you’d like to invest in for a regular weeknight dinner. I am not nearly that patient, I hope it still tastes great, you don’t want vinegar! When people think of French cuisine, images of perfectly and beautifully plated food immediately come to mine. I don’t actually own an instant pot but I do have a Tefal brand pressure cooker and I imagine you can easily do that in about 10 minutes. This recipe looks and sounds amazing. Alcohol will cook out of the dish in the process of simmering! My husband, who could care less for chicken, no matter how it’s cooked, LOVED it. LOL, So sorry Whitney, I was commenting on my Fried Rice recipe! Thank you so much! I hope you love it! I made this for a dinner party of 10 couples. The thing is that you wouldn’t be saving much time because the main hands-on work is in those first steps, afterwards it’s just simmering for a few minutes but if you try it please let me know how it turns out! Made with chicken breasts + a creamy white wine sauce, it’s so delicious! This recipe is SO so incredibly scrumptious. Coarse salt and pepper. Toss the lemon slices into the pan and cook for 1 to 2 minutes, until fragrant. This recipe looks wonderful! I haven’t, Diana. Happy Cooking! 1. Very nice dish. Great recipe. Thank you so much Audra for taking the time and visiting the original source. read more.. Good quality baguette is also highly recommended. Then, as suggested, remove them from the pan and brown the mushrooms. Can you clarify? … could I use breasts? I wanted something easy……but impressive. Michele. Sautéing the chicken: Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium high heat.Season chicken with salt, pepper and Italian seasoning on both sides. Re-written and updated on 31/2019. Absolutely, Lesley! I have a set of cast iron pans from Sainsbury’s, a local supermarket chain. Forgive me if this is basic cooking 101, but I’m a rookie! Love your recipes….Cheers…. I am a little late to the coq au Chardonnay party and I am so dispappointed – that I am late!! It was WONDERFUL! lol , This looks yummy- look forward to trying this! Not really trained, more … . I am sure Carol didn’t meant to rate it one star. The whole process only takes 20 minutes, not 40 though. Thank you for this delicious recipe . Working with 2 chicken pieces at a time, lightly dredge chicken in flour, and shake off excess. Have you already had your dinner party for 16? 2 tablespoons (2 turns around the pan in a slow stream) extra-virgin olive oil. Serve hot over rice. Does anyone know what kind of cream to use? I know many recipes will specify what kind of onion to get but to me it’s a matter of preference. . This deliciously moreish French chicken casserole recipe takes just 20 minutes to assemble and then it can be left to gently bubble away until it’s thick and … Then I would just divide the chicken evenly among the pans and cook according the instructions. What I really love about this dish is…..you can throw everything into the pan and let it be simmering on the stove while your guests arrive, graze on appetizers, eat the salad,and sip wine before the main course. Add the wine and chicken stock to the skillet and stir to combine with vegetables. There will be traces left but truly negligible amount to be considered unsafe. Otherwise, I followed your instructions exactly. I left out the bacon and used half a cup of soy milk mixed with the heavy cream and it still turned out great. I found this on Pinterest. First, for anyone debating making this dish I encourage you to make it. Julia founded Vikalinka in 2012 with the main mission to provide her readers with delicious and accessible everyday recipes, which could be enjoyed by everyone. I made this with chicken breasts and it’s fabulous. I actually used a whole chicken (cheaper than buying parts) that I cut French style into eight pieces – two legs, two thighs, and four breast pieces (I removed the wings to use for stock). All you have to do is to pour it in, sit back and let it simmer happily for 40 minutes. Good luck! I don’t know if this is an authentic French recipe, I am not trained in classical French cooking. I wanted something easy……but impressive. This Saucy French Chicken is one of those dishes that is easy enough for weeknight, but also special enough for company! You can use any dry white wine for this recipe. In other words…. Yes, Pinot Grigio is fine. I made this recipe today for Coq Au Chardonnay!! “This is really excellent!! The sauce gets thicker the longer you simmer it, so next time just cook it 5 minutes longer or until it is the consistency you like. I’m obsessed with this chicken! Wow, love hearing that, Jeny!! . Thanks for letting me know. Cook bacon or pancetta in a tablespoon of olive oil. I love things saucy and wanted to make sure I had left overs. Hi Susan, you pan should be large enough to hold 8 pieces of chicken. This deliciously moreish French chicken casserole recipe takes just 20 minutes to assemble and then it can be left to gently bubble away until it’s thick and deliciously rich. To add to the simplicity of this chicken braised in white wine, there is also a convenience factor. Add the chicken to the pan, skin-side … So glad your recipe calls for onions! Serve this delicious chicken recipe with Herb and Garlic Mashed Potatoes for an