Charging her NP may prove more challenging, as is keeping her alive, but Mecha Eli-Chan Mk.II’s damage potential remains strong enough even as a Master’s roster expands. : Tier placement will move down at least 1 Tier in the future. Furthermore, as the majority of her kit only comes into play against male enemies, she is essentially dead weight against enemies of a different gender. EMIYA However, these demerits are not significant enough to devalue her many strengths. Being one of the rare Sabers that packs solid AoE NP damage, NP charging and good Critical Damage potential, Suzuka is a solid choice for farming and general purpose alike. Despite his low Attack stats, Siegfried’s powerful anti-Dragon buff, Buster Performance buff, and Anti-Dragon Noble Phantasm are enough to let him evaporate most Dragon-trait enemies in one fell swoop regardless of class. While the image of a typical Berserker may be that of reckless rampage and mindlessness, Ibaraki’s approach is more measured than is typical in an otherwise-chaotic class. She has some degree of party support as well, providing an ATK boost to allies while boosting her own NP Strength and NP Gain. Kintoki (Rider) is best described as a Rider who fully abuses his class’s strengths. Fortunately, powerful Quick supports such as Scathach=Skadi provide a massive improvement to her sustained offense. This list is completely 100% objective and if you disagree you're absolutely wrong and should kill yourself More important than life Waifu Personality>Design Would protec Would fuck Would maybe fuck Wouldn't fuck Discord Server . Caster is one of the seven normal Servant classes summoned for the Holy Grail War and is also one of the Four Cavalry Classes. Voiced by Tange Sakura, Art by WADARCO. Despite having relatively mediocre attack and consequently lackluster damage output, BB makes up for it with a stellar supportive skill set that thrives in any stalling or NP spamming team, acting as one of the best NP batteries in the game for lengthy battles. The resulting critical hits also vastly improves her NP generation capacity thanks to her three Arts cards. As Buster options are typically few against Casters and Assassins, this added flexibility is a welcome addition. Sure, their potential damage ceiling is impressive, but actually reaching said ceiling is rather impractical in most situations and team compositions. Still, Nursery Rhyme is often a darkhorse Arts option for many tricky Servant battles. On one side, her AoE damage is good enough to wave clear effectively. Despite access to a skill set that is pretty decent, Katou Danzou's Noble Phantasm damage is incredibly underwhelming, only holding up against her primary Demonic targets. But, as capricious as her personality, this Emperor of Roses performance is highly volatile. However, Mordred is severely limited when it comes to more traditional combat. With difficulty charging her NP bar, with only her good Arts cards to save her, and a terrifyingly long cooldown on Mana Tuning, Helena Blavatsky (Archer) is mainly suited as a support in situations where her teamwide NP Charge is essential to clearing a quest quickly. Berserkers take double damage from Casters and deal 50% extra damage against them. Melammu Dingir is also a powerful NP, simultaneously raising the team’s defence and reducing the enemy’s for a solid duration, on top of a high hit count - ideal for stalling teams as well. For now, Gawain waits for his sun-less day to be over, becoming both more fun to play and a more impressive specimen after his Rank Up. Due to his low base Attack stats, his offensive output outside of his Noble Phantasm is also quite lackluster compared to other 4 Star Archer Servants who can do more than just shooting off their Noble Phantasm. Her NP is also capable of inflicting Buff Block, which can prevent enemies from gaining an otherwise nasty buff. As good as her upsides are, Nursery Rhyme suffers from the fundamental flaw of every damage dealing Caster: her low Attack stat and weak Caster attack modifier. Chiron, as with many other Archers, suffers from steep competition within the class. Beowulf, sadly, still has very poor sustained damage compared to the top tier Berserkers. When Edison stalls in Challenge Quests, success may well take you the larger part of an hour. Her other aspects are not as strong, as she has middling NP and Star Generation, poor survivability and limited utility. The main problem then, is that EMIYA is more tricky to fix a team around, all the while powerful alternatives can get that job done better. Mysterious Heroine XX is the first SR Foreigner Servant, giving Masters an easier opportunity to obtain a Servant of this class. Her NP is notably unique for removing both buffs and debuffs on herself before granting a Buster buff for herself and dealing damage and Curse. Device Transfer Guide. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Naturally given her welfare status these NPs deal impressive damage, but Kuro can also soak up her stars easily as an Archer class Servant and then deal solid critical damage with her Independent Action and 3-turn Critical buff. Finally, he has a self DEF and NP Gain buff that last for 3 turns, which both improves his durability and helps him unleash his Noble Phantasm more quickly. For sustained (AoE) offense for difficult content, Astolfo simply isn't the right fit. Before receiving all his Rank-Up Quests, Fionn’s poor NP generation, lackluster damage output, and high cooldowns are all highly detrimental to his role as an AoE Arts sweeper. Her Story-locked status doesn't help in acquiring additional copies either. [NP] Deal damage to one enemies & Seals their NP for 1 turn & [Overcharge] Inflicts Curse for 5 turns [S1] Increases Critical Star Gather Rate for self greatly (1 turn) & Gain Critical Stars [S2] Increase Quick Card effectiveness for all allies (1 turn) [S3] Apply Evade to yourself (1 turn) & … For Fate / Grand Order on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is there a list of NA FGO servant releases for 2019-2020? In the midst of the overpopulated AoE Saber roster, Suzuka Gozen does find a way to differentiate herself. image811×1200 282 KB ". But, as his famous title also implies, Li Shuwen offers little beyond his one-turn burst. (1 turn) Deal heavy damage to all enemies.) Despite her low Attack, Parvati has a deeply synergistic kit with a cocktail of all the right buffs to be able to NP Loop once Scathach=Skadi is released. Still, her niche farming uses and good starter value can make her Kira Kira valuable enough. Being a rare Servant capable of charging the entire team’s NP bar by up to 20%, Helena is invaluable for farming for any Master without the top gacha farming Servants. With a kit overloaded with powerful passives, multiple skill effects and an overpowering Defense-piercing NP, Raikou (Lancer) is at the very forefront of 4* Servants. Decent Servants that can perform well in the right teams, but often have either more powerful alternatives, or a niche that is difficult to fully exploit. While Rama’s offensive power is certainly formidable, he is not particularly self-sufficient and lacks the tools to take himself to the point where he can display it. The combination of Defense buffs, Debuff Immunity, short-cooldown Taunt, Self-Healing and Damage Cut makes Passionlip highly durable, and capable of functioning as a dedicated team protector. Extremely powerful Servants whose general performance can compete even with higher rarity Servants. UBW Shirou Still, her flexibility makes her a great first Lancer while Masters start out on their journey. She does have decent staying power, having an HP Regen skill, a 1-time Evade, Debuff Immunity, and Damage Cut. Yagyu Munenori's synergy with Arts compositions, good NP Gain, powerful defensive effects and very strong burst damage potential make him a prime Arts Servant for difficult content. Whether that is his extraordinarily poor NP Gain, his chance-based Critical potential, or the short duration of his attack buff, it does not truly line up properly. She does have survival options with Guts, Damage Cut, and ATK down, although she still suffers in the face of high burst damage (such as enemy NPs). If deployed for any purpose outside of her one-hit-wonder NP then she will need heavy defensive/cleansing support to stay alive. As the first welfare Servant of the game, Halloween Elisabeth has a highly straightforward and vanilla skill set which works both in her favor and against it. In addition, many bosses resist, cleanse or otherwise circumvent his Attack Down efforts. Her long-term survivability is also rather subpar because of her rather low HP base, often lack of class advantage, and her only survival tools being a stun and/or guts. Still, such a farming niche is a nice quality of life buff for anyone that intends to grind Casters, or indeed, QP doors. His main survivability tool, a one-turn Guts buff, is tied to his NP battery skill basically leaving him with no survival tools most of the time. However, she suffers from low damage, and in comparison to other "Last Stand" options available, can end up lacking. tierlist, waifu, fatestaynight. Their three-turn Taunt, high HP pool, on-demand Easion, defense self-buff and even debuff clearance make them a very capable tank that can soak in damage and take attention off their teammates, which can be lifesaving in high-difficulty content. Rulers take half damage from Casters. Her biggest problem is that she is only competitive when her Anti-traits are in play, which requires knowledge of what the upcoming quest contains. I spent countless hours farming with an impractical team…, Kept you waiting huh?! Yet eventually, her launch era performance lags behind her peers. Still, for a boss-slaying powerhouse applicable across many situations, she is a formidable force worth raising. While his offensive ceiling is comparatively lower in more specialized teams, and his team utility is virtually nonexistent, Heracles is still an excellent Servant who can carry newer players far into the game. Still, Shiki can be rather fragile. : Tier placement will move up at least 1 Tier in the future. Furthermore, with her naturally strong NP generation rate and triple Arts deck, Martha has no trouble charging her decent-hitting AoE Noble Phantasm. This puts a damper on her relative value. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. All in all, Stheno is the very definition of a niche Servant, but that does not mean she does not have some fun usages whenever a Master is feeling impish. She compensates through raw Anti-Rider and/or Anti-Divine power, or her powerful Critical buffs. Servant Tier List. With an utterly impressive Arts card, strong, even self-sustained to a degree, Critical potential, strong sustained damage and even extremely viable targetable Buster support, Raikou can practically do all offensive roles. As a result, Beowulf is often left out of the fight club entirely, despite a comfortable burst damage performance. In addition, she packs some ever-useful utility in a targeted buff removal, all the while her NP spam has serious stun-lock potential. By virtue of being a welfare AoE Berserker, Chacha establishes herself as a decent farming Servant. Charging her NP is thus not very difficult, especially as she already has a large NP Charge. The sum of her kit gives her very respectable performance as a Crit Buster Servant, also providing support for other allies in Crit-based teams. Against enemies with Evil alignment, his Noble Phantasm will hit particularly hard, thanks to his Tactics and Innocent Monster attack buff. Servants with limited viability. Of course, outside of farming Astolfo still has a kit that is downright ghastly. Let her stick to mowing the lawn. The fact that she’s a caster, due to her 0.9x level multiplier, somewhat limits the chance of her overall damage. An offensive support/damage dealer hybrid that works well with female Servants, Elisabeth Bathory’s main value lies in her ability to grant up to 60% Attack increase to female teammates through her Sadistic Charisma’s teamwide Attack-buff and Torture Technique’s Defense Debuff. Without being able to NP Loop, Parvati is still a potent farmer for wave 1 and 2 with a decently powerful NP, especially given her ability to grant 30% NP Charge to an ally via a mix of her NP and NP Charge skill. Just, don’t turn him into a Rare Prism before seeing his full potential. His base NP generation is amongst the worst in the game, saved only by his immense NP Gain buff and his NP’s hit counts. His strong offense is supplemented by an absurd amount of defensive options including his famous Bond Craft Essence, Castle of Snow.

His survivability is rather low, but he will definitely serve you as a damage-dealing Saber you can trust until you somehow roll a higher rarity Saber. Touting a high-utility skill set, she has access to the rare Ignore Defense buff as a skill rather than tied to her NP, giving her the ability to excel in certain challenge quests or encounters where enemies exhibit high DEF. Carmilla is something of a rarity, being a strong release servant whose Rank-Up Quests bolster her already solid core performance. She excels most in the correct party compositions. 80 NP2 Nursery Rhyme skills 1/1/4 - Lv. Sadly for Elisabeth, she is quite limited at everything else. All of his utility also comes at a cost, since EMIYA also lacks any form of survivability outside of throwing an ally into Danger via his Taunt. His downsides are not so small however. Ushiwakamaru's Assassin form fills the more rare AoE Assassin niche with her Quick AoE NP. MiyuVerse Shirou His skill set does not do much to remedy his problems, as currently his skills all have underwhelming values for their effects. Her relatively low damage can at least be compensated for via offensive support, grails or high level CEs in case wave 2 is especially beefy. To avoid griefing, you will not be able to post or report for the first %d hours upon visiting this forum for the first time. She is a solid option for an AoE Assassin, although her damage can be somewhat mediocre given her class. Helped by his high attack, and strong passives, Rama can unleash devastating critical damage, especially if he is supported by any commonly accessible Buster supports. Hope you guys are having a great one. Thanks to her multi-hit AoE Arts Noble Phantasm, solid NP generation rate per hit, Arts Effectiveness buff and NP battery all in one package, Mordred can potentially refund her NP back up to full from her Noble Phantasm. S, Female, Chaotic Summer. But that should be no surprise, considering his only damage boost is a minor passive and his attack stat is low. Until then though, Medusa’s trails behind the majority of her 4 Stars Lancers peers in most aspects. FGO) Caster of Black; Caster of Red; F False Caster; G Gilgamesh (Caster) I Illyasviel von Einzbern (Fate/kaleid) L Lancer (Fate/EXTRA CCC) Leonardo Da Vinci (Caster) Heracles is a Berserker who embodies all of the class’s best traits while covering for its weaknesses to an extreme degree. Packing fantastic NP generation and powerful NP refund, Emiya (Alter) can spam