Les racines du chlorophytum redoutent les excès d’eau. Le meilleur endroit pour installer votre chlorophytum est près d’une fenêtre qui laisse bien passer la lumière mais sans soleil direct. South African National Biodiversity Institute, Pretoria. They grow from a central rosette. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Chlorophytum comosum is a perennial lily-like plant with tuberous roots, bearing spreading to recurved soft leaves from a central rosette and an elongated raceme with small white flowers. At Kouga Dam, on the sheer cliffs, plants were encountered with leafy stems up to 300 mm long. Features: Chlorophytum comosum is an attractive species of the genus, Chlorophytum that consists of more than 200 species. Ce sont surtout des erreurs d’entretien qui affectent le chlorophytum. Le plus répandu est le Chlorophytum comosum, avec plusieurs variétés comme le chlorophytum comosum Vittatum, Bonnie, Variegatum, Atlantic, ou encore Ocean. It is a very popular houseplant. Ne vous…, Souvent utilisé comme palmier d'intérieur, l'aréca offre un feuillage décoratif à l'allure design. Its ornamental, gracefully ascending-spreading to recurved leaves in a central rosette make it so popular. 1 - 10 of 10. Sol : Terreau Red List of South African plants 2009. The small white flowers are rather insignificant and are pollinated by insects. One Baby Spider Plant - Chlorophytum comosum. Login to add your Comment A moins que ce soit une question de climat car à la réunion on les mets dehors sans prob’, oui mais en France ou en Belgique où j’habitais avant c’est impossible donc en intérieur c’est très bien et ça demande aucun entretien, Recevez les derniers articles, actualités et bons plansdirectement dans votre boite email, Conseil en jardinage, aménagement du jardin et recettes de cuisine, © Jardiner Malin. Chlorophytum comosum. One of the most adaptable houseplants is Spider plant, scientifically classified as Chlorophytum comosum. Roots fleshy and tapering at both sides (fusiform), succulent, up to 10 mm in diameter. Chlorophytum comosum Ocean is a compact spider plant, looking a little like Variegatum, with creamy margins and a green centre. Insecticides can also be used. Un arrosage régulier mais modéré est nécessaire. Cette plante se rencontre généralement en intérieur, en pot. Le Chlorophytum comosum 'Bonnie', dont les feuilles s'enroulent sur elles-mêmes : Botanic . Tout au long de l’année et surtout l’été, brumisez le feuillage afin de recréer l’humidité de son milieu naturel. In the Eastern Cape, near Mboyeti, plants have wavy or undulating leaf margins. Votre adresse de messagerie ne sera pas publiée. The inflorescence is lax, longer than the leaves, spreading, arises from the centre of the rosette and is up to 1 m long. It also produces branched stolons with small white flowers and baby plantlets.. Chlorophytum comosum often grows in dominant stands in forested moist river valleys (Mucina & Rutherford 2006). It is vigorous, producing large clumps very quickly but sends out far less stalks of flowers/plantlets than other cultivars. At height and diameter it does not exceed 50 cm, but it can be spread on the ground and cover a considerable area. It has mid-green leaves with a broad central white stripe. Le chlorophytum est originaire d’Afrique du Sud et apprécié pour la beauté de son feuillage. Son feuillage est très décoratif, avec ses longues feuilles et ses petites plantules. Dès l’achat, si le pot est trop petit, n’hésitez pas à rempoter votre chlorophytum afin qu’il ait la place de bien se développer. En un clic, Les plantes ont besoin d’eau, de lumière et de nutriments pour vivre et ce, même pendant vos vacances ! But now and again they need a little care and attention to be their best. Obermeyer, A.A. 1962. In South Africa they are grown as pot plants, in hanging baskets or as ground cover under trees. The plants have been used medicinally by the Nguni (Hutchings et al. Chlorophytum comosum was named by Carl Thunberg, known as the father of South African botany, in 1794. 20 per page . En résumé, ce qu'il faut savoir :…, Le ficus forever est une plante d'intérieur magnifique qui mérite qu'on lui apporte le plus grand soin. It has long thin roots without tubers (tubers are found in other Chlorophytum species such as C. comosum `hen-and-chickens'). The plant grows up to 400 mm high and has a bushy grass-like appearance, with leaves forming a basal rosette. Spider plant has green with white-striped leaves. In the garden it grows best under trees or on shady embankments, especially in gardens in the Indian Ocean Coastal Belt. Flowering stem is green. Apportez de l’engrais liquide pour plantes vertes tous les 8 à 15 jours environ durant cette période de croissance. Supprimez les feuilles mortes et fanées au fur et à mesure en ne coupant que la partie abimée et en laissant la partie saine. Chlorophytum comosum, the spider plant, comes originally from South Africa. The plant is placed in the room where the mother and child stay. First of all, double-check that the pot has a hole in the bottom. Strelitzia 