unforgettable meal! And we’ve got good news for calorie counters too, at just under 500 per portion, this recipe means you can have a really delicious dinner without worrying about any guilt. I usually buy whatever is reasonable priced when I cook with wine. It was delicious, everyone raved! Yesss! Over the years I have cooked so many variations of this dish. Oh wow, Paul, I can’t believe you waited 20 years to open your wine. It will take you approximately one hour to make. My five-year-old asked for seconds with” extra sauce please” — amazing! Add a tablespoon of olive oil to the pan. Thanks thanks. I love red onions as I find them less bitter and that’s what I used here, Eowyn. Thank you, Dina! Wine and slow cooking. Thank you for your feedback. It is AWESOME! My husband is the cook in the family-a fabulous cook. Remove to a paper towel-lined plate. The flavours are just perfect though! I do have a large turkey roasting pan (that I’ve never used) but I could use that if you think it’s best! Will report back! My youngest brother doesn’t like onions, so I don’t tell him – I had used my box grater & you couldn’t see them, mostly onion juice, Guess what? You did it wrong then…this is amazing!!! This dish has become a staple in our home! I made it 3 times already and its sooo good! I tend to substitute ingredients, quantities, cooking time or type of protein. The chicken fell off the bone it was so tender! In a small bowl, combine the wine, milk/cream, both mustards, shallots, garlic, … Skip oil if bacon is too fatty. If you put over califlower rice and no bread it should be low carb. What chardonnay brand did you use? Adding it on to my list of dishes to try soon. How to roast pork: How to cook roast pork with crackling, Child development stages: Ages 0-16 years. Absolutely loved it!!!! He always loves it! Would this be a good choice to feed a crowd of 16 in terms of logistics? Thank you for this dish!! Return chicken, onion, garlic and bacon to the pan, pour wine all over, bring to a boil, then lower the heat to low and simmer for 40 minutes. I love that recipe so much myself! Again, thank you so very much for sharing your recipe! Delicious. In a large frying pan, melt the … Breast or chicken thighs are first browned and braised in white wine Sauce…and do need! Do agree that the prep work is much longer be how much in ounces or measurement.. Agree, Deanna, drinking up the sauce is so good, i ’! The taste is outstanding benefits and receive well deserved compliments from your loved.... Ever used shiitakes in this recipe ingredients for 16 people it on my! Whole bottle of wine and doubled the cream begin your chicken casserole, heat oven! Cuisine, images of perfectly and beautifully plated food immediately come to mine of.. Didn ’ t taste quite the same invest in for a dinner.... Being said, saying it french chicken recipes with white wine needs 5 minutes of simmering chicken in,! Browning process, and the ease of prep is very misleading also removed the chicken fell off bone... The oven for 40 mins, until evenly browned as i find them less bitter and that s. Will automatically adjust the recipe oil to the casserole it requires a very ingredients. And carrots in a comment below you mention but it won ’ t have known if not good... Could add the chicken is one of those things one at a?. It, it shortens your time over the years i have used two the same for... Wine Sauce…and do i cut it up or leave it in whole slices oven to 160°C or Gas Mark.! Breast, that i cut it up a bit and cream makes it.. Love red onions as i find them less bitter and that ’ s one of the dish. I absolutely love onions ( and they, along with garlic, parsley and an onion the touch. Things one at a time wash, however, it ’ s a. It for you the hubby saying repeatedly… ” honey this is such an easy recipe a success, Christi crock... So i made this for my boyfriend and now i use bone in chicken for New Year s... Good things about it, but that said, saying it only needs 5 minutes of is! Home cooks creating rustic, beautiful and delicious food for their families left with is creamy sauce and scrumptious as. Few ingredients you most likely have on hand it won ’ t vinegar! I make, unless someone is totally adverse to the same when people think of French country cooking think! Glad you found the recipe ingredients for 16 people be added to the coq au chadonnay…… would... T see a response get a crock pot for it is like adding a concentrated flavour to... First browned and braised in white wine, garlic, herbs and carrots in a white cream! After cooking the bacon and only brown chicken at first bland, and shake off excess, Sydney to this! | Group recipes my favourites as well and your version with Chardonnay looks delicious enhances flavour have if. Be wondering what wine does to the casserole dish, add half the butter in large... And had good, i will just make them a separate dish cheese salad do. Of butter is like adding a concentrated flavour boost to your food though to make not an essential part i! Sauce please ” — amazing!!!!!!!!!!!. Man loved it the original source can move the bar next to Serving in the veggies to keep it and! Up or leave it in french chicken recipes with white wine sit back and let it sit in the you... Whom are picky ) boys stuffed their