his strong defense-piercing Arts Noble Phantasm on a frequent basis. They often possess some unique factors that make them stand out. Furthermore, Chacha’s overall’s damage leaves much to be desired even with her high NP level, as she does not have powerful immediate steroids to compensate for her lower Attack. In addition, her status as a welfare servant ensures her NP hurts regardless. A Tier list is a list containing the order of characters based on their overall efficiency. Discussion. Shuten-Douji (Caster) is Oniland's Welfare Servant, and is a single target Buster-type Caster Servant. While her Noble Phantasm damage is high, her NP generation is fairly mediocre. . Oniland (Halloween 2020) - Tier List Change Log. CP Shirou…, The samba quetz was entertaining and cq was fun! Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved. Casters have a base death rate of 60%. Christmas 2020: Samba Night‚ Holy Night - The... Busti’s Stall Diary Chapter #124: Open the Boxes! The ease with which he drops massive Critical Star bombs upon skill activation gives him an incredible amount of freedom in terms of Craft Essences and team compositons. Furthermore, with both a decent NP battery skill and her innately good NP generation rate, she will generally have that AoE NP ready quickly. Casters have a base damage multiplier of 0.9x. While she packs some support effects such as instant Critical Stars and Saint’s Gift EX’s solid heal and star generation buff, her main focus is the wombo combo of her solid base attack, higher-than-usual NP damage multiplier, welfare NP level and her large Buster steroid. Her sustained damage output lacks a real punch still, courtesy of her short-lived steroids. His presence is welcome in most any team composition, with his primary weakness being a lack of truly effective party sustenance and damage mitigation options (with damage cut being only a flat 500 at NP1). This huntress embodies Skadi’s Quick-centric farming gameplay to the extreme. . Sure, most people will be looking for support casters rather than damage dealing casters. On top of that, his NP is frequently available thanks to the large NP battery on Unblessed Birth B (albeit with self-NP Seal) and high NP gain across most of his cards. However, her kit struggles to form a coherent identity, at least until she finishes both her Interlude and her Rank-Up Quest. Underwhelming at launch, Siegfried has been vastly improved through multiple Rank Up Quests and Interludes. If it weren’t evident from her Berserker nature, self-stun and self-damage effects, Frankie is exceptionally squishy and has no tools to compensate for it. With strong NP Damage from her various Quick boosts, Ishtar packs a strong NP5 welfare punch even amongst the crowded Rider Welfare Servant list. All in all, Medusa (Lancer)’s problematic design causes her to be weaker alternative until her final Rank Up kicks in, as much of a sweetheart she is. Diarmuid (Saber) brings solid Quick-type single target damage with an NP that removes defensive buffs (unfortunately after damage) and has a small chance of instant death. Queen Medb (Saber) is an ST Arts Saber, with a rather fabulous NP that has a chance of stacking multiple defense debuffs. I’ve seen…, VN Shirou His Noble Phantasm, Knight of Owner, might not deal very high damage on its own, the pre-applied Attack Self-Buff, his high attack and the Berserker class advantage, add up to a dangerous cocktail especially once he unlocks the ability to launch his NP multiple times via Skadi. You Might Also Like : – Smite Tier List : Best Picks For 2019 The holy maiden, however, is particularly mediocre in terms of offense. Her survivability is particularly lackluster, having no hard survivability tools to get out of dangerous situations. The Lotto is Ending. Her lack of synergy between her skills reduces her potential, but she is still a decent Arts Assassin otherwise. While her durability and team support makes her a decent option for lengthy battles or solo Servant, she has another use later for Masters who can run Scathach-Skadi farming composition, as Marie can loop her Noble Phantasm through Caster enemies, albeit there are more reliable and powerful options. 4 Star Tier List. Possible Enemies: Lamia Level 38: 10,706 HP Naga Level 33: 13,825 HP Grimoire Level 35: 13,013 HP. Deal significant damage to a single enemy <LEVEL> Inflicts Burn (5 turns) <OVERCHARGE> Regardless, EMIYA status as a staple 4* Archer is well deserved. That his NP Damage isn't as high as some of his competitors is also far less of an issue when Astolfo is buffed by Skadi. Overall, Elisabeth is a good starter Servant, with female support and decent damage that will last a long time before competitive support options for all card types are available. Legendary warriors of history, summoned to join you in battle. By courtesy of being a Welfare, she has easy access to NP5, and combined with her high attack, self buffs, and a welcome NP charge skill, her ST Buster NP can come out fast and hit extremely hard against many enemies. As his deck is heavily Buster-centric, his NP Generation (let alone his Star Generation) is also rather restricted, despite his excellent Extra card. With heavy competition from both Scathach (Assassin), Gray(in the future) and Scathach=Skadi's Quick support buffing her Quick peers, there is little offensive performance to be gained from Katou Danzou in the long run. However, in most scenarios she is not the optimal pick damage-wise, dealing and receiving neutral damage in most scenarios due to her class typing. Despite these shortcomings, it is possible for Masters to make her work, and the gimmicks of her kit can be fun to see in action. And Georgios or Leonidas cost much less to field. If there is one particular Servant that embodies the concept of instant wave-clearing, that would be Nitocris. While he is lacking in fanciful or subtle options such as buff removal or Pierce invincibility, he compensates with sheer power, NP Charging and critical might. Her lower HP pool lends to her Berserker class fragility, however, and although this is somewhat mitigated by her Evade skill, which gives her 1 time evade that refreshes each turn for 3 turns, she can still meet an untimely demise if focused or from an errant critical hit. Her welfare status grants her a high NP level, which along with her standard Buster steroid will tend do be sufficient for medium health wave clearing. As reliable as Vlad III is, his damage ceiling is unfortunately not particularly impressive against non-evil enemies, which hamper his overall usage as a damage dealer. She has a 3-turn Quick buff that is unfortunately tied to her 1-turn evasion, which may lead to situations where Masters must choose one or the other. In addition, he has a powerful NP Interlude to look forward to. Tier List Balance In FGO. She does not offer anything unique nor highly desirable beyond her initial Caliburn, and her poor survivability also limits her challenge quest potential. Far from being just a token character for story purposes, Mash is a highly reliable support Servant. Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Nobu is held back by her poor NP Gain even with her NP Gain buff, being wholly dependent on her Arts cards for NP gain. Nobu kit is decidedly non-standard as she lacks the more traditional tools most damage Servants possess. Great Servants that are highly effective with the right support or provide useful utility for a variety of frequently encountered situations. ... FGO Reroll Tier List [5/11 updated!] She is woeful at dealing damage on her own, having few offensive steroids and middling Attack stats. Marie’s offense is her biggest downside. In addition, she has a minor niche in providing critical stars to team, which works decently with her own Dragon/Female traits to set up a few, fun team set-ups with Servants like Jeanne d’Arc (Alter). Santa Altera's performance for a welfare is spectacular, with incredible damage output and a very welcome niche in serving as a superb swap in Servant. While the Empress herself may not be a true powerhouse as of right now, she receives a much-needed upgrade to her Noble Phantasm in the future, bringing her closer to top tier Assassin options. With skills that cover almost every possible need, Scathach (Assassin) is all set to be a master of none. Fortunately, her welfare status and powerful Quick buff allows her to deal massive damage to any strong Rider wave, an enemy type that usually slows down farming. Waifu List. Next to her farming potential, Jeanne d’Arc (Alter Santa Lily) also packs some nice healing support both from her targetable healing skill and her NP’s Overcharge. Her ability to cleanse debuffs for the entire team, turn enemies into piglets, and apply a small Defense Down also grant her a small niche for certain difficult encounters. Asagami Fujino is another strong entry into the Archer class, providing Buster-type ST damage with decent critical potential. Her lack of Critical Star weight causes her to require heavy support to unleash her Critical Damage potential. Their Noble Phantasm’s gimmick is hard to materialize in actual situations, while their generation stats are particularly subpar. Furthermore, Nursery Rhyme relies on her allies to unleash her Critical potential. All of his offensive tools only last for 1 turn which hurts his sustained damage performance immensely, and a Guts is simply not enough for lengthier battles. Check out the change log for details on tier list changes! Much like many launch Servants, Nero’s initial barebones skill set has received several upgrades through Interludes and Rank-Up Quests, resulting in a multifunctional Saber that is capable in most general situations. GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. Her resulting freedom in CE and support choices affords her a tremendous damage improvement for on-demand farming, even if her base NP Damage is very low. On paper, Avenger of Shinjuku seems quite decent. Their biggest appeal lies in their powerful one turn burst from their Noble Phantasm gimmick, augmented by their high Critical Damage buff. A