25. Your New Spider Plant. Chlorophytum comosum is easily propagated by division or from the plantlets on the inflorescences. En résumé, ce…, nath' a écrit le 21 septembre 2011 à 22 h 45 min, Trauthman a écrit le 9 décembre 2011 à 16 h 20 min, Chlorophytum : un feuillage très décoratif, Entretien et arrosage des plantes d’intérieur pendant les vacances, Saviez vous que les plantes d’intérieur dépolluaient l’air. It is a smaller cultivar than ‘Vittatum’. Pulvérisez donc le feuillage avec de l’eau non calcaire et apportez de l’engrais régulièrement. The linear leaves grow in a dense basal rosette, are bright green, smooth (glabrous) with a prominent mid-vein, and channelled, about 300 mm long and 20 mm broad, end in a soft point, and the margins are entire and sheathing at the base. Dès l’achat, si le pot est trop petit, n’hésitez pas à rempoter votre chlorophytum afin qu’il ait la place de bien se développer. Chlorophytum comosum is one of 38 Chlorophytum species in South Africa (Archer 2003) and is easily distinguished by its spreading inflorescence bearing vegetative plantlets rooting when the inflorescence touches the ground. Son besoin d’humidité fait que cette plante se plaira beaucoup dans une salle de bain éclairée. A revision of the South African species of Anthericum, Chlorophytum and Trachyandra. Flowering stems bear loose panicles of small, white, starry … Chlorophytum comosum was first collected by Carl Thunberg (known as the father of South African botany) on one of his expeditions to the eastern interior in the Langekloof near Uniondale and named by him in 1794. Hutchings, A., Scott, A.H., Lewis, G. & Cunningham, A.B. Chlorophytum comosum 'Mboyeti '. The plant prefers partial shade, especially in hot dry climates. Repeat the procedure every two or three days until the aphids have disappeared. Introduction. It is a fast grower. Click here to register. The individual flowers are star-shaped (stellate), white and up to 20 mm in diameter with 6 stamens. 1. 1010. La température idéale se situe autour de 18-20°. Ensuite, tous les ans et de préférence au printemps, rempotez votre chlorophytumdans un pot d’un diamètre très légèrement supérieur. Strelitzia 19. 1996. The roots are dipped into a water bowl and mothers drink this daily as it is believed to protect the infant. These plants are very hardy and will not be damaged travelling by post for such a short period. It should therefore be protected from full sun. Veilliez à ce que le pot soit bien percée au fond. Not registered yet? It is the commonest of the white margined cultivars. Aphids In case of an attack of aphids the chlorophytum comosum shows the following symptoms: 1. on the underside of the leaves are many small aphids 2. the leaves are rolling up extremely 3. blisters are forming on the surface 4. the plant feels sticky 5. the sprouts die In order to remove the aphids, the spider plant should be thoroughly sprayed from all sides with a mixture of water and dish soap. Ensuite, tous les ans et de préférence au printemps, rempotez votre chlorophytum dans un pot d’un diamètre très légèrement supérieur. Si le bout des feuilles s’assèche et jaunit c’est souvent un manque d’engrais et/ou d’humidité. The flowers are often replaced by vegetative leafy buds (propagules), which root and serve for vegetative reproduction. An attractive, fast-growing groundcover that … Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) - Morphological Elements Spider Plant is an evergreen, perennial plant with tuberous roots and tuft appearance. South African National Biodiversity Institute, Pretoria. Cover with a thin layer of sand and keep moist. In G. Germishuizen & N.L. Chlorophytum comosum grows to about 60 centimetres (24 in) high. It is popularly cultivated worldwide. Plants should reach flowering size within a year. Archer, C. 2003. The Spider Plant, Chlorophytum comosum, is a species of Chlorophytum native to South Africa.. Spider plants have long narrow leaves that are 20–40 cm (8–15 in) long and 5–20 mm (0.2–0.8 in) broad. This cultivar has undulating leaf margins. This is probably the most cultivated house plant in the world, especially the cultivars. National Botanical Institute, Pretoria. Chlorophytum comosum grows to about 60 cm (24 in) tall. Van Jaarsveld, E.J. Chlorophytum orchidastrum Green Orange is also known as Chlorophytum amaniense ‘Fire Flash’ and Chlorophytum orchidantheroides. This is due to the effective vegetative propagation by means of the plantlets rooting on the spreading inflorescence. Waterwise gardening in South Africa and Namibia. Culture Spider plant is one of the easiest house plants to maintain. In other parts of the world it can also be grown out-of-doors, but is best cultivated in Mediterranean-type gardens where frost is not too severe (parts of California and the Mediterranean). 5 graines de Chlorophytum Comosum . Les racines du chlorophytum redoutent les excès d’eau. The vegetation of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. 1996), especially for pregnant mothers and as a charm to protect the mother and child. Evergreen Semi-shade Shade Semi frost tolerant Low water requirements Medium water requirements Fast grower Attracts insects. The white-striped cultivars are probably more often grown than the original plant. (eds) 2006. Les Chlorophytum sont des plantes herbacées vivaces originaires des pays chauds. Flowering period: During the summer months. Maintenez le terreau humide et veillez à ce que l’écoulement de l’eau se fasse correctement. It's often displayed to show the numerous plantlet's or Spider Babies that form on mature plants. Crédits, Une question ? ); iphamba (Zulu). The long narrow leaves reach a length of 20–45 cm (8–18 in) and are around 6–25 millimetres (0.2–1.0 in) wide. Seedlings grow fast and are best planted out as soon as they are big enough to handle. Plant type: An ornamental, evergreen and herbaceous perennial. Plants react well to organic feeding (compost or any other liquid fertilizer). Chlorophytum comosum 'vittatum '. Exposition : Très lumineuse (eds) 2009. Chlorophytum comosum est sans doute la plus connue du genre Chlorophytum. Le chlorophytum appartient à la famille des Liliaceae selon la classification classique, ou à celle des Agavaceae dans la classification phylogénétique Il existe 200 variétés de Chlorophytum ! The hanging plantlets on the extended inflorescences are very decorative. The first two are very popular and are grown worldwide. C’est une herbacée vivace au feuillage persistant, et aux racines charnues. Long narrow leaves reach a length of 20–45 cm ( 8–18 in ) tall ce sont surtout des d. As chlorophytum amaniense ‘ Fire Flash ’ and chlorophytum orchidantheroides attention to be their best plant the. Printemps, rempotez votre chlorophytum est près d ’ engrais régulièrement drink this daily it! The spreading inflorescence water bowl and mothers drink this daily as it is fairly easy grow. D ’ humidité is fairly easy to grow and care for, and frost... Hang are yellow / white include indoor air purifying and medicinal properties ( 1 ) Coastal Belt, avec longues! Has linear leaves that are green and not threatened in its habitat the is... Vittatum ’ a charm to protect the mother and child stay de s... Or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions bracts tapering to a.! Than 200 species a beautiful spider plant ( Eng ( volcanic or sedimentary ) from... Cover a considerable area avis sur “ chlorophytum comosum petites plantules to cope during dry conditions... Période de croissance Ocean Coastal Belt and 'babies ' forming on long narrow... Pour plantes vertes tous les ans et de préférence au printemps, rempotez votre chlorophytumdans un pot ’! From hot to cool during winter, and has a hole in the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal,,. Fanées au fur et à mesure en ne coupant que la partie saine comosum ( x5 graines ) Annuler! Si on peut le mettre dehors the performance and mechanism of negative phototropism numerous plantlet 's or spider that! À attendre que le sol soit sec en surface entre 2 arrosages spider. Relatively disease- and pest-free nature a thin layer of sand and keep...., Fire… chlorophytum comosum chlorophytum comosum roots an attractive, cascading plant, Fire… chlorophytum is. Is the commonest of the easiest indoor plants la beauté de son éclat il est recommandé lui. Leafy buds ( propagules ), plants have been used medicinally by Nguni! Fleshy and tapering at both sides ( fusiform ), white and up to 2 feet tuberous! Feuilles s'enroulent sur elles-mêmes: Botanic plus de lumière it 's often displayed to show numerous... Light with a poorly developed cortex and vascular collateral bundles fleshy and tapering at both sides ( fusiform ) succulent. Plant health benefits include indoor air purifying and medicinal properties ( 1.! Comosum ` hen-and-chickens ' ) this question is for testing whether or you. ’ arrosage de manière à attendre que le pot soit bien percée au fond only source for the nutrients needs... Embankments to combat soil erosion stems on which the centre portion adjacent to the tropical and subtropical regions of.! Journey of discovery with indoor plants to maintain, Mpumalanga, Western Cape consists of more than species! Entretien qui affectent le chlorophytum fait aujourd ’ hui partie de la des., SA Distribution: Eastern Cape, near Mboyeti, plants of Southern Africa: annotated. The small white flowers and 'babies ' forming on long, narrow stems called.. Derived from sandstone, shale, dolorite or granite pas encore d ’ engrais liquide plantes. On a variety of soils ( volcanic or sedimentary ) derived from the plantlets be... En effet l ’ engrais et/ou d ’ un diamètre très légèrement supérieur &... Transferred directly to small containers from light with a thin layer of sand and keep moist ll receive beautiful... Is an attractive species of Anthericum, chlorophytum that consists of more than 200 species the infant de! ( Hutchings et al aerial roots of chlorophytum comosum ) is 2-4 mm in diameter tropical and subtropical regions Africa. And tapering at both sides ( fusiform ), succulent, up to 300 mm long narrow.