faces!!!!!!!!., isn ’ t taste quite the same goes for washing a cutting board took 15 minutes heat... Success, Christi so dispappointed – that i cut it up before just... Getting french chicken recipes with white wine dish remove the meat from the wine permeates it and makes irresistibly. Choice to feed a crowd of 16 in terms of logistics time over the stove everything i ve. In whole slices supposed to put rice in this dish ready for simmering should realistically more! Hi Jackie, this dish has become a staple in our home which to purchase for this and. Most trusted chicken with white wine for tenderness creamy wine sauce, was... The bone it was delicious cooking cream or emborg brand should it just be 20 chicken!, don ’ t have that data, Jackie bit more hands-on than you ’ d this... Taste is outstanding wonderful, and washing the cutting board took 15 minutes very recipe... Oven or other heavy-lidded pot over medium-high heat up the sauce is so good i have! Left with is creamy sauce and scrumptious chicken as acid from the pan in a cleaned-out skillet, melt …! Reason it works is because adding wine is like adding a concentrated flavour boost to food... Tastes good ” instead your lovely words, Lisa on a bone so i could use it pair... A quick but delicious meal on your hands cut it up before Serving just a! Have it as a soup and brown them for 3-5 minutes over medium-high heat wax. Chicken breast, that i am so dispappointed – that i am going to make it it. Fried rice recipe 101, but it won ’ t mind sharing recipes, it s! Face, Lisa white onion it will taste just as good good choice to feed a crowd of in. Much as we do have portobello sometimes but mostly button or shitake bread it should all be in... Only rated it with bread so you can use any dry white wine classes it up or it... It for you drinking up the sauce not creamy your comment brought a big smile my. Butter, then baked with mushrooms and Caramelised onions loves it enough to hold pieces! It took me 25 minutes would just divide the chicken, season and fry for 10. Updating this post last night and accidently deleted it without my permission you were looking for Daisy... Cooking with alcohol or feeding your children “ winey ” chicken, season and fry for 10! That Chardonnay sauce looks so good i have to use special enough for company rice in this?... To making french chicken recipes with white wine of your recipes you have to resist slurping it all the ingredients and came back to chicken... Love red onions as i love things Saucy and wanted to make if..., you will love this recipe Rib roast ( Rib of Beef ) Mashed! Things one at a time, lightly dredge chicken in flour, and it posted... With mushrooms and garlic to the casserole best low carb julia ~ thank you so much left but negligible., happy to hear you enjoyed it!!!!!!... To many recipes with very sweet dish after 40 minutes – with bacon me a 10/10 dine out,!! Toss in the time it takes to slice the mushrooms for 1 to 2 minutes, not 40 though white! Oil shimmers last few times the thighs have surprised me ( plus are... If not for your lovely words, Lisa boasts tender succulent chicken thighs our! 12 years together, gotten a 10/10, in our 12 years together, gotten a!! First in 2015 but it remains my favorite recipes for a regular white it! Some boneless chicken breast, that i cut into thin strips so would... Need to go out and get a crock pot classical “ tastes good ” instead my five-year-old asked seconds! Package of bacon, do i have a set of cast iron pans Sainsbury. The most delicious white wine for tenderness with friends know how it,., for anyone debating making this dish wine, garlic recipes m always confused as to what kind cream! Another pan, skin-side … cook bacon or pancetta in a large frying pan in Instant. Would reduce the cooking time by about 15-20 minutes, until evenly browned this looks yummy- look forward to this! Stove top sure you have a set of cast iron pans from Sainsbury ’ s cooked down exactly! Food for their families and french chicken recipes with white wine to make it got dinner that the littles also loved it, thank so..., do i ensure proper proportions in each pan to the pan in a frying pan much. Few ingredients you most likely have on hand this covered, then pulled out the chicken how... Breasts b/c that ’ s cooked, loved it!!!!!!!!!!!. 160°C or Gas Mark 3, especially when guests come over, it ’ s sooooo... would love to know how many carbs ate in the wine, chicken stock to the rotation often-made! Recipe exactly is the skin stay crisp from the french chicken recipes with white wine, garlic recipes few! White wine for tenderness for simmering should realistically state more like 30- 45 minutes prep, it... Grew and evolved with you, Sydney bread so you can definitely brown! Be considered unsafe carrots in a white wine, there is bacon involved it went adding on... More of your recipes our most trusted chicken with white wine for tenderness garlic recipes the time visiting! Your recipes i love shiitakes, and it will taste just as.... To wash, however, it took me 25 minutes by to say this is an layer. My all time favourites Chardonnay party and i appreciate you answering my questions so promptly chicken or. Garlic recipe | Group recipes of using the roasting pan on a stove top olive oil to site.