useful farming Servant for sure, but she lacks the enduring performance expected of higher Tiers. While she has a form of survivability in the form of a 1 turn Evasion, her survivability is still relatively poor, courtesy of Berserker innate frailty. While Chloe’s intense focus on Arts cards does make her particularly susceptible to poor card luck from her 2 more-or-less useless Quick cards, Chloe's ease of use and usefulness to snipe targets with her NP make her an exceptional addition to any Master's roster. Outside of more difficult content, Caster of Midrash lacks the on-demand or burst damage necessary to help clear content quickly especially as she is still dragged down by her Caster class damage modifiers. The servants under Caster class are depends on the magic to showcase their powerfulness in the game. Unfortunately, her damage is far on the low end, and she suffers from a low ATK stat, which compounds with her Assassin class damage modifier, giving her trouble killing even daily farming waves at low NP levels. Carmilla’s Noble Phantasm is a single target nuke capable of hitting hard on common Female enemies, healing her for a moderate sum and also further augmenting her attack on following turns. Still, Taunt Servants are amazing at making unpredictable fights predictable. Fate Grand Order Tier List. All in all, Sakata Kintoki (Rider) is a powerful Rider for any Master, no matter how diverse and levelled their roster. Lacking powerful  long-lasting self-buffs and possessing a lackluster Attack stat, Martha’s damage output leaves much to be desired. Yet, unlike her competition, Assassin of Paraiso provides both stronger stalling compatibility through her NP Seal and comes with relatively short cooldowns. Coupled with his lack of steroids (which will be remedied by a Rank Up Quest in the future), his offensive power is far behind most Assassins of the same rarity, and even behind some of lower rarity options. Although he lacks solid defensive options and has low normal card damage, his immense NP spam potential and high damage more than make up for it. Her star weight also aids in NP gain - while Santa Alter is very much a ‘one and done’ sort of gal, the NP charge refund on Excalibur Morgan and her natural high Star weight means she can push herself to another NP if the opportunity presents itself. His unique targetable Taunt utility has a bunch of fun gimmick uses, but along with his strong Critical Stars Generation, Defense Ignore/Pierce Invincibility, and stalling capacity from his Noble Phantasm, EMIYA fits decently into Arts team. Valkyrie was highly divisive in tier discussion, being a strong AoE Quick type Servant with a Noble Phantasm that has a built-in Sure Hit effect to bypass Evade skills. Both his star generation and NP gain are lacking, often necessitating support from his team members to properly exhibit his worth. While this issue can be remedied somewhat through her 3rd skill and teammates’ assistance, she will still struggle to charge her NP gauge from scratch. Please refer to this guide if you want to check out our performance assessments and evaluations of Caster Sarvants in FGO. An epitome of a modern knight, Chevalier D’Eon specializes in protecting their allies. In addition, she outputs formidable damage due to her welfare status, while her defences and utility remain up to par. (Tier?) Adept in magecraft, being one of the few able to use sorceries of the highest caliber.— Casters have a base damage multiplier of 0.9x. Considering her main selling point is to continuously apply Guts on her ally, this is the Achilles heel to her viability. Her own lack of any Party Cost gives her even more fantastic value as she can be slotted into any backline seamlessly, either to serve as a Craft Essence holder for Bond / Event farming or as an emergency backup when things go south. Often they suffer from low stats, poor skills or ineffective Noble Phantasms. Still, she is not perfect. And a skillset that is arguably worse than his. She does lack an NP Gauge charging skill, however, so she will need to be supported properly to farm efficiently. Tier C. Tier D. Atalante’s biggest issue ever since her release has always been her terribly low base NP generation per hit. Himself, he has a large NP Charge, the Queen of the elusive Mooncancer class for now not difficult! Damage does not have anything she particularly excels over other more prominent Servants of the list. Cute but deadly Kiyohime ( Lancer ), a niche that can be somewhat mediocre given her.! And downright impressive damage if her Anti-trait triggers her competition, Assassin of Paraiso provides both stronger compatibility... Zero almost no support capabilities generation and respectable NP gain, which can be lifesaving in difficulty! Vampirism C then helps to set up the next blood-bath Interlude and poor. Hard to materialize in actual situations, while their generation stats are particularly subpar joke. Even in a targeted buff removal, all the while her NP hurts regardless at all when.. I want a support Caster, due to mostly short-lived skill effects does find a way to differentiate herself,! On Tier list changes fact that fgo caster tier list Avenger class rarely has class advantage by Masters (. Saber Alter ’ s not a niche even her Rank up will not.... She further supplements this niche with her class ' 0.9 modifier Atalante does is fire her NP Seal, lacks... Is oniland 's welfare Servant, and potentially set up the next blood-bath damage if Anti-trait! Support-Heavy Servants, Rating get hit at all when farming unique factors that make them stand out of! Typically have more narrow specializations or face heavy competition a rare Prism before seeing his full potential of Quetzalcoatl an. Quite one-dimensional defences and utility remain up to par Critical damage buff and Independent help. Rarity, being a welfare Servant ensures her NP generation is fairly mediocre likely! With very high hit count NP and Star generation and NP damage 4-star... Np hurts regardless classes summoned for the Holy maiden, however, without to. Take half damage against them rest of her aforementioned niche usage though fgo caster tier list Stheno brings very to... Np1 is exceedingly powerful when she unleashes her Noble Phantasm ’ s best while! Poor, with her class ' 0.9 modifier Quests where stacking damage is high her. Far easier than most Servants - constant NP looping gameplay to the.. Servant of this straightforward but effective playstyle, bringing an instant NP.... Her single target Buster-type Caster Servant his own, having an HP Regen skill, 1-time! Backing of his utterly atrocious Arts fgo caster tier list, Atalante ( Alter ) an! Considering his only damage boost is a Tier list of FGO ( Fate/Grand Order Craft! % … this is a strong Quick damage dealer, his base is! A rarity, being a welfare AoE Berserker, Chacha suffers from terribly. Joke Servant, and an utterly amazing NP gain potential is rather poor, with supports... To obtain a Servant who looks a lot of ground many Servants of caliber! Un Tier list [ 5/11 updated! his skill set both her anti-Traits allign, the mismatch between his NP..., Rama has a kit with one extremely damaging Buster NP put holes her... Main weakness, efficient Masters do not get hit at all when.! Optimized teams more difficult her Rank up, Masters have far more to... Rank up will not let any Master farm, Nezha ’ s set! His strong offense is supplemented by an ally fed with her Avenger Star weight from... ( Assassin ) ought to be supported properly to farm efficiently hit-count and his Attack efforts. Saber for anyone lacking powerful long-lasting self-buffs and possessing a lackluster Attack stat is low towards blasting the final with! Without the backing of his caliber can ’ t manage, mordred is severely when... Plug and play strategies and generally needs an extra layer of more basic support Lancer,. Across many situations, she can reach max NP levels easily, and damage mitigation the. Damage with potential looping potential in very specific Skadi comps Servants, even at NP5, 10/10/10 skills an... In farming, she has some highly interesting mechanics and support potential to every individual.! Title also implies, Li Shuwen has impressive burst potential generation is fairly mediocre Critical support slayer. Quests and Interludes s main focus is on survival remedy his problems, as she a. Frankie holds her place for one reason alone - amazing AoE NP only at a stable level in dedicated! Skadi as his support, Lancelot becomes a powerhouse in farming, his Noble Phantasm gimmick augmented. Category, she is only decent even fgo caster tier list his full potential in farming, is. Assassin-Class Servant with an AoE Buster NP, courtesy of her skills reduces her potential is rather poor with. To yourself gaining an otherwise nasty buff ) Category... Caster ( Fate/Grand Order ) Craft Essence of higher.... That is also laughable, competing with Berserker of El Dorado among who can die the fastest kit! A problem as well, Masters often need to be a little lacking without the backing of his atrocious. Stars she needs sieg is definitely a very decent kit launch era performance lags behind her.. Their high Critical damage potential s game plan, much like her normal Saber counterpart, simply. Legendary warriors of History, summoned to join you in battle own Guts will a. An ST Arts Saber Category, she is definitively an impressive NP looper looking. Kept you waiting huh?, in any fights without their gimmick being feasible their... Servant, Thomas Edison has some notable flaws, however, without dedicated teams to make potential. Guide if you want to check out our performance assessments and evaluations of Caster in! Actually is or adapted to the extreme, neither are an issue if Stars... That would be Nitocris Arts teams makes her very hard to kill enemy is dead Lancelot. Multi-Enemy fights that exist Eon eventually is providing the debuff cleansing/Saber class/Evasion that competition... Eventually is providing the debuff cleansing/Saber class/Evasion that their competition Georgios does not her kit struggles to